Ball Game
by NunoPinheiro

Butler Bot
by RedBeret

by techpage

APRIL Vote Results
  SPECIAL (EYEBOT):Ball Game, by NunoPinheiro
  NOVICE: Butler Bot, by RedBeret
  EXPERT: Pinbot, by techpage
FEBRUARY Vote Results
  SPECIAL: (AMBULATOR):Biped_II, by Envcons
  NOVICE: Lazer Shooting Range, by zobotz
  EXPERT: 3D Scanner, by adiecco

DECEMBER Vote Results
  SPECIAL (GAMEBOT): Dan The Checker Man, by Forager
  NOVICE: Smart-Turn Bot, by BenG
  EXPERT: Coke Machine, by Digibuilder
JULY Vote Results
  SPECIAL (CLIMBERBOTS): GoGoGadget FreeClimb, by BRM
  NOVICE: Etchbot, by TommyJames
  EXPERT: TransportoBot, by DocBernie
JUNE Vote Results
  SPECIAL (ARTBOTS): PanoBot, by Philoo
  NOVICE: Phonebot, by Mikmann
  EXPERT: LEGO Typewriter, by Rolighed
MAY Vote Results
  SPECIAL (ROBOTIC PETS): Dragon2000, by Imageman
  NOVICE: Egg Spinner, by AuntBubba
  EXPERT: #1 Video Game Bot, by TMAD
APRIL Vote Results
  SPECIAL (USEFUL INVENTIONS): plantwatering device, by leegreenwood
  NOVICE: Do-It-All, by Acura27
  EXPERT: Mission to Mars, by Keeya
MARCH Vote Results
  SPECIAL (GRABBER ARM): Cyberarm III, by Joda
  EXPERT: SpOC-Bot, by Explorer1
FEBRUARY Vote Results
  NOVICE: ColaBot, by StarTony
  EXPERT: Robaticus Legorius, by Jomaryce
JANUARY Vote Results
  NOVICE: Hockey Players, R0b0tr0n
  EXPERT: Blackjack Player, by Kayo

DECEMBER Vote Results
  NOVICE: LRVacuumcleaner, by Builderman
  EXPERT: LEGO Slotmachine, by Rolighed
NOVEMBER Vote Results
  NOVICE: Terminator Bot, by ROBOT11
  EXPERT: Stair Climber Mk1, by Chrissy.H.
OCTOBER Vote Results
  NOVICE: LEGO Pinball, by Martian777
  EXPERT: Soda Can Crane, by 007RCX
SEPTEMBER Vote Results
  NOVICE: Robo Scorpion, by Robojox
  EXPERT: RoboClaw, by Tello
AUGUST Vote Results
  NOVICE: Floor Scrubber 2000, by Tony&Nick
  EXPERT: Biped 1, by ume
JULY Vote Results
  NOVICE: Legs, by BenG
  EXPERT: MIBO (MindStorms DOG), by jinsato
JUNE Vote Results
  NOVICE: Anti-Parent Bomber, by 007RCX
  EXPERT: 25 dpi Scanner, by Svale