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Big Time Surprises!

Songs of Gratitude
TyreseAt 22 years old, model and R&B; sensation Tyrese has made it big. But if it hadn't been for his favorite music teacher, Mr. Andrews, and his mini van, Tyrese might have missed the audition for his big break — the Coca-Cola commercial that made him famous! Tyrese's ultimate token of appreciation for his role model was obvious — a brand new, fully loaded van for Mr. Andrews to escort his students — and future stars — around town!

Birthday Bet Nearly 30 Years in the Making
TyreseAnthony and Tony were in the seventh grade when they made a pact to meet on a Chicago street corner on Tony's 40th birthday. The catch? Whoever didn't show-up would pay the other friend $100 plus the travel expenses acquired to collect it! Even old friends who eye-witnessed the pact e-mailed and phoned the two friends to make sure they kept their promise. Twenty-eight years later, despite distance and hectic schedules, they reunited. Anthony's wife reminded him, "Friendship is more important than anything else!"

Hoop Dreams, Determined Vows
JohnJohn was the star of his college basketball team until a life-threatening virus took his hands and his right leg below the knee. With determination and will that baffled his doctors, John vowed he would eventually walk across the Intensive Care Unit to thank everyone that saved his life, walk across his gym floor at his team's first game and one day play basketball again. John has made good on his first two promises and is currently looking into "basketball hands" from doctors in Colorado!

The Los Angeles Lakers were so moved when they heard John's story, they presented him with a Lakers' jersey, a team-signed ball and two playoff tickets with accommodations in L.A.! Thanks to Kobe Bryant, Horace Grant, Rick Fox and the Los Angeles Lakers' organization!

From the show Remarkable Promises Kept
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