Along with our cutting-edge technological objectives, NZMG values long-term business relationships, professional ethics and the well being of our staff and their families. We believe in protecting the public interest and facilitating public trust in the media. We want our media operations to be non-partisan and ethical at every level.
Our code of ethics defends Freedom of the Press but decries selfish exploitation by the media. We seek to promote credibility, media accountability and the independent scrutiny that the media can bring to public life. We celebrate journalistic independence and believe the public wants to see a greater commitment to accuracy, impartiality and fair play in the media. There is a widely held belief that media power has been abused, producing media content that is “community-unfriendly”. We believe that media companies can be commercially profitable without offending decency or exploiting people for profit. It is our goal to demonstrate that media operations which respect decency, integrity and community can and will be successful.

People who read our publications, watch our television programmes, and use our integrated technology should notice three distinct features.


NZMG activities will be uniquely local – our publications and programmes will highlight regional issues and provide a window on our community.


Our content will endeavour to reflect New Zealand’s traditional standards of decency.


By applying the highest standards of ethical journalism, quality media can deliver facts - without resorting to camouflaged opinion, speculation or innuendo.

Advertising with the NZMG will also offer benefits to businesses.


NZMG offers advertisers the opportunity to reach the regional market through an integrated and cost-effective mix of print, broadcast, outdoor and internet media.


NZMG is committed to developing lasting professional relationships with advertisers and helping them achieve long-term results.


International business leader and American entrepreneur. Jim McCotter has started a number of innovative companies including Media Management Group, Smart Software, Big Horn Mountain Ski Resort, Wyoming Mountain Resorts, McCotter Capital Group (a venture capital company), BJR Investments, Media Net (a television holding company), Gold Eagle Construction, and McCotter Aviation, manufacturer of the first light twin executive jet. Jim is a longtime member of the Council for National Policy, a philanthropic business roundtable of leaders with informed opinions about US policy issues.


Senior Partner, Parry Field & Co. Barristers and Solicitors.
Peter is experienced in commercial and corporate law.


Chartered Accountant in Public Practice, Christchurch.
Robert is experienced in commercial accounting and practise.



Geoffrey Botkin brings a wide variety of American experience in information technology systems, television production, journalism and publishing to the NZMG. Throughout his working life Geoffrey has combined business acumen with a strong commitment to community development. Geoffrey served as president of Deerwood Studios, a television production company with a training facility for aspiring producers and media artists. He is a former chairman of an American policy think tank, and served as a board member of educational and public policy organisations.
In 1998, Geoffrey was invited to serve on the board of New Zealand charity Operation Good Samaritan, a relief organisation specializing in disaster relief and education projects. The following year Geoffrey, his wife Victoria and their family emigrated to New Zealand. They now call Christchurch home.


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