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   Planet Duke | Duke Nukem Forever | Frequently Asked Questions

The Official Duke Nukem Forever FAQ
Version 2.10 (revision: 10/01/01)

Contact us: faq@planetduke.com



1 - General
1.0 What is Duke Nukem Forever?
1.1 About the Title
1.2 Who is developing DNF?
* 1.3 Who is publishing DNF?
1.4 Who is Duke Nukem?
1.5 Wasn't 3D Realms once planning another game under the name Duke Nukem Forever?
1.6 Will DNF be available for any platforms other than Win98SE/ME/2000?
1.7 Will DNF be released for the Microsoft Xbox?
1.8 Will DNF be available on DVD?
1.9 Why has DNF been in development for over 2 years?
1.10 When can I pre-order the game?
1.11 When will DNF be released?
1.12 Why is DNF taking so long?
1.13 When will we see some more screenshots of DNF?
1.14 Will a shareware/demo version of DNF be released?
1.15 What editing tools, if any, will be released with DNF?
1.16 Does 3D Realms have any plans for DNF add-ons?

2 - The Game
2.0 What is the story behind DNF?
2.1 What is Dr. Proton's problem with the world?
2.2 How many weapons will DNF have? What will they be?
2.3 Will akimbo guns be available?
2.4 Will the weapons have alternate fire modes??
2.5 What enemies and other characters will be in DNF?
2.6 Will Duke be able to operate vehicles and other machinery?
* 2.7 What power-ups will Duke have in DNF? Is the jetpack still in?
2.8 What kind of levels will DNF have?
2.9 Will there be level statistics like in Duke3D?
2.10 Will DNF have strippers?
2.11 Will Duke's witty commentary and one-liners be in DNF?
2.12 Will DNF have the same level of interactivity as Duke Nukem 3D?
2.13 Will there be cut scenes and cinematics?
2.14 How violent is DNF going to be?
2.15 What will DNF's primary level editor be?
2.16 What kind of music will DNF feature?
2.17 Will the storyline be an evident part of gameplay?
2.18 How many levels will be in DNF?
2.19 Will DNF have a "real" ending?
2.20 Will DNF take place in only Las Vegas?
2.21 Will I have to configure millions of keys just to be able to play DNF like some games require you to do?
2.22 If DNF has teleporters, will we be able to shoot through them?
2.23 Will DNF feature different episodes like Duke Nukem 3D did?
2.24 Will Lo Wang make an appearance in DNF?
2.25 Will new DM models be released after the game ships?
* 2.26 How will the "Riot Shield" function?
* 2.27 So tell me more about locational damage.
* 2.28 Is Bombshell still in DNF?
* 2.29 Will there be a set of tutorial levels like Max Payne and Half-Life?

3 - Technical
3.0 What engine will DNF use?
3.1 Why not use the Quake II engine?
3.2 What enhancements/additions will DNF add to the Unreal/Unreal Tournament engine?
3.3 Why did 3D Realms license Sven Technology's MRG technology?
3.4 Why the upgrade to the Unreal Tournament version of the engine?
3.5 What are the System Requirements?
3.6 Will DNF require a 3D accelerator?
3.7 Which 3D accelerators will work with DNF?
3.8 Will DNF support OpenGL?
3.9 Why only Direct3D?
3.10 What sound APIs and hardware will DNF support?
3.11 What sound format will be used in DNF?
3.12 Will DNF have video display settings that allows the adjustment of brightness in Direct3D?
3.13 Will there be Wide Screen Format support in DNF?
3.14 What about Dolby Digital (AC3) 5.1 Surround sound support?
3.15 What is the difference between Inverse Kinematics and Parametric Animation?
3.16 Will DNF support the new Intel Pentium 4 instructions?
3.17 Will DNF support mutators?
3.18 Will DNF have a "use" key like Duke 3D?
3.19 Will DNF have a parental lock option?
3.20 Will DNF feature area-sensitive damage?
3.21 Will DNF allow players to change between first and third person point-of-view?
3.22 Will DNF still have the mouse lag that Unreal Tournament has once in a while?
* 3.23 How big is DNF so far?
* 3.24 Does the game support hardware and software T&L;?
* 3.25 Has 3D Realms cut off engine updates from Epic Games?

4 - Multiplayer
4.0 What will the DNF multiplayer capabilities be?
4.1 Will DNF include TCP/IP play over the Internet?
4.2 Will there be a DNF multiplayer server for Linux?
4.3 Will Unreal's network problems be fixed in DNF?
4.4 Will DNF include LAN play?
4.5 Will DNF include modem-to-modem play?
4.6 Will you be able to tell what weapon other players are holding in multiplayer?
4.7 Will DNF multiplayer include Duke 3D style respawn markers?
4.8 Will DNF multiplayer include a co-op mode?
4.9 Will DNF include Capture the Flag mode or any similar multiplayer variations?
4.10 Will DNF feature the same cool Netgames USA multiplayer statistic tracking found in Unreal Tournament?
4.11 Will the game feature a separate server? Or will the whole game have to be loaded to run a server?
4.12 Will DNF have taunting via RTS (Remote Ridicule) files?

5 - Development
5.0 Who are the people making DNF?
5.1 Project Leader
5.2 Artists
5.3 Level Designers
5.4 Music & Sound
5.5 Programmers
5.6 Why isn't Richard "Levelord" Gray working on DNF?
5.7 Why isn't Todd Replogle working on DNF?
5.8 Why isn't Ken Silverman working on DNF?
5.9 Does 3D Realms need beta testers?
5.10 Will there ever be a Lame Duke 2? Similar to the Lame Duke released after Duke Nukem 3D was released?
* 5.11 Who will be doing the box art for DNF?

6 - DNF on the Web
6.0 What are the official DNF websites?
6.1 What are some DNF fan websites?
6.2 What DNF-related USENET newsgroups are available?
6.3 Where can I chat about DNF?

7 - About This FAQ
7.0 Authors
7.1 Acknowledgements
7.2 Copyright
7.3 License
7.4 Trademarks & Servicemarks
7.5 Warranty
7.6 Where to get this FAQ
7.7 Why wasn't my question answered?

Appendix 1
The History of Grabbag, by Lee Jackson

Appendix 2
DNF and DirectX 8, by Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart

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