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This is a collection of fanfics written by me and other people as well. If you would like to submit a fic for this page, feel free to E-MAIL me. Make sure to say FANFIC in the subject line. In order for a fic to make it here, though, it must be within these guidelines:
2. Please spellcheck it first.
3.There are only 2 rules.

Jerome meets South Park. by Jerome Fabre
A Day at Buch Gardens with the DBZ gang by Raya
The Kakarot Saga by SSGX
Blood: Ship of Fools by Sir Thom As seen on Planet Blood!

What?! Stupid Cody! Ryu's not here! Well, that's the last time I trust anyone who just escaped from prison! Hmph!

Hey, my name's Ryu! You lookin for me beatuiful?

Uhh, no. Sorry. Grrrrrrr, I'll get him back. Just you wait!