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Odors can be an especially troublesome problem for pet owners as they get trapped in fabric and upholstery, where pets often play and sleep. Febreze is an innovative pet-safe product specially designed to clean away odors that get trapped in fabrics such as carpets, dog beds, sofas and car upholstery.

With Febreze, pet owners can be more confident about their home smelling fresh and clean, and pets can gain the freedom to roam more freely throughout the house, instead of being confined to a single room or area.

No truth to the Internet Rumor

Top 10 Tips

No truth to the Internet Rumor

Since December, 1998, there have been Internet rumors circulating stating that Febreze may not be safe to use around pets. These rumors are not true. Used as directed, Febreze is safe to use around pets.

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The purpose of this guide is to help families pick the right pet for their living environment and to understand the responsibilities that come with giving a pet unconditional love.

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The Facts

Febreze Fabric Spray has been safely used in 40 million pet owning homes around the world.

Febreze was tested for nearly 5 years by scientists, doctors, safety experts and veterinarians, and all have come to the same conclusion: Febreze is safe to use around pets. However, as birds are uniquely sensitive to some airborne household products and environmental factors, experts recommend removing the bird from the room until the product application has fully ventilated, like you would do with any household cleaning product.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the nation's leading authority on pet safety, has investigated these rumors and issued the following statement:

"Based on a thorough review by veterinary toxicologists at The ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center, together with other outside experts, The ASPCA considers Febreze™ safe in households with dogs and cats when used as directed."

You can visit the ASPCA at http://www.aspca.org.

The facts about the Veterinary Emergency Center in Needham, MA Internet Message

"The Veterinary Emergency Center has never seen nor heard of any legitimate cases of animal toxicity or illness relating to Febreze. Therefore, we are not endorsing, nor are we recommending against the proper use of this product."
— Amy A. Shroff, VMD Director Veterinary Emergency Center.

While we can share accurate information with you, we need your help. Tell your friends and family and co-workers-many of whom may have heard the rumor.

Internet Rumors Internet Rumors

If you'd like more information about Febreze and its ingredients, we've provided some answers to commonly asked questions below. You can also e-mail us. Thanks for stopping by.

Pet FAQ's

Is Febreze safe to use around dogs and cats?
Yes, Febreze is safe to use around pets, including cats and dogs. Febreze is also safe to use on fabrics that come into contact with pets, such as fabric bedding and carpets. Febreze, like any cleaning product, should not be sprayed directly on a pet.

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Is Febreze safe for birds?
Birds are reported to be uniquely sensitive to a number of household products and environmental factors. As you know your bird best, use your judgment when using Febreze in your home. If you ordinarily avoid using scented products around your birds, we recommend not using Febreze, or any other scented household product, around your bird.

Some consumers have expressed concern that Febreze could be a factor in their bird's illness. We take all reports from consumers very seriously, and are actively following up and investigating each one. Of all the veterinarians we've talked to, not one believes that Febreze was a factor in the death of a pet.

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What are the ingredients in Febreze?
Febreze is a water based product whose primary active ingredient is a modified starch derived from corn, specially designed to eliminate a wide range of odors. The product also contains minute amounts of perfume.

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Does Febreze Fabric Spray or Febreze for the Wash contain zinc chloride? I have heard it could be a problem.
Zinc chloride is a safe and commonly used ingredient in a broad range of consumer products, including eye drops and mouthwash. It is also approved for use in pet foods by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). At the levels of zinc chloride commonly found in household products, it is safe for use around people and pets. In fact, zinc is an essential mineral that is important for maintaining proper nutritional status, immune functions and growth and development.

Initially, Febreze Fabric Spray included a small amount (less than one percent) of zinc chloride in its formula. In December 1998, we began producing an improved formula of Febreze Fabric Spray that speeded up drying time and was even better at removing odors. This formula was in development for more than two years (long before these rumors surfaced). Zinc chloride isn't used in this improved formula. There is no zinc chloride in Febreze for the Wash.

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What testing has been done on Febreze?
We thoroughly tested the product and the individual ingredients, both in our internal labs and in outside independent labs to ensure human, pet and environmental safety. Specifically on ingredients in Febreze, hundreds of previous scientific studies were reviewed and additional safety studies were conducted. These safety data were reviewed by more than 100 scientists, doctors, safety experts and veterinarians, and all have come to the same conclusion: Febreze is safe.

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What advice would you offer consumers using Febreze?
Like any household cleaning product, Febreze should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Febreze is only intended for use on fabrics. When using the product, be careful to spray away from your face, other people and pets. Also, allow items treated with Febreze to dry before using to obtain the maximum product benefit.

Febreze has been safely used in 40 million pet owning homes around the world.

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Top 10 Tips

1 Ticks are a big problem, particularly in the summer. Whenever your pet comes in from outside, use a pet hair roller lightly across the top of its coat to trap ticks before they burrow to the skin.

2 Help keep your pet cool in summer by regularly brushing its coat to eliminate mats. When mats form, they prevent air circulation to the skin. Brushing also reduces shedding.

3 All animals spill and drip water and food. To trap drips, place food and water bowls on a plastic placemat.

4 As for shedding, you can pick up the hairs on furniture and clothes with a damp sponge, masking tape wrapped around your hand or a pet hair roller. For the fine fuzz on baseboards and the edges of furniture, try Swiffer, a revolutionary new cleaning system that captures dirt, dust and hair instead of just stirring them up.

5 Use Febreze to eliminate pet odors that get trapped in fabrics like dog beds, carpets, couches and car interiors.

6 Because cat scratching is an innate behavior, you shouldn't attempt to eliminate it. Prevent problems with inappropriate scratching by understanding your cat's preference. Encourage acceptable scratching habits by placing several sisal-covered posts in two or four areas most used by the cat, such as sleeping and play locations.

7 When accidents happen with dogs or cats, never punish or shove the pet's nose in his mistake. For dogs, reinforce good house-training routines, including frequent walks and praise when he goes outside. For cats, respect the three things they want of their litter box: cleanliness, privacy and an escape route.

8 Fleas live much of their cycle on pets but their eggs mature deep in carpets and upholstery. An effective flea-control plan involves killing the fleas on your pet as well as in the environment. Control fleas by vacuuming them up when they're in the egg, larval and cocoon stages. Be sure to throw away the bag afterward.

9 When taking a pet outdoors (for walks, etc.), tuck a small towel in your pocket and clean up the animal's paws before it tracks in moisture and mud.

10 When bathing your pet in the bathroom, cover the floor with towels. Towel-dry the pet, replacing towels as they get too wet. Allow the pet to shake off as much water as it can. Don't let your pet get chilled and be sure to offer a treat afterward as a reward.

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