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Here are the stories presented for your reading pleasure. Remember the warnings and disclaimers, please.

Key to reading the Resuscitation Universe stories in order.

-- Resuscitation (80K) 11/98
Two lonely men--one spooky, the other surly--must decide whether having a relationship with a co-worker is worth the risk.

-- Resuscitation II: Blowing Out the Candles (65K) 12/98
Fox Mulder and Walter Skinner work on building the relationship they started following an eye-opening accident.

-- Resuscitation III: Safe Harbor (128K) 1/99
A series of events, including losing the X-Files, further erodes Fox Mulder's self-confidence and jeopardizes his promising relationship with Walter Skinner.

-- Duo (5K) 11/22/98
A little post-Triangle fluff--pillow talk about Mulder's latest adventure.

-- Resolution (22K) 1/19/99
In this post-SR 819 "slice of life," Mulder and Skinner have been lovers throughout Season Six. There's schmoop, sex and angst--but not too much angst, because this was written expressly for my dear friend Sergeeva's birthday. Enjoy, darling!

-- A Love That Cannot Die (36K) 2/12/99
A bittersweet post-"SR 819 "/pre-"Two Fathers"-"One Son" Valentine's Day bon-bon.

-- Knock First Next Time (15K) 2/18/99
Post-Two Fathers/One Son drivel. The "Three Musketeers" are reunited.

-- Un Hombre Bueno (32K) 2/28/99
Mulder has a fine time when he and Scully try to leave Florida following a freakish winter hurricane (the *real* X-File of the episode, folks).

-- Tuesday (26K) 3/11/99
Mulder has to deal with aftermath of a leaky waterbed and a suspicious Skinner.

-- Measuring Up (13K) 3/17/99
A not-so-surly guy goes shopping and meets a very helpful sales clerk.

-- Wild Walter Skinner's Badasssss Song (47K) 3/30/99
Mulder, Scully and Skinner discuss the agents' latest X-File: an undercover assignment near San Diego.

-- Ambushed (ABC Challenge story) (2K) 4/26/99
A challenge responded to with a smidge of WalterTorture.

-- The Fashion Police (27K) 4/26/99
Skinner discovers his secretary's true worth when he's naughty at work.

-- One of a Kind (9K) 5/3/99
Thanks to Mulder, Skinner just can't control himself at the office today.

-- Guilt Trips (18K) 5/12/99
Mulder, Scully and Skinner dwell on their thoughts and actions following a near-fatal mishap in North Carolina.

-- The Taming of the Fox (69K) 5/18/99
Everyone wants to settle down with a love/lust object--except spoil-sport Fox Mulder.

-- May (12K) 5/25/99
Skinner has to balance a family wedding with his love for Mulder. Part of the Requited Calendar Colection.

-- Ink, Blood and Tears (16K) 6/4/99
Skinner writes two letters as he tries to figure out a way to save Mulder.

-- Wishes (160K) completed 12/8/99
It's R & R time for Mulder and Skinner.
An image by Elizabeth featuring the poem from Wishes.

--Get-Well Presents ~~ 8/25/99
Stories written for injured friends--and those who threatened to become so.
-- A Regular Day (17K) 10/13/99
Mulder wallows in self-pity on his birthday. Well, for a while, anyway.

-- Unmasked (29K) 10/31/99
Mulder and Skinner celebrate Halloween in amost unusual way--even for them.

-- Neighborhood Watch (10K) 11/11/99
Mulder and Skinner draw some unwanted attention from an unexpected source.

-- Millenium Continued (9K) 11/28/99
Mulder pays the price for giving Scully a friendly New Year's Eve kiss. (Remember that Crosby, Still & Nash song, "Love the One You're With?" Well, this is kinda like that. Only it isn't.)

-- Blue Moon in July (11K) 12/13/99
he Lone Gunmen meet Mulder's new "chickadee"--who happens to be a *cock*.

-- Close (44K) 2/6/00
Walter Skinner gets a surprise visit from a relative, who gets a bigger surprise in return.

-- Art of Love (18K) 2/14/00
A healing Mulder spends Valentine's Day with his extended family.

-- X-Critics (13K) 3/12/00
Friends and lovers gather to watch Mulder and Scully make their national TV debut.

-- Adventures in Housesitting (25K) 6/15/00
A favour. A find. A fantasy.

-- Closer (22K) 7/27/00
Guess who's coming to dinner?

-- Houndfish (50K) 8/14/00
While recovering from surgery, Mulder whiles away the time by reminiscing about his first vacation with Skinner.

-- Outpost (25K) 9/26/00
Mulder's gone; Skinner tries to find him.

-- Patience (229K) 4/9/01
Skinner's wait is finally over.

-- Unsaid (8K) 5/7/01NEW
Doggett comes face-to-face with a monster--The Green-Eyed Monster, that is.

-- The Truth Hurts (9K) 5/23/01NEW
Family and friends visit after Scully gives birth.


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