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Who we are


Victor Rosario

If Victor Rosario's road from Santurce, Puerto Rico, to DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, N.Y., to Miami and JMH's Security Department looks like a diamond, it's no accident! Victor is the inspiration and creator of a softball team of world-wide repute.


The One Arm Bandits is a softball team in which 15 of 18 players are missing an arm or part of an arm. Some players lost their arms in accidents and some like Mr. Rosario, were simply born with one arm. Neither Victor nor his teammates let their handicap stand in their way...... they compete in a modified C division fast pitch softball league throughout Dade County that has no other disabled players

It has been said that rival teams often freeze in awe when the Bandits show off their incredible one-hand technique. Victor explained, "Imagine, to get a grounder, you field it, but then you've got to drop the glove grab the ball and throw it."

Recently, the team traveled to Venezuela to play five games against the newly formed Bandidos de un Solo Brazo (One Arm Bandits) in the first international games in the history of softball where two teams with the use of only one arm competed against one another. The games, eight in all, were televised throughout Venezuela as well as being broadcast over the radio. These extraordinary games had over 2000 spectators at each game enthusiastically cheering both teams.

The One Arm Bandits also were good-will ambassadors as they visited Venezuelan children's hospitals in a continuing effort to show that a giant heart can make up for a missing arm. Team members are often quoted as saying, "God didn't give us all the limbs you need to play baseball, maybe that's why he gave us a little bit more heart."

The team also visits local children's hospital wards giving speeches and serving as role models. They have been recognized in local and international media for being the first team of its kind and have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame Library in Cooperstown, N. Y.

Not limiting themselves to one handicap, the One Arm Bandits - with the assistance of Metro-Dade Parks - established a "Beep Softball " program. For the first time, blind children in Dade are able to plan, softball by listening to the beep of the oncoming ball and competing like other children do.

Our Victor Rosario and the One Arm Bandits are testimony to the inspirational message "Yes, you can,"especially to people who think they can't.


Marvin Cordero

Mr. Cordero was once considered a professional baseball prospect. He's an Assistant Administrator in the Patient Relations Department at Jackson Memorial Hospital. He is known in the community as a young humanitarian that is always willing to help everyone, especially the disabled. 

Mr. Cordero is the publicity coordinator for the Jackson Memorial Hospital/Public Health Trust Image Committee. This committee encompasses a group of 54 Public Health Trust employees. They emphasize charity, education and community growth.

Mr. Cordero was the key individual in developing and marketing the One Arm Bandits, a physically challenged softball team which is the first of its kind. The non-profit Organization promotes sports and recreation among the disabled. As of today, the team has received local and international media coverage. On May 3, 1997, Mr. Cordero was awarded the "Imagen Latino Americana Puerto Rican of the Year", for his humanitarian services. The award was presented by the Latino American Newspaper, which honors Hispanic leaders from our South Florida Community.


Patricia Bewsey

Born in Asheville, N.C., Patricia was born with missing digits from her left hand, swam and dived competitively at ages 6 through 8, winning numerous medals. Also played baseball, football and tennis. Graduated from Lakeworth High School in Lakeworth, Florida where she played softball. 

After graduation, she played on a girls softball team 4 years as a pitcher. Presently playes first base and right field for a coed team. She has worked at Wellington Regional Medical Center since 1986 as an Emergency Room Registration Clerk.

Mrs. Bewsey has been with the Bandits since May 1994. She playes in exhibition and charity games. In addition, she is organzine a coed team comprised of physically challenged individuals including those with prosthetic devices and hopes to start a similar team for kids, both in the Palm Beach Area.








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