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the hyperdub virus: a medical record

South London is the primary incubator of the Hyperdub virus (airwaves travel at lower frequency in this neck of the woods). With a dubsteppa sound emanating from the southside's deepest recesses, comes the label TEMPA. Part of the Ammunition roster, TEMPA has showcased the skunked out riddims of the Horsepower Productions crew featuring the mighty trickster Benny ill(also part of Dub War, see Tempa 004), Nassis & Lev Jnr. In the bass, you can hear the ghost of techstep, the rhythm follows on from El-B's skankin' innovations, the delay echoes somewhere between Mad Professor & Maurizio. With oozing soul poured delicated on top, and Lee Perry making fleeting vox appearances, this is pure dread garage. With TEMPA, it's always time to skin up!

Read an interview with the Horsepower Productions Crew, and their Tempa & Turn U On activities here.

Tempa 001 - Horsepower
1. Let's Dance
2. When U Hold Me

Tempa 002 - Horsepower
1. Gorgon Sound
2. Triple 7
Tempa 003 - Horsepower
1. Vigilante
2. What We Do
Tempa 004 - Dub War
1. Murderer Style
2. Generation
Tempa 005 - Horsepower
1. Fist of Fury

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