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Our younger son, Samu, was born as a premature baby in 1991. His first year was difficult. He was first diagnosed as having asthma and a decreased ability of hearing. During Samu`s birth I was working as a nutritionist for olympic athletes and exercisers. To be able to work in that field one must have a profound knowledge of metabolism, nutrition and nutritional biochemistry. So when our son was twelve months old, I managed to cure his asthma and after that we have had no need to use any medicin for asthma.

In August, 1994, Sinikka Valikangas, M. D., Child Psychiatry and a specialist doctor in autistim, diagnosed our son`s (Samu) behaviour as being autistic. Samu was very autistic with features (restlessness, sleeping disorders, inability to concentrate and so on) typical of autism. The doctor`s certificate also pointed out that autism is an incurable illness.

After having read the doctor`s certificate in 1994, I and my wife were very upset and depressed. I sat back in my chair, did a lot of thinking and finally decided: "Well, we will see, is autism incurable disease or not ?!" I had good background about nutritional biochemestry and I began studying autism from the point of metabolic disorders. During 1994 - 1996 I developed a nutritional treatment program based on special diet, vitamins, trace elements, fatty and amino acids. During 1994-1996 Samu had good TEACCH and Lovaas terapy in his kirdergarden.

In 1997 I finally realized that one big problem behind all this autistic "chaos" seemed to be severe parasitic infections. (Please read Hulda Clark’s book: "The cure for all diseases, 1995). I developed a new other supplementary treatment program based on (medical) herbs to improve and complement my actual (based on diet and food supplements) treatment program. I call now this program: "The naturopathic detoxification therapy".

On the 30th of April, 1999, Sinikka Valikangas; M. D., Child Psychiatry, gave hers certificate stating as follows…"Samu no longer meets the criteria of ICD 10 childhood autism . The problem of speech production in relation to decreased ability of hearing seems to be the main difficulty". (ICD is the international system for classifying and diagnosing illnesses). Dr Valikangas has been forced to diagnose Samu`s present state as being …a subsequent state of F 84.0 childhood autism, as the IDC 10 has no diagnosis number corresponding to this kind of state ! (Doctor Valikangas have done only certificates, not any treatments).

Today, after 5 years`persistent slog, I have two certificates given by the same Child Psychiatry stating that my son has been cured from autism. In practice, it means that my treatment programs have worked ! As far as I know, this is the first time ever in Finland - and undoubtedly very rare anywhere else, too - that a child being diagnosed as autistic is proven by a specialist doctor to be cured.

Samu has been attending a special school (not specifically intended for autistic children) for over one year now. His teacher does not consider him autistic. He has learned the alphabet and the numbers. He is on the verge of starting to read and he can count with the numbers 10 - 20. If a child is retarded, he/she can only count with the numbers 1-5. After school he joins an afternoon "kindergarden" intended for all kinds of children and he is doing just fine among "normal" children. At the moment he even has a "girlfriend" there. He plays Play- Station games with his brother and brother’s friends and has even won some of them. Due to his hearing and speech problem Samu has no boy friends and this is at the moment his biggest problem. My wife and I feel very confident with Samu´s future.

Teuvo Rantala
N.D. ,nutritionist

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