summer of 1971 (10:01:57 PM): mm hmm
summer of 1971 (10:02:06 PM): don't be ignoring my messages
summer of 1971 (10:02:14 PM): i am the princess
summer of 1971 (10:02:16 PM): always remember that
TredoX (10:21:29 PM): hello
summer of 1971 (10:21:53 PM): lol
summer of 1971 (10:21:56 PM): 5 years later
TredoX (10:22:05 PM): I had to carry someone home
summer of 1971 (10:22:14 PM): carry someone home?
TredoX (10:22:23 PM): yes, he didn't feel like walking
TredoX (10:22:31 PM): he pitched a fit because he had to go home
summer of 1971 (10:22:46 PM): matt?
TredoX (10:22:54 PM): (the kids name removed), yes
summer of 1971 (10:22:59 PM): (the kids name removed)
summer of 1971 (10:23:00 PM): pardon
summer of 1971 (10:23:02 PM): :-)
summer of 1971 (10:23:11 PM): so you physically carried him home
TredoX (10:23:17 PM): yes
summer of 1971 (10:23:26 PM): not trying to be funny but you weigh like 50 pounds
summer of 1971 (10:23:31 PM): how big is (the kids name removed)?
TredoX (10:23:51 PM): no I weigh about 115 or so. He's about 45 pounds or so
TredoX (10:23:55 PM): maybe 50
summer of 1971 (10:24:07 PM): is (the kids name removed) a little kid?
TredoX (10:24:12 PM): yes
summer of 1971 (10:24:15 PM): is he your kid?
TredoX (10:24:21 PM): no
summer of 1971 (10:24:35 PM): ok you are confusing me
summer of 1971 (10:24:51 PM): earlier i said is this someone that you like like
TredoX (10:24:52 PM): he has his own parents
summer of 1971 (10:24:59 PM): and you said yes
TredoX (10:25:04 PM): yes
summer of 1971 (10:25:11 PM): and the whole comment about Tom being cute for a grown up
TredoX (10:25:23 PM): perhaps good looking, not cute
summer of 1971 (10:25:32 PM): ok yeah good looking
TredoX (10:25:43 PM): I'm not into men at all
summer of 1971 (10:25:58 PM): ...
summer of 1971 (10:26:07 PM): so you were fucking with me then
TredoX (10:26:18 PM): no. I can tell when a guy is good looking
summer of 1971 (10:26:36 PM): shut up that's not what i mean :-P
TredoX (10:26:55 PM): but yes, (the kids name removed) is a little kid. 6 1/2
summer of 1971 (10:26:59 PM): when I said like like, i meant like as in Danny likes Imy and Tom likes Nicole
summer of 1971 (10:27:10 PM): you know relationshipwise
TredoX (10:27:14 PM): yes, that's right
summer of 1971 (10:27:30 PM): so you're telling me that you are in love with a 6 year old kid
TredoX (10:27:37 PM): yes
summer of 1971 (10:27:40 PM): chris
summer of 1971 (10:27:44 PM): are you fucking with me?
TredoX (10:28:01 PM): it's a very touchy subject to tease someone about
summer of 1971 (10:28:29 PM): i'm not teasing you
summer of 1971 (10:28:35 PM): i'm asking questions
TredoX (10:28:37 PM): on my part, I meant
summer of 1971 (10:28:41 PM): oh
summer of 1971 (10:28:49 PM): wow
summer of 1971 (10:28:52 PM): that's deep
summer of 1971 (10:28:53 PM): i mean
summer of 1971 (10:28:59 PM): so you are gay i take it
summer of 1971 (10:29:03 PM): but you prefer young boys?
TredoX (10:29:09 PM): yes
TredoX (10:29:14 PM): brb someone at my door
summer of 1971 (10:44:21 PM): ...
summer of 1971 (10:44:32 PM): you better come back too
TredoX (11:19:06 PM): I'm back
summer of 1971 (11:19:21 PM): ok
summer of 1971 (11:19:26 PM): why did you go to jail?
TredoX (11:19:47 PM): possession
summer of 1971 (11:19:54 PM): possession of ?
TredoX (11:20:00 PM): something
summer of 1971 (11:20:04 PM): porn
TredoX (11:20:07 PM): yes
summer of 1971 (11:20:14 PM): child porn
TredoX (11:20:21 PM): unfortunately
summer of 1971 (11:20:50 PM): ok
TredoX (11:20:52 PM): but of someone I didn't know or ever met
summer of 1971 (11:21:07 PM): damn
summer of 1971 (11:21:17 PM): you did a year and 9 months?
TredoX (11:21:35 PM): came out to about 20 months I think
TredoX (11:21:49 PM): on a 12-30 month sentence
summer of 1971 (11:22:02 PM): how did you get caught?
TredoX (11:22:14 PM): us customs
summer of 1971 (11:22:33 PM): wtf?
TredoX (11:23:02 PM): I was originally calling a BBS in Mexico and getting stuff. The sysop got busted by the feds when he came back to the states to attend his mother's funeral, and so the feds ran his board
TredoX (11:23:24 PM): it was a pay board, and I used my credit card
summer of 1971 (11:24:20 PM): damn
TredoX (11:24:39 PM): that was in around the summer of '94, and they came after me Nov 28th, 1995
TredoX (11:25:37 PM): you are more inquisitive than Dorne was
summer of 1971 (11:25:45 PM): what do you mean?
summer of 1971 (11:25:50 PM): you told dorne?
TredoX (11:25:54 PM): yes
summer of 1971 (11:25:57 PM): what did he say?
TredoX (11:26:06 PM): not much
TredoX (11:26:16 PM): but then I had other things to tell him
summer of 1971 (11:26:23 PM): ...
summer of 1971 (11:26:24 PM): like what?
TredoX (11:26:42 PM): my life was going well up until near the end of last year
summer of 1971 (11:27:32 PM): and?
TredoX (11:27:50 PM): it all started when I invited some people to stay out here with my from back east
TredoX (11:27:56 PM): my=me
TredoX (11:28:41 PM): first there was Kevin, an 18yr old from SC who dropped out of college with a 4.0 GPA and decided to stay with a convicted pedophile
TredoX (11:29:09 PM): when things started going sour with that guy, I invited him out here
TredoX (11:29:49 PM): then a couple months later I invited 2 others out here, Rick and Gary who are also from SC but were staying in Atlanta. Their original plans were to move to someplace around San Diego
TredoX (11:30:29 PM): Gary is the one that I've had an on going problem with. A custody type battle with (the kids name removed)
summer of 1971 (11:30:44 PM): custody battle?
TredoX (11:31:01 PM): we both like him, but he treats us differently
TredoX (11:31:35 PM): a little more than a year ago is when we met (the kids name removed)
summer of 1971 (11:31:48 PM): how did you meet (the kids name removed)?
summer of 1971 (11:31:52 PM): wait a minute
summer of 1971 (11:31:55 PM): before we go any further
summer of 1971 (11:32:01 PM): do you have sex with (the kids name removed)?
TredoX (11:32:21 PM): did
summer of 1971 (11:32:31 PM): chris
summer of 1971 (11:32:36 PM): can't that get you in trouble?
TredoX (11:32:42 PM): 10 to life
summer of 1971 (11:32:49 PM): you can't stop
summer of 1971 (11:32:52 PM): can you
TredoX (11:33:01 PM): I have recently
TredoX (11:33:19 PM): because of something that happened a couple months ago between Gary and I
summer of 1971 (11:33:23 PM): which is?
TredoX (11:33:35 PM): it's part of the story
summer of 1971 (11:33:53 PM): ok
summer of 1971 (11:33:54 PM): go on
TredoX (11:33:55 PM): you can't read the end of the book and see the whole picture
TredoX (11:34:22 PM): (the kids name removed)'s a very out going child and not afraid to talk to strangers. He's also very aggresive and short tempered and has pent up anger resulting from the way his parents treat him
TredoX (11:34:59 PM): which is why I think he becomes more attached to men than women, mainly because of his mother
TredoX (11:35:47 PM): there'd be times when he'd wander over here to see his new friends, but his parents hadn't met us yet
TredoX (11:36:40 PM): there was a day he was here and his father was out looking for him and couldn't find him because he was here. We sent him home after we heard his dad. I guess his dad asked him where he was and he brought him round here and pointed me and Gary out
TredoX (11:37:09 PM): his dad didn't say anything to us because he didn't know us then and just yelled at (the kids name removed) to get home and followed after him
TredoX (11:37:38 PM): but that didn't stop him from wandering over. Some time later Gary and Rick got thier own place in the complex, a couple units over from (the kids name removed)'s
TredoX (11:38:30 PM): I'd be over there often and (the kids name removed) would wander over. Then the cops paid the guys a visit one day while I was at work saying that they were taking alot of pictures of the neighbor kids
TredoX (11:39:28 PM): we thought it was (the kids name removed)'s mom that called the cops and to this day we still don't know who it was. But that same day, I think, we were going over to another kid's house to ask his mom something and (the kids name removed)'s mom was there
TredoX (11:39:56 PM): she knew we were computer geeks and she had a printer problem that Gary fixed. That was our first introduction to his mom, and later his dad
TredoX (11:40:17 PM): then it was OK for him to be over at mine or the guys' place
TredoX (11:40:41 PM): we even watched him a few times while his mom was either at work or running errands or whatnot
TredoX (11:41:22 PM): He'd come over here often to play Quake and because of that, he had gotten an association with me and the computer. He has a different association with Gary
TredoX (11:41:53 PM): one day he was here he tried to play a game of "show me" which I declined the offer because of his age and my past
TredoX (11:43:04 PM): I told Gary and Rick this and they were happy for me. Something I forgot to mention was that Gary had left a boy behind in Atlanta that he had become fond of, and which was also a reason why he left there to move out here
TredoX (11:43:50 PM): because of that, he didn't want to become attached to anyone. I had already become attached to (the kids name removed) by this time, and not because of the show me incident or any other incident
TredoX (11:44:29 PM): Gary also couldn't handle him because (the kids name removed) is violent at times. He was more so back then, punching, kicking, pulling hair, biting, spitting.. always out of the blue
TredoX (11:45:17 PM): But Gary is also more affectionate than I am. And one day (the kids name removed) wanted to play show me with Gary and Gary accepted, but took it further
TredoX (11:45:24 PM): brb bathroom
TredoX (11:47:01 PM): I can't remember if I was there that day or not, but when I heard about it I didn't know if I should be jealous or angry. I don't really remember what I felt. I think I was jealous
TredoX (11:47:29 PM): so some time later I began doing things with (the kids name removed) as well
summer of 1971 (11:47:37 PM): god
summer of 1971 (11:47:47 PM): are you still doing things?
TredoX (11:47:51 PM): no
TredoX (11:47:56 PM): I am coming to the reason
summer of 1971 (11:48:09 PM): ok
TredoX (11:48:42 PM): some time later and the guys are running into financial problems. Around this same time I lose my job because the company I was working for began folding up
TredoX (11:49:08 PM): and I knew that Gary and (the kids name removed) were still doing things once in awhile
TredoX (11:50:23 PM): The guys asked me if they should lose the apartment if they could stay with me again. Kevin was still here and I said that I didn't want 3 other people under my roof again. But what I was really thinking was I didn't want Gary here with (the kids name removed) because I knew something might happen and I didn't want to see it
TredoX (11:51:06 PM): They lose thier phone, and then their cable, and then their electric. The day after they lost their electric, I wake up and find them moving in
TredoX (11:52:21 PM): the previous night everyone was here including (the kids name removed). I was playing Quake or something on my computer in here and everyone was out in the livingroom running around. Where my waterbed is with the headpiece and the mirror, I can kinda look out into the dining room area which is where the guys' computer was.
TredoX (11:53:23 PM): Things had gotten quiet and when I looked through the mirror, I saw Gary and Rick sucking on (the kids name removed)'s toes. When I look out again after a little bit, I see an exhausted look on (the kids name removed)'s face and later they tell me they think something happened to him
TredoX (11:54:06 PM): so, the next day I find them moving in against my wishes
TredoX (11:54:42 PM): some time passes and Kevin leaves to go back east
TredoX (11:54:52 PM): so it's just me and the 2 guys here
TredoX (11:55:09 PM): (the kids name removed) continues to come over to play Quake 3 on my computer
TredoX (11:55:41 PM): during these times he comes over, he leaves me in here to visit with Gary
TredoX (11:56:12 PM): although the visit usually ended up with he and Gary rolling around underneath the pull-out bed covers in the livingroom
TredoX (11:56:30 PM): I'm left in here to watch
TredoX (11:57:17 PM): watching is one thing, but being filled with a rage so strong that your body starts to shiver is another thing
TredoX (11:57:51 PM): I have scars up and down my arms during one of their incidents made by a knife
TredoX (11:58:23 PM): Gary says he's sorry, but obviously not sorry enough to stop. (the kids name removed) was always the initiator
TredoX (11:58:56 PM): so a couple times I threaten to call his dad and come clean with him
TredoX (11:59:40 PM): this upsets the guys to pack up and leave for Arizona, though Gary and (the kids name removed) had done these things atleast 6 times already
TredoX (12:00:21 AM): so they leave for Arizona and about a month or sooner come back which riles me up again
TredoX (12:01:04 AM): they leave again to stay with a friend in SLC, UT and later they come back and to stay this time
TredoX (12:01:29 AM): this was around the time I started drinking and getting drunk
TredoX (12:01:58 AM): (the kids name removed) had also gotten into the habit of spending the night either at my place or the guys' hotel room
TredoX (12:02:31 AM): when they came back the second time, I had been quiet with them and on IRC (which is where we all know eachother from)
TredoX (12:03:02 AM): but one night I made a stupid mistake of drinking and wandering over to their hotel one night while (the kids name removed) was there
TredoX (12:03:32 AM): I hang outside the room and Rick sees me through the window, so he opens the door and peeks out but closes it
TredoX (12:03:45 AM): I find a payphone and call and he tells me to go home
TredoX (12:04:22 AM): so after swinging past near their room one last time and seeing them standing there watching me, I go home
TredoX (12:05:21 AM): next Friday they never stopped by to pick (the kids name removed), so he spent the night at my place. Saturday we go to the Adventuredome
TredoX (12:05:33 AM): for the whole day
TredoX (12:06:22 AM): We get back at around 2am in the morning and I find them standing outside my door waiting for us to get back. The other neighbor kid is there, and so is Rick's nephew who had recently moved out here.
TredoX (12:06:41 AM): the other kid, Daniel, takes (the kids name removed) home while the guys have a chat with me
TredoX (12:07:37 AM): They say that they had cookout plans that day which I never knew about. They and Daniel both say that Daniel had told me of the plans, and he never did. So of course they believe him over me because of my past incidents
TredoX (12:08:08 AM): Gary basically gets in my face over some matters and reminds me that he's not going anywhere
TredoX (12:09:09 AM): He says that he'll be back the next day to take (the kids name removed) for the cookout. (the kids name removed) comes over the next day and we wait around for Gary who never shows up
TredoX (12:10:02 AM): That Wednesday (the kids name removed) and his family had plans to go to New York to see his dad's family. I was hoping to see him before he left, but both Monday and Tuesday he was with the guys since he was out on track break from school
TredoX (12:11:05 AM): so a week and a half goes by. They come back a week after that Friday in the morning, and I find out from his brother while walking home that the guys had picked him up.
TredoX (12:12:25 AM): All through that weekend I never saw (the kids name removed) because I believe he was with the guys. That Sunday night I was drunk and had made a webpage, a copy and paste job of an ammo purchase from a gunshop online
TredoX (12:12:39 AM): I made mention that I have a S&W .32
TredoX (12:14:01 AM): and so I made the page look legit. Daniel was staying over at their place that night, and I believe that (the kids name removed) was there, too. I put the page on my Geocities account and sent Daniel the link while he was talking to me online -- more like toying with me, actually. And I knew the guys would see it
TredoX (12:15:40 AM): Monday I still don't see (the kids name removed) so I call his house and talk to his mom. It's around night time and I find out that he's there. I ask her about the trip and such and said that I had never seen him since he got back a few days ago. I told her I had planned to take him out to dinner, and she said the stop over the next day because she was off work and then I could take him out.
TredoX (12:16:38 AM): So Tuesday comes by and I meet up with him. He's curious about my gun and asked about the bullets. So I show him a gun. It's an old kit replica of a flintlock pistol that my dad had made years ago
TredoX (12:16:50 AM): this settled him
TredoX (12:17:12 AM): I also find out from other neighbors that I know that his mom has heard about some things that have happened between he and I...
TredoX (12:17:30 AM): - "that I know"
TredoX (12:18:18 AM): anyways, Friday I spend some time with him and everything is just grand. We make plans to go to Wet N Wild Saturday
TredoX (12:18:42 AM): His brother also tells me that where ever (the kids name removed) goes he has to go, too. He's 21, btw
summer of 1971 (12:18:57 AM): his brother is 21?
TredoX (12:19:10 AM): so I find out that it'll cost around $60 for all 3 of us and call those plans
TredoX (12:19:43 AM): Yes, he's from their mom's original marriage. Actually she's still married to his brother's dad after 10 or so years. Never got a divorce..
TredoX (12:19:49 AM): they're half brothers
TredoX (12:21:10 AM): so anyways, we make plans to go to Scandia instead. (the kids name removed) comes over and then we go back to his place to wait for his brother to get home who went to the store for something. We're out on his porch and we see Gary pull up to the curb to let Daniel out.
TredoX (12:21:53 AM): (the kids name removed) becomes upset because Gary hauls away without saying Hi or anything. His dad starts going off on me about (the kids name removed) being upset about things.
TredoX (12:23:18 AM): He says he has just found out about things a few days ago, and that he doesn't want a custody battle going on between Gary and I with (the kids name removed) in-between. He also said that he had told Rick and Gary this same thing yesterday (Friday).
summer of 1971 (12:23:42 AM): His father?
summer of 1971 (12:23:46 AM): his father said this?
TredoX (12:23:51 AM): yes
summer of 1971 (12:23:53 AM): he actually used the word custody battle?
TredoX (12:24:17 AM): yes, which is weird because around this same time I had thought of that phrase
summer of 1971 (12:24:36 AM): chris you are freaking me out
summer of 1971 (12:25:00 AM): did you tell dorne any of this?
TredoX (12:25:23 AM): My mom passed a curse on to me. She has an undeveloped ESP. I don't know if you believe in that, but there's been too many coincidences in my life to just call it "coincidence"
TredoX (12:25:50 AM): yes, I told Dorne about these things during when it was happening. I told him about a month after I met him at work
summer of 1971 (12:25:57 AM): what did he say?
summer of 1971 (12:26:07 AM): and what made you tell him?
TredoX (12:26:45 AM): I don't know what made me tell him. I think at this point I don't care who I tell, though I pick and choose.
TredoX (12:27:03 AM): You were actually next
summer of 1971 (12:27:09 AM): what made you want to tell me?
TredoX (12:27:22 AM): vibes
summer of 1971 (12:27:31 AM): uh
summer of 1971 (12:27:34 AM): vibes?
TredoX (12:27:48 AM): sometimes I can see into people
TredoX (12:28:01 AM): I can see how they are inside
TredoX (12:28:56 AM): I can also make wishes that come true, but I don't anymore because something bad always happens
TredoX (12:29:22 AM): which happened that Saturday after his dad had that little chat with me
TredoX (12:29:36 AM): during that week I made a wish that I wish I hadn't
TredoX (12:29:48 AM): because it came true, and I knew something bad would happen
TredoX (12:30:08 AM): (the kids name removed) and I were sitting on the stairs outside his door waiting for his brother to get home
TredoX (12:30:49 AM): He finally came home and so I told him to go check in with their mom so she and (the kids name removed)'s dad don't think we just took off
TredoX (12:32:17 AM): while he was checking in, Daniel and Gary came by. I've also noticed that (the kids name removed) is a type of empath in which he can sense moods in people. Daniel had a pair of swimtrunks he had left over at the guys' hotel room. Daniel was holding them out to him, but he was afraid because of Gary there
TredoX (12:33:17 AM): and then I knew why because Gary started off by saying "Let me ask you something.." to me and started yelling at me about the ammo and LA gangs (I had mentioned to Daniel that I told someone else about what was happening, being Dorne who used to be in a gang in his teen years, but Gary twisted it around)
TredoX (12:34:11 AM): then he started yelling at (the kids name removed) when he started to cry. (the kids name removed)'s dad and mom and bro came out. (the kids name removed)'s mom kept saying "He's only 6 years old" and his dad sent both Gary and I away.
TredoX (12:34:43 AM): that was the curse of the last wish I made
TredoX (12:34:52 AM): that was about 2 months ago now
summer of 1971 (12:36:08 AM): i don't know what to say
TredoX (12:36:09 AM): brb company real quick
TredoX (12:39:38 AM): some people stopped over to use my restroom
TredoX (12:39:54 AM): Robert's ((the kids name removed)'s bro) friend's
summer of 1971 (12:39:58 AM): what the fuck your house is like grand central station
summer of 1971 (12:40:07 AM): is (the kids name removed)'s brother involved in any of this?
TredoX (12:40:23 AM): heheh they forgot their key and were locked out, and (the kids name removed)'s mom is home
TredoX (12:40:32 AM): as far as I know, he's not
TredoX (12:40:52 AM): I'm sure he has heard things, but he doesn't think of me as 'bad' though I've been playing the bad guy
TredoX (12:41:11 AM): he's also mildly retarded, or slow. He has the mind of a 12 year old
TredoX (12:41:25 AM): so his judgement of character isn't up to par
summer of 1971 (12:41:58 AM): i can't believe you told me all of this
TredoX (12:42:08 AM): nor I
summer of 1971 (12:42:19 AM): well
summer of 1971 (12:42:22 AM): i think you need help
summer of 1971 (12:42:30 AM): but that's your concern, not mine
TredoX (12:42:33 AM): it's only been recently that (the kids name removed) has been coming over. He was told by mom and dad to stay away from me
summer of 1971 (12:42:48 AM): whawt if they complain?
summer of 1971 (12:42:51 AM): you will be busted
TredoX (12:42:51 AM): but evidently his mom now knows that he's been seeing me
summer of 1971 (12:42:57 AM): aren't you worried about that at all?
TredoX (12:43:03 AM): they both don't like cops
TredoX (12:43:32 AM): too much would happen to (the kids name removed). Child Protective Services may take him away
summer of 1971 (12:43:33 AM): chris did you have actual intercourse with him?
TredoX (12:43:40 AM): no I'm not into that
summer of 1971 (12:43:43 AM): or was it more of a touching and petting kind of thing
TredoX (12:43:53 AM): yes and a bit more
summer of 1971 (12:44:07 AM): how long have you been a pedophile?
TredoX (12:44:14 AM): same with Gary. Rick was always on the sidelines as referee
TredoX (12:44:21 AM): I came out to my mom when I was 15
summer of 1971 (12:44:46 AM): wait
summer of 1971 (12:44:49 AM): because of that law
summer of 1971 (12:44:55 AM): doesn't your complex know you are a registered offender?
TredoX (12:45:28 AM): We were in McCarran airport when I told her. I had just gotten back from running away to New York and staying with a convicted molester/rapist who also raped me while I was there.
TredoX (12:45:53 AM): No. I'm what they call 'tier 1' which is police notification only
summer of 1971 (12:46:10 AM): bexcause you weren't busted doing anything to a kid
summer of 1971 (12:46:21 AM): was (the kids name removed) the first time you actually did something with a kid?
TredoX (12:46:26 AM): Nevada has a 3 tier program. 1 gets police notification. 2 is community services like schools and youth programs. 3 is residential notification
TredoX (12:46:53 AM): no
TredoX (12:47:16 AM): I knew an 11 year old before I was busted by customs.
TredoX (12:47:36 AM): only 1 thing happened between us, 2 days prior to their visiting me
TredoX (12:48:13 AM): he just turned 17 on July 4th
TredoX (12:48:28 AM): and he lives in Reno as far as I know
summer of 1971 (12:48:37 AM): were you molested as a child?
TredoX (12:48:50 AM): no, but I had a 'boyfriend' when I was 6
TredoX (12:48:59 AM): a neighbor kid about the same age
TredoX (12:50:01 AM): but I had been attracted to the same sex before him
TredoX (12:50:07 AM): since I was about 4 or so
summer of 1971 (12:51:19 AM): well
summer of 1971 (12:51:22 AM): shit
TredoX (12:51:23 AM): but don't think that's all I like because I do like women. But I can't see myself with a woman, nor really have a desire
TredoX (12:52:24 AM): Not exactly the story you thought you'd hear from me, eh
summer of 1971 (12:52:30 AM): no
summer of 1971 (12:52:33 AM): but it explains a lot
TredoX (12:52:51 AM): I'm sure it explains my drunkenness a couple months ago
summer of 1971 (12:53:15 AM): well don't worry, i won't say anything
summer of 1971 (12:53:20 AM): but i bet you already knew that
TredoX (12:53:33 AM): kinda
summer of 1971 (12:53:47 AM): fuck man
summer of 1971 (12:53:51 AM): you are so smart
summer of 1971 (12:53:54 AM): computerwise
summer of 1971 (12:54:02 AM): you know shit that pat doesn't even know
summer of 1971 (12:54:07 AM): let alone matt and mike
TredoX (12:54:10 AM): I'm also a bit of an empath. I can feel how someone may be, and sometimes I'll take on that characteristic
summer of 1971 (12:54:29 AM): and you won't be able to do shit now with a felony
summer of 1971 (12:54:30 AM): =/
summer of 1971 (12:54:32 AM): that part sucks
summer of 1971 (12:54:34 AM): but it's your life
TredoX (12:54:52 AM): I was lucky to get the 2 jobs I've gotten since I've been out
TredoX (12:55:11 AM): no background check or anything
summer of 1971 (12:55:14 AM): i know you are hoping (our job name removed) doesn't go anywhere
TredoX (12:55:28 AM): in a way, yes
summer of 1971 (12:56:08 AM): you won't tell danny
summer of 1971 (12:56:12 AM): and i know you won't tell pat
summer of 1971 (12:56:15 AM): have you told rodger?
TredoX (12:56:25 AM): that I'm a felon, yes
TredoX (12:56:29 AM): but not what for
TredoX (12:57:39 AM): and I also see my being smart a curse
summer of 1971 (12:58:01 AM): why?
TredoX (12:58:48 AM): if I was dumb, I wouldn't have gotten into computer. I'd never have known Travis (the first boy), I'd never have gone to prison, I'd never have moved here and met (the kids name removed) and the other guys
TredoX (12:59:04 AM): computers
summer of 1971 (12:59:05 AM)
: moved here?
summer of 1971 (12:59:09 AM): where did you move here from?
TredoX (12:59:17 AM): moved where I am now
TredoX (12:59:21 AM): this complex
TredoX (12:59:48 AM): I stayed with my mom when I was released for a short while
summer of 1971 (1:00:03 AM): did anything happen to you while you were in prison?
TredoX (1:00:06 AM): those things go in order
summer of 1971 (1:00:07 AM): were you beat up or raped?
TredoX (1:00:17 AM): no not really
TredoX (1:01:07 AM): I was in a prison in a little town called Lovelock, about 50 miles from Reno.
TredoX (1:01:20 AM): 60-70% of that population were there for some sort of sex crime
summer of 1971 (1:01:35 AM): god
TredoX (1:01:43 AM): the others ranged from drugs to murder
summer of 1971 (1:02:24 AM): so there is an irc chat for pedophiles
TredoX (1:02:40 AM): yes, a small group
summer of 1971 (1:02:45 AM): jeez
TredoX (1:02:50 AM): I no longer participate in it, though
summer of 1971 (1:02:58 AM): you shouldn't be
summer of 1971 (1:03:05 AM): and you shouldn't be associating with those people
summer of 1971 (1:03:15 AM): i think you want to get busted again or something
summer of 1971 (1:03:23 AM): maybe subconsciously
TredoX (1:03:24 AM): I have thought of it
summer of 1971 (1:03:34 AM): why?
TredoX (1:03:46 AM): to see Gary go down as well
TredoX (1:04:04 AM): for stabbing me in the back over and over and showing no care for it
summer of 1971 (1:04:38 AM): are you still touching him?
TredoX (1:05:04 AM): he wanted nothing to do with (the kids name removed) at first. He'd avoid and ignore him many times, though I was always there for him. Even called him "wishy-washy" because (the kids name removed) would ignore him a couple times
TredoX (1:05:25 AM): yes, though not in "those" places
summer of 1971 (1:05:28 AM): you guys are all caught up in a lovers triangle with a 6 year old boy
summer of 1971 (1:05:42 AM): does (the kids name removed) think of you guys as boyfriends?
TredoX (1:06:06 AM): yes, that is how I thought of it and had begun the conversation with Dorne.. a "love triangle"
summer of 1971 (1:06:20 AM): fuck me man
summer of 1971 (1:06:24 AM): this is way out
summer of 1971 (1:06:32 AM): if you are fucking with me
TredoX (1:06:34 AM): I don't think (the kids name removed) has that concept yet
summer of 1971 (1:06:36 AM): i will kill you
TredoX (1:06:57 AM): now I only scratch his back, or touch his feet
TredoX (1:07:12 AM): considering I have a foot fetish, which I believe is why I like what I like
summer of 1971 (1:08:53 AM): i am overwhelmed
TredoX (1:09:11 AM): I can see. More so than Dorne was
summer of 1971 (1:09:26 AM): you mean dorne took it calmly
TredoX (1:09:33 AM): yes
summer of 1971 (1:09:38 AM): seriously?
TredoX (1:09:44 AM): and I never told you about the stabbing incident
TredoX (1:09:50 AM): yes
TredoX (1:10:38 AM): I'll show you my arms if you have any doubts
summer of 1971 (1:10:53 AM): stabbing?
TredoX (1:11:28 AM): yes. The stabbing incident is a story in itself. Not related to my arms. That was with a knife -- I described that earlier
TredoX (1:11:58 AM): the stabbing incident involved the guys, Kevin, and another kid named Paco
TredoX (1:13:43 AM): Paco we met at the pool last year - Gary, Kevin, and I. We knew there was something up with him. Paco was 14 then
TredoX (1:14:20 AM): We started talking to him, and later when we left the pool, he came back here to hang out. Kevin thought Paco liked him. And I think at first he did.
TredoX (1:14:43 AM): then Paco met Rick who had been at work that day. Paco decided he liked Rick.
TredoX (1:15:03 AM): Rick is overweight, wears glasses, and looks like a dork. Or your stereo-typical pedo
TredoX (1:15:36 AM): when Paco told Kevin this, he went into a fury, going around outside kicking people's cars, and grumbling under his breath
TredoX (1:16:25 AM): I was in my bedroom on the computer. Rick and Gary were outside talking. Next thing I know, I hear yelling outside. Then I hear someone going through my silverware drawer.
TredoX (1:17:06 AM): Then I hear more yelling, and then something about a knife and a stabbing. Gary comes in after he's regained his senses and tells me that he's "actually done it" that he stabbed Rick
TredoX (1:17:58 AM): I go out there and Rick is there holding his hand and blood pouring from it. He's yelling at Gary, Gary is trying ot calm him down and get him to the hospital. Rick keeps yelling and lets the blood drop on the ground
TredoX (1:18:35 AM): Gary continues to try to calm down Rick, all the while crying at what he had done. Finally Gary takes Rick to the hospital. The cops show up.
TredoX (1:19:40 AM): actually the cops show up before they go to the hospital, but Rick would only go if Gary took him, rather than the ambulance. During this, we make a plan to say Rick cut himself cutting an apple
TredoX (1:20:06 AM): so they leave and the cops start questioning Kevin and I. Of course there's no apple, and the knife is in the sink rinsed off
TredoX (1:20:34 AM): so they know we're holding something back, and they cuff us both ready to go to jail, then we confess
TredoX (1:20:50 AM): They send a unit to get Gary, and Kevin and I go free
TredoX (1:21:09 AM): Gary has his own demons
TredoX (1:21:34 AM): a short temper and quick to act
TredoX (1:21:49 AM): Gary and Rick are best friends. They've been roomies for about 6 years
TredoX (1:22:32 AM): but all this that has happened, and I'm the bad guy
summer of 1971 (1:23:38 AM): chris this is wrong
summer of 1971 (1:23:41 AM): so wrong
TredoX (1:23:53 AM): Dorne said something similar, too
summer of 1971 (1:24:00 AM): what did he say?
TredoX (1:24:12 AM): he also said that I need help
summer of 1971 (1:24:18 AM): you do
TredoX (1:24:30 AM): and so has others
TredoX (1:25:30 AM): but it's true that there's no cure
TredoX (1:25:45 AM): no over-the-counter or cure-in-a-pill type of cure
summer of 1971 (1:26:11 AM): then maybe you need to be away from the temptation or something
TredoX (1:26:45 AM): hard to when the sorce is knocking on my door or window
TredoX (1:26:58 AM): or actually target
summer of 1971 (1:27:08 AM): chris are you making this up?
TredoX wants to send file m01.jpg (1:28:08 AM): Get it and look.
TredoX (1:28:26 AM): nothing horrid
summer of 1971 received c:\download\summerof1971\m01.jpg (1:28:32 AM).
TredoX (1:29:21 AM): I sure the shirt and my scruffy chin look familiar
TredoX (1:29:29 AM): and the bony piece of my forearm
TredoX (1:30:33 AM): found it?
summer of 1971 (1:31:04 AM): yeah
summer of 1971 (1:31:06 AM): chris
summer of 1971 (1:31:17 AM): this is disturbing
TredoX (1:32:25 AM): but had I done something horrid to him, do you think he'd still want to come over and see me? In most cases, he'd be terrified of someone like me
summer of 1971 (1:32:50 AM): yes but you are touching him inappropriately
summer of 1971 (1:32:52 AM): that is wrong
summer of 1971 (1:32:56 AM): he's too young to tell you no
summer of 1971 (1:32:59 AM): or to even know better
summer of 1971 (1:33:03 AM): you and gary are grown men
TredoX (1:33:59 AM): I know
TredoX (1:34:14 AM): most times he used me as a urinal
summer of 1971 (1:34:28 AM): you had him pee on you?
TredoX (1:35:36 AM): well, the idea was not on me though he has done it before
summer of 1971 (1:35:58 AM): i don't want to know anymore
TredoX (1:36:05 AM): he found it amusing to pee on my foot several times when we used to shower together
TredoX (1:36:07 AM): ok
summer of 1971 (1:36:14 AM): this is seriously fucked up
TredoX (1:36:43 AM): yes, I know. I'm cursed
summer of 1971 (1:37:20 AM): how old is gary?
summer of 1971 (1:37:27 AM): and is he a convicted pedo too?
TredoX (1:37:32 AM): 29, soon 30 I think
TredoX (1:37:41 AM): no he's never been busted
summer of 1971 (1:37:48 AM): do yu want him busted?
TredoX (1:38:09 AM): there were many times when I did. I don't know now
TredoX (1:38:28 AM): I just wanted him to pay for fucking with my head
TredoX (1:39:06 AM): and after breaking him that one Saturday, I've felt better
summer of 1971 (1:39:20 AM): but you are still messing with the boy
summer of 1971 (1:39:23 AM): and that is wrong
TredoX (1:39:38 AM): no, I'm not touching him anymore. Not like that
TredoX (1:40:20 AM): the closest thing is peeing together, but we've always done that
TredoX (1:40:37 AM): he makes no attempt to touch me, nor I him
summer of 1971 (1:40:58 AM): it's still wrong
TredoX (1:41:51 AM): is or was?
TredoX (1:45:37 AM): Are you working on that CSS again?
summer of 1971 (1:45:45 AM): and talking to my friend
summer of 1971 (1:45:59 AM): anyway
summer of 1971 (1:46:01 AM): it is wrong
TredoX (1:46:03 AM): multi tasking
TredoX (1:46:51 AM): Perhaps it is. But I believe I can stay away from more wrongful things.
TredoX (1:48:56 AM): I was happy with him long ago before anything happened. I'm not one to go out looking for it
summer of 1971 (1:49:18 AM): you are justifying
TredoX (1:49:30 AM): yes I am
summer of 1971 (1:49:41 AM): jesus christ
TredoX (1:51:18 AM): When I knew Travis back in '95, my happiness was seeing him happy.. taking him out to the movies, buying him clothes for his birthday, or just laying around watching TV. What happened that one time was something out of the blue
summer of 1971 (1:51:20 AM): you took a picture
summer of 1971 (1:51:26 AM): if someone saw this picture you'd be in jail right?
TredoX (1:51:41 AM): No. It's just a picture of a boy
summer of 1971 (1:51:58 AM): are you allowed to be around children?
TredoX (1:51:59 AM): fully clothed and staring at the screen
TredoX (1:52:11 AM): Yes. I'm not under any watchful eyes
TredoX (1:53:14 AM): The only thing I have to do now and until I die is get my picture taken and fingerprinted annually
TredoX (1:53:36 AM): every December
summer of 1971 (1:54:40 AM): this is too much
summer of 1971 (1:54:48 AM): i'm going to bed i have school in 6 hours
TredoX (1:55:08 AM): and I have to get up for work in 4 1/2
summer of 1971 (1:55:10 AM): you have thoroughly freaked me out for the night
summer of 1971 (1:55:29 AM): i keep hoping your joking
summer of 1971 (1:55:41 AM): but deep inside i know you aren't
TredoX (1:55:42 AM): I wish it were a joke
summer of 1971 (1:55:45 AM): and that is the scariest part
summer of 1971 (1:55:50 AM): you need serious help
summer of 1971 (1:55:54 AM): seriously
summer of 1971 (1:56:00 AM): and you need to stay away from that little boy
summer of 1971 (1:56:04 AM): he will end up scarred for life
summer of 1971 (1:56:07 AM): do you like your life chris?
summer of 1971 (1:56:13 AM): do you like living this way?
TredoX (1:56:22 AM): no
summer of 1971 (1:56:22 AM): is that what you want for him?
summer of 1971 (1:56:35 AM): if you really love him like you say, leave him alone
TredoX (1:57:29 AM): I can say I won't touch him
TredoX (1:57:47 AM): but since he loves me, I can't shrug him off. That would hurt him
summer of 1971 (1:58:34 AM): well you shouldn't be peeing with him or anything else inappropriate like that
TredoX (1:59:11 AM): if I close the bathroom door, he'll bang away at it
TredoX (1:59:24 AM): don't need broken doors
summer of 1971 (1:59:49 AM): i'm going to bed
TredoX (1:59:55 AM): ok
summer of 1971 (1:59:59 AM): i'll see you at work tomorrow
TredoX (2:00:07 AM): today's meeting day, too, I think
summer of 1971 (2:00:15 AM): yippy
summer of 1971 (2:00:23 AM): bye
TredoX (2:00:27 AM): I'll see you then
TredoX (2:00:29 AM): bye