About Isomorphic Software

Founded in 1998 as Althem Corporation, Isomorphic Software is privately held and operationally funded. The company has been profitable since its inception.


Isomorphic Software's vision is comprised of two mutually reinforcing goals:

We approach all of our projects with the perspective and motivations of software developers, application users, and business optimizers—because we ourselves are all three.


In recent years, standard web technologies have proven their value not only as a new medium for publishing and consumer transactions, but as a platform for practically any data-driven application. Enterprise information portals, intranets, extranets, and ASPs have all taken advantage of the zero-install, access-anywhere, centralized-administration model of application deployment using web servers and browsers.

The benefits are enormous, but they have required some sacrifices. Burned by the rapid rate of change during the 'browser wars' of the mid-90s, web application developers adopted a least common denominator of browser functionality. Attention shifted to back-end system integration and application servers, while the front-end stagnated. Despite all of their merits, today's browser-based applications suffer from development complexity, slow performance, and radically reduced client functionality compared to their desktop-based predecessors.

For the past four years, the minds at Isomorphic Software have been quietly solving these problems, and applying the solutions to a new generation of web applications for enterprise clients. The resulting technology, embodied in the Isomorphic SmartClient application framework, breathes new life into browser application development.


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