Talislanta is rich and diverse fantasy world. It is full of cultures, intrigue, and danger. Into this world a group of adventures are cast like stones onto a playing field.

Alia jacta est.

"Songs of Desert Heat"

"Songs of Desert Heat" gathers the threads of several plot lines and winds them together into a skein of mystery and intrigue. Secretive cults of both Destiny and Death vie for the control of several places of import while nations struggle to contain the tides of conflict and warfare that have plagued them for ages. Anarchists, assassins, and spies traverse the continent world of Talislanta seeking to gain the upperhand for their causes. The lives of many shall be forever changed, the lives of a few are the fulcrum. Where does the pressure lie?

Main Story: "Songs of Desert Heat"
Part One "Hired Hands"
Part Two "A little avir told me"
Interlude "The Dream"
Part Three "Trial"
Part Four "Wanderers and Traders"
Part Five "One Desert Night"
Part Six "The Bridge at Hadran"
Epilogue "Departure"

Parallel Storyline: "Whispers on the Wind"
Part One: "Discovery!"
Part Two: "Meeting in the Mountains"
Part Three: "Secrets and Visions"
Part Four: "Shattered Seals"

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This campaign has ended after six sessions. The further adventures of Yasmine may be read here in the future.