The USA wants revenge!
But against who?


Most Americans are boasting that the attack of the World Trade Center did not hurt us, but some of the problems are just starting. 

The attack did hurt America, so quit pretending otherwise. Furthermore, the video of them flying themselves into the buildings had an incredible psychological effect on most of us.

It is easier to destroy than to create

    • It takes a lot of effort to feed, care for, and educate a child; it takes only a moment to kill one.

    • It takes a lot of effort to design and build a home; it takes only a moment to burn one down.

    • It required thousands of engineers, machinists, and others to design and build airplanes; it took only a few Arabs with razors to destroy four planes, cause stock prices to drop, and cause Boeing to announce the layoffs of up to 30,000 people.

My point is that we do not need many enemies to make our lives miserable. Our goal should be to make a happier world; to eliminate our enemies. But how do we eliminate our enemies? Should we kill them?

America's Final Solution to the Arab problem

Most Americans believe they can stop the attacks by rounding up “terrorists” and killing them. Since there are thousands of Arabs who are angry with America, and since it is difficult to figure out which Arabs are going to attack us, I am surprised nobody has suggested we hire ex-Nazis in Brazil to help. We could send the Arabs to the Nazis, and as the Arabs pass the inspection station the Nazis could put their thumbs up or down to let us know which Arabs to send to the gas chamber. 

This Final Solution would allow Jews to work with the Nazis for a change. It would bring the Jews and Nazis closer together and foster friendships between them. 

The Nazis did not kill all the Jews. Many of the ones that survived are now in Israel, and others are tormenting Germany with lawsuits. The lesson the Americans should learn from the Nazis is that unless we kill all the Arab terrorists (remember some of the terrorists are currently children, and others have not yet been born) the attacks will continue. Therefore, America would have to exterminate the Arabs to truly stop the attacks. We cannot leave any Arabs alive. Of course, the act of exterminating Arabs might cause more enemies to arise in China, or India, but so what? We simply exterminate those people, also, and so on, until the only people alive are the people who love us.


Our attempts to control the Arabs creates more of a mess

America and Israel already killed lots of Arabs, but what good came from it? How does killing a few more Arabs improve the situation? Our bombs are only making the arabs angry at us.

Iran is another example of how we hurt ourselves and others when we try to help the world. When the CIA tried to control Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini (the Iranian version of Jerry Falwell) became a hero for standing up to the USA. When Khomeini got control of Iran he caused Iran to go backwards to a more primitive existence. This hurt Iran, and the USA is to blame. Without the USA to stir up hatred, Khomeini would have remained just another religious fanatic.

The USA then decided that they could undo the Khomeini mess by encouraging and supporting a war between Iran and Iraq. So we gave weapons, advice, and encouragement to Iraq. The USA hoped that Iraq would defeat Khomeini. But Iraq is a tiny, poor nation, so even with our help, Iraq did nothing but ruin their economy. 

After a few years of fighting with Iran, most Iraqi people were tired of war, and Saddam was losing his support. Saddam decided to attack Kuwait, which would give Iraq lots of money to fix up their economy. In addition, Kuwait is a primitive monarchy, so Saddam could take credit for getting rid of a monarchy. 

George Bush, who was losing in the election to Bill Clinton, decided to use the attack of Kuwait to make himself look like a hero. So, when Saddam mentioned to the US that he was thinking of attacking Kuwait, Bush pretended that the USA would not interfere. But when the attack on Kuwait started, the USA reversed its policy and spewed endless nonsense to the ignorant American people that Iraq was a dangerous nation with powerful military weapons, and that Iraq was on the verge of conquering the world. We were told that Saddam was the Hitler of the Mideast. Saddam had dangerous missiles and Anthrax! We were told that only the brave and courageous Americans could save the world from such a powerful monster. We Americans must save the world! We are great people! And George Bush is our great leader who will help us fight this monster!

We quickly got the assistance of Britain and other nations because Iraq was such a dangerous nation that we did not want to face Iraq by ourselves. Then we bombed Iraq and boasted that we are heroes for saving the world from evil. This caused many Iraqi people to support Saddam and hate the USA. It also made the Americans look like ignorant fools for believing that Iraq was a serious military threat to the world.

The USA also supports the monarchy in Saudi Arabia. This is one of the reasons Osama bin Laden is angry with the USA. 

To summarize, most Americans believe they are the World's Policemen, but all we have done in the Mideast is increase hatred, weapons, war, and crummy governments. Many Americans insult the Arab governments, but they ignore the fact that the Americans are helping maintain those crummy governments and/or are the reason that those crummy governments came into existence. America is a big, stupid brute, not an intelligent policeman.

If the USA hadn't been messing with the Mideast, the Arab nations would be happier and more modern today.

I found an article that lists some of America's stupid policies that backfired:

What good does it to do bomb Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is a poor nation of farmers and sheep herders. The Afghan people are not attacking America. Not many Afghan people can even read or write. Many do not have enough food to eat. 

Some Americans complain that if we get into a fight with Afghanistan they will kill all US soldiers they catch rather than hold them as prisoners. The Americans imply that this proves the Afghans are sub-human. Lots of conversations in the USA sound like this:

Bob: Those disgusting Afghans don't take prisoners; they just kill! They are violent people! We should drop a nuclear bomb on them!

Joe:  And they abuse their women! On the television news I saw an Afghan man beat his wife, and some kill their wives! They are animals! We Americans love our women; we never beat, rape, or kill them! We should kill all the Afghans! They are disgusting creatures!

How can the Afghan people hold and feed prisoners when they cannot provide enough food or homes for themselves? And do the Afghan men beat their wives more than the American men?

Bombing Afghanistan is waste of time and money, and it makes the USA look like violent maniacs. Furthermore, the bombing of Afghanistan by Russia may be part of the reason the Afghans are so violent. Supposedly, (according to the people that claim to know such things), Afghanistan has lots of orphans, and many of the orphan boys were raised by religious men in primitive, all-male "schools". These orphans never knew their mother, and did not have much contact with women. They were raised in an environment of violence, death, and misery, not of families, friends, or peace.

The Americans want to bomb whatever is remaining in Afghanistan. This will create more orphans and more refugees. This in turn will create more human beings who grow up in miserable conditions. Who benefits from this?

How many of the orphans and refugees will thank the Americans for the bombing of Afghanistan? How many nations in the area will thank the Americans for the flood of refugees?

America is a violent nation with lots of crime. We have shelters for beaten women all over the nation; we have knife and gunshot victims everywhere; and we have racial fights. Are the Afghan people more violent than the Americans? Maybe, but maybe not. If it is OK to kill the Afghan people because they are violent, can we kill the violent Americans, also?

We will fight to the death for our home

What are the chances that the Arabs will agree to let the Israelis have Palestine? All throughout history people have been willing to fight to the death for the land they live on. There are few causes that inspire more intense fights. Therefore, the Arabs are not likely to give up. 

The Americans and Israelis expect the Arabs to pack their bags, move off the land, and let the Israelis have it for free. The Arabs are expected to do something that no other group of people has ever done or would be expected to do. 

Imagine this situation happening with America. For example, imagine the Native Americans announcing that Nebraska is now their nation. Would the Americans in Nebraska walk off their land and let the Native Americans have it for free? No. Even if the Native Americans offered to buy the land, the American people would not give it to them. 

Or imagine the Jews demanding a portion of America for their own nation. Would the Americans give it to them? Of course not. Or imagine the natives of Hawaii demanding that a portion of Hawaii be given to them for their own nation. 

Americans are generous when it comes to giving Arab land to Jews, but they would never give up any of their own land.

Many Americans believe that the Jews have a right to Palestine because thousands of years ago some of their ancestors lived in the area. Imagine applying the same reasoning to Europe or America. For example, imagine a group of people saying that because their ancestors lived in southern France a few thousand years ago, they now deserve that land for their own nation.

The Israelis believe that by bombing Arabs they will eventually get control of the area. However, a few centuries ago Europeans tried to take Palestine away from the Arabs by force. Historians refer to this as the "Crusades". What are the chances that Israel will be more successful with their version of the Crusades?

The Arabs are not likely to give up the land they live on, and the Israelis are not likely to give up the concept of Israel. Since America is determined to remain involved in the conflict and support Israel, America is likely to remain a target for Arab terrorists. In other words, there will be more attacks by Arabs. America will react to the attacks by killing more Arabs, and bombing more Arab nations. The Arabs will then retaliate again, and then the Americans will retaliate, and so on. 

Soon nobody will know why the fighting started

Generations of Americans and Arabs will soon be born and raised in this environment of retaliation. As we see in Northern Ireland, there will be a point at which many of the Arabs and Americans have no idea why they are fighting. 

Actually, that point has already arrived. If we look at the American generation that is approximately 20 years old we can see that most of them do not know how Israel got established or why the Arabs are so angry at Israel and America. These young Americans believe that the Arabs are attacking us for no reason.

I frequently hear the Arabs referred to as “Sand Niggers.” Many Americans believe (privately, not publicly) that the Arabs are an inferior, violent race, and that the Americans are the superior, peaceful, loving race. I also hear Americans criticize the Muslim religion as being an evil religion that encourages killings, whereas the Christian and Jewish religions encourage love and peace. 

This attitude of superiority is likely to encourage the killing of more Sand Niggers rather than encourage a serious discussion about it. 

Americans want other nations to approve of our murders

Most Americans can sense that our slaughters of Arabs, Serbia, etc, are wrong, so we try to get other nations to approve of our killings and join us. For example, in 1991 the Americans convinced most of the world to join the bombing of Iraq. The Americans would then justify the killings by saying it was a world-wide policy.

Britain supports any bombing the Americans propose. I can only wonder how absurd a bombing would have to be before Britain refused. What if America proposed bombing Ireland in order to stop the fighting in Ireland?

Other nations should ask themselves if they want to get dragged into America's problems, and if they want to encourage military attacks as a solution to social problems

The USA is becoming a battleground over Israel

Since 1948, when America decided to recognize Israel as a nation, America has been pouring money, weapons, and CIA agents into the Middle East in an effort to keep Israel alive and subdue the Arabs. The Arabs have been angry with America ever since. Now that a few Arabs destroyed the World Trade Centers, millions of Americans want to escalate the fight with the Arabs. 

This will make America into a battleground, which in turn will make life unpleasant for Americans. As we see in Northern Ireland and Israel, we will hurt our economy and put ourselves though absurd security procedures. 

What can the USA possibly gain by fighting with the Arabs? Nothing; only Israel has something to gain. The patriotic Americans who want to defend us from the Arabs should be waving Israeli flags, not American flags.

Americans are risking their lives for Israel, not America

Many Americans are volunteering for the military. They want to protect America from the Arabs. However, the Arabs are not trying to take control of America; rather, they just want America out of their lives. Therefore, the Americans who fight the Arabs are actually fighting for Israel; they are not protecting America.

I would say the Americans who die in Arab bombings are giving their lives to Israel, not America. Some Americans describe it as: Israel uses America as a shield.

The Arab - Israeli fight will go on until America gives up

As I mention in part 2 of this document, America is likely to change dramatically in the next few decades because our nation is filling up with Mexicans, Chinese, and other people who are brought here to work for us. As we saw with South Africa, when the servants become a majority, the nation changes.

From what I see, our dark-skinned servants have less interest in supporting Israel than the white Americans. Therefore, the America of the future may abandon Israel. This will bring an end to the attacks by Arabs, and the Israelis will be on their own to either work a deal out with the Arabs or be driven back to the land they came from. Of course, with constant bombings by America and Israel, the Arabs may be so angry in a few decades that they may demand every Jew be deported.

Osama bin Laden is the Saudi version of George Washington

President Bush describes Osama as evil, but he is more like the founders of the United States who rebelled against Britain. Of course, the USA is much more abusive to the Arabs than Britain was to the colonists. The colonists merely complained about trivial issues, such as taxation without representation. Osama is complaining about our support of monarchies, our slaughters of Arabs, and our struggle to help the Zionists create Israel.

Will the world quit feeling sorry for the USA?

Northern Ireland does not get much sympathy from the world. America may find itself in a similar situation after another decade or two of fighting with the Arabs. 

At the moment most of the people in the world are sending sympathy to America. Only a few people in other nations are telling the Americans that this is their own fault, and that we should quit meddling in the affairs of other nations and quit playing World's Policeman. However, if the Americans and Arabs escalate their retaliation against each other, more people will turn their back on America in disgust. 

New York City is currently a major center for the world's financial transactions, but if these attacks continue there will be a point at which other nations move their offices to a more peaceful country. New York City is not the world's most attractive city in the first place. It has a lot of crime, ugly architecture, and transportation problems. There are many cities on this planet that are more visually attractive and which are safer to live in. When you add bombings to New York, it becomes especially unattractive.

Stock prices are already dropping. Who wants to invest in Northern Ireland? Likewise, how many people will want to invest in America if it becomes a battleground over Israel? 


Do we really have freedom of speech?

This is a special update: America Online is censoring messages!

Check it out if you think we have Freedom of Speech! Then come back here.



Do nuclear bombs transform “Wretched Refuse” into a “SuperPower”?

I frequently hear Americans describe themselves as a “SuperPower”. They say that they are a superpower because they have a lot of nuclear bombs and other weapons. The attitude in America is that a weapon makes a person “powerful”. A person in America who has a gun is considered to be more powerful than a person without a gun. And a nation with a lot of weapons is considered to be more powerful than a nation with fewer weapons. Unfortunately, weapons do not make a person “powerful”; rather, they make a person “dangerous”. 

Prior to 1940, America was like Australia. Both America and Australia tended to keep to themselves and let the world do as it pleased. Neither nation was cocky. Actually, they had the opposite attitude. Most of the Australians and Americans were well aware that their nations were full of people who were considered misfits, criminals, and mentally ill by their relatives who remained in Europe. Rather than arrogance, most Americans and Australians were (and still are!) suffering from low self-esteem

After 1940 the Americans found themselves with a lot of advanced European technology, such as nuclear weapons, jet engines, radar, and rockets. The Americans jumped on a pedestal, beat their chest, and proclaimed that they are a SuperPower. Americans have since become amazingly arrogant. By 1991 they had appointed themselves to the position of the World's Policeman. But they are still the same misfits, criminals, and mentally ill people. Nuclear bombs did not transform the people into superior race.
I am an American, so I am biased in favor of America. However, I have been cheated, abused, and disgusted so many times by my fellow Americans (the white Americans) that I would describe most white Americans as “Euro Niggers”. I am not surprised when other nations complain about American hypocrisy.

We Americans could be working together to make America into a pleasant, attractive nation with nice cities. We could be setting a good example for the world. But the Euro Niggers put most of their time and money into weapons, gambling, Hollywood, and the CIA. The end result is that we have lots of bombs, guns, casinos, and Hollywood stars, but our cities are ugly, our public transportation is inferior to many other nations, and our industries are slowly vanishing. 


Arrogance is a problem with all people

It should be noted that this arrogance occurs to every nation that finds itself in the position of having the most weapons. For example, during the 1700's and 1800's, Britain considered itself to be the most powerful nation in the world. They sent their military around the world to form colonies and tell everybody how to live. They abused China, India, and other nations, similar to what we see America doing today. 

The important difference between Britain and America is that the British were willing to back off when another nation put up a fight. For example, when the Indians started to fight with the British, the British backed off before the fight became anywhere near as extreme as between the Arabs and the Americans. 

When the American colonists rebelled against the British, the British also backed off rather quickly. The British could easily have sent a larger military force to the colonies and beaten the colonists, but the British decided to let it go. The British could have taken the War of 1812 to the point of conquering America, also, but they didn't.

There is still some resentment to Britain among the Chinese and a few other nations. However, the resentment is mild compared to the anger towards America. This is not due to the passage of time. If we look back in history we cannot find a level of hatred towards Britain that we find towards America.

The British “took control” of India with a very small number of troops simply because there was not very much hatred towards the British. The British were not so abusive that large numbers of Indians wanted to rebel. The British were abusive, but at the same time they were helping India in many ways. Many of the Indians were glad to have the British. 

The Indians who wanted to drive the British out had the first convince other Indian citizens to join the resistance movement. Many of the Indians did not see any reason to join the movement; they did not see the British as being enough of a problem. Most of the Indian citizens had more important things to worry about. 

It would have been very easy for the Indian people to drive the British out because the Indians outnumbered the British by an enormous number, and the weapons in those days were too primitive to give Britain enough of an advantage. Furthermore, the British would have had trouble supplying troops to India because the transportation devices in those days were primitive. 

When the fights became serious, the British backed off. The British did not cry that their pride had been hurt and they must remain in India to get revenge on the Indian “terrorists”.

Also, Britain did not try to get revenge on the American “terrorists” in 1776, or the Chinese “terrorists”. The British were willing to forget the incident. 

By comparison, the Americans are willing to fight the Arabs regardless of the cost to themselves and other nations. Furthermore, the anger the Arabs have towards America is extreme. There was never a nation that had this much anger towards Britain. This implies the fighting could become worse than anything Britain experienced. (Actually, it already has!)

US reporters provide only emotional titillation

I would describe the American news as being written primarily for emotional titillation. I would also say that the American news is written for people at perhaps the 12 year-old intellectual level.

The American news reporters concentrate on photographs of small children, American flags, people who are crying, and burned buildings. They are more concerned with the emotional effect of the photographs then they are on the educational effect of their documents. TV news is especially stupid.

Americans are incredibly ignorant

Most Americans get their information about the world from their television set, but that provides only emotional titillation. Not surprisingly, Americans are incredibly ignorant about the world they live in. 

For example, when President Bush proposed the bombing of Iraq in 1991, most of the Americans that I knew did not know what Iraq was. Furthermore, most of them did not know what a Muslim was, or whether a Muslim was different than a Moslem. One person with a Ph.D. (which is suppose to imply that he is intelligent and educated) told me that the Arabs deserve to die because the Moslem religion is an evil religion. He told me that the Moslems believe that in order to get to heaven they must kill a non-Moslem. If an American with a Ph.D. is this ignorant, what do you think the average American citizen is like?

If you ask the typical American what a “Persian” is, he will tell you it is a cat or a carpet. If you ask the typical American what is the difference between an “Arab” and a “Persian”, they will tell you that there is no such thing as an Arab carpet. 

What is a terrorist?

Americans accuse the Arabs as being “terrorists”. What is a terrorist? The Americans have no idea. 

Prior to 1948, the Zionists were referred to as “terrorists” and the Arabs were “defending their land”. After WWII the Americans decided to feel sorry for Jews and reverse the situation. The Zionists became “Israeli pioneers” or “settlers” who are “defending their land” against Arab “terrorists”. 

Incidentally, this brings up the issue of what a “Zionist” is. Most Americans think it is a person who has visited Zion National park. 

A few years ago most of the representatives at the United Nations condemned Zionism, but most Americans did not know what the United Nations was talking about. Actually, most Americans do not know what the UN says or does, so they would not know what I am referring to.

Let's go back to the 1940 definition of terrorism

Other nations should resist the Americans and go back to the original definitions. You should describe Israel like this:
    • The innocent Arabs are defending their land from murderous, Zionist terrorists

    • The Jews use the American people as a shield to hide behind. 

    • The Jews exploit the Nazi situation to gain sympathy. 

    • The Jews terrorize us by labeling us as Nazis if we criticize Israel.

    • The Jews also terrorize us by labeling us as anti-Semitic if we criticize Israel. 

    • The Jews further terrorize us by labeling us as supporting terrorism if we do not want to kill Arabs. 

    • The Jews extort billions of dollars each year from America by telling us that Israel is their only friend in the Middle East, and therefore if we don't support them we will have only enemies in that area of the world. 

    • Jewish authors fill American magazines, newspapers, and TV shows with lies and propaganda about what Israel is, how it became established, and what the Arabs are.

    • The Jews exploit the Nazi situation and distort history by reminding us dozens of times each year about the “Holocaust”. The Jews never mention that every group of people has been a victim of war, and every group to claim to have been a victim of a holocaust or two. They also ignore their killings of Palestinians and the stealing of Palestinian land and property, which could be described as a Palestinian Holocaust

    • The Jews tell us many times per year to remember the past or we will be doomed to repeat it. However, they remind us only of the past events that they benefit from. The forget about the Deir Yassin massacre, the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty, and all their other murders, lies, and disgusting behavior.

    • Israel  is not a nation; it is a battle zone where Zionist terrorists and the Americans have been struggling for decades to steal the land from the Arabs through murder, treachery, and deception.



Will the South Americans rebel against America, also?

For many years I have been expecting a South American government to tell the American people to quit accusing the South Americans of causing America's drug problems. But for some reason, year after year, the South Americans are willing to accept the blame for our drug problems. They also allow our military into their nations to kill their people, spread weapons, and spray herbicides on their crops. 

The biggest problem that South America and Mexico face over this drug problem is that it allows groups of criminals to form. These organized criminals are a problem because they have enormous amounts of money for the control of both businesses and government officials. 

It would make more sense for the South Americans to legalize drugs and allow legitimate businesses to produce drugs for the American market. This would eliminate a lot of the criminal activity, as well as provide an income for some people. 

The South Americans should also tell the American military to get out of their nation, quit smuggling weapons into their nations, and quit killing their citizens. 

However, no South American nation stands up to America. Why do they put up with this abuse? 

When America first got involved with Israel in 1948, the Arabs did not attack America. It took many decades of anger before the World Trade Center was bombed. Maybe it will take many decades before the South Americans are that angry at us.

Perhaps anger is slowly growing in South America right now. Perhaps after another few decades there will be so many angry South Americans that some of them start attacking Americans both in South America and in America. 

What does the future hold for America? Will America soon be waging war with the South Americans also? What about the Chinese? The Chinese are not happy with American policies either; will we start fighting with them soon? How many nations will the American military be in by the year 2020? How many different groups of people will we be killing? Will there ever be a point at which the world tells the Americans to take their military back to their own nation?

Imagine the American police behaving like the US military and CIA

For amusement, imagine your police department having a problem with alcoholism. They blame the retail stores of the city for selling alcohol, and they blame the farmers for growing the crops that are used in alcohol production. So they start a random killing of the people who sell beer and wine, and they spray herbicides on the fields that grow grapes, hops, and barley. When people fight back, the police refer to them as “terrorists”. 

Or imagine the American police doing such things as:

    • Slaughtering people at random in their city in order to “send a message” to a group of criminals. 

    • Conducting random bombings of their city while avoiding the person they accuse of being the criminal (as the Americans bombed Iraq while avoiding Saddam).

    • Supplying weapons to criminals and training them to kill (as the Americans supplied weapons and/or training to Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, etc.) 

    • Assassinating, or helping others to assassinate, their own local political officials, and helping revolutions within their city (as the CIA does with other nations).


If the American police treated American citizens in the manner that the American people treat other nations, there would be an incredible revolt against the police. The American people would never tolerate being treated in the manner that they treat other nations. 

How many more bombs and dollars will we waste on the Mideast?

Since 1948 the American government and American Jews have spent billions (maybe trillions) of dollars to support Israel, and they killed a lot of Arabs. The Arabs have also wasted a lot of time and money. What good has any of this effort done? Israel is still a war zone, not a nation, and America may become one also.

Israel is like an open wound on the planet earth. Americans believe that pouring money and bombs into the area will eventually solve the problem and turn the Mideast into a happy place. 

How can ignorant people dominate the world?

One of the things that has surprised me for many years is that despite the amazing ignorance of the Americans, and despite their abuse of other nations, they continue to remain in the position of the world's leader. Why is it that no other nation provides the world with better guidance? Why is it that no nation is telling the American people to shut up? Why is it that the British follow the Americans into any bombing the Americans propose? Why is it that no nation tells the Americans to practice what they preach?

The only explanation I can come up with is that the “common” citizen in other nations is about as ignorant as the Americans. And the governments of other nations are as incompetent as they are here in America. 

In other words, most of the people on the planet are just intelligent apes, and these apes have created incompetent governments all over the planet. The end result is that whichever group of apes has the most weapons becomes the leader of all the apes. 

If Australia happened to acquire all of the weapons in the 1940's instead of the USA, it would be Australia who is the world leader today. Australia would be the World's Policeman; the SuperPower. Australians would be the cocky, arrogant people who pound their chest and demand that the world follow their selfish and idiotic demands. 

Most people in the world do not care which person has the most intelligent advice. They do not look for intelligent advice; rather, they look at weapons. Most people are more impressed by weapons than they are by intelligence. As we see with animals, most humans respond only to violence and threats of violence, not intelligent remarks.

By the way, you might find it entertaining at your lunch break to discuss what Australia would be like as a SuperPower. I cannot make up my mind on whether they would be a better world leader than Americans. They may be so lazy and dumb that they prefer to leave the world alone, thereby making a better leader. But they might want to control the world in an attempt to show their British relatives that they are important people, not human refuse.

How do “American Niggers” justify killing “Sand Niggers”?

Colin Powell and many other black people want to slaughter Arabs. Many of them do not care which Arabs die; rather, they just want to kill Arabs. This reminds me of the Jews who complain that Nazis are wrong for killing Jews, while the same time those Jews justify the killing of Palestinians. 

Most white Americans do not accept the Africans as fellow citizens, except publicly on television. Most white Americans consider them to be an inferior race of people who should remain in their section of the city. 

Many black people complain about their second-class status. They give the impression that they believe in fairness and equality. Many of them will stand on pedestals and condemn racism and unfair legal treatment. But then some of those same black people will join the white Americans and slaughter Arabs without giving those Arabs a fair trial.

If the black Americans were truly less violent and more fair than the white Americans, they would resist these acts of violence and insist that the Arabs be treated in the same manner that white Americans are treated. 

Africans are just as violent as white people, Chinese people, and all other people. There is no race that is truly peaceful. All races are violent and selfish. When one race is a victim, however, they jump on a pedestal and promote the nonsense that they are the peaceful, loving race.

A Jew can be considered a Nazi with a different religion. A Palestinian can be considered a Jew who grew up in a different nation. A Catholic in Northern Ireland can be considered a Protestant who was born into a different family. An African can be considered a European with black skin. The idea that some race is truly the peaceful race is nonsense. Likewise, the idea that Sand Niggers, Nazis, or some other group of people is evil is nonsense.

David Duke is a genius next to George Bush

The KKK and other groups of white Americans who blame "niggers" for our problems have never impressed me. Their opinions seem to be at about the 12 year old intellectual level (ie, at the level of the common American). Therefore, you can understand my surprise when I read an article by David Duke that appears to be written by an intelligent person with a better understanding of the world than George Bush, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, and all other US government officials combined! (Duke's article is

When the KKK members make our government officials looks ignorant, we have a seriously crummy government! What will the moronic voters give us in 2004? How about a government that is below the level of the average 7-year old child?

Where does David Duke make his mistake?

I agree with Duke's article, except for his explanation of how America got itself into this mess. Duke blames the Jews for pushing America into supporting Israel, which I agree with, but Duke avoids asking: 
  • Why are the American people allowing this to happen? 
  • Why don't the Americans tell Israel to leave us alone?
  • How can a small number of Jews control a large, non-Jewish nation?

Duke wants to believe that most Americans (at least the white Americans) are high quality people who are taken advantage of by a small number of Jews, niggers, and other people.

In reality, most white Americans are lazy, ignorant, unhappy, mentally unstable, Wretched Refuse; ie, Euro Niggers. Most Americans are easy to take advantage of because they avoid thinking and learning; instead they just listen to rumors and TV shows.

The American government is crummy and easy to take advantage of because the Euro Niggers consistently create lousy governments. President Bush is a good example of a lazy moron who doesn't know much and has no desire to learn

The Jews are only one group who take advantage of the Euro Niggers. Look at how many non-Jewish churches in the USA have become rich by convincing the Euro Niggers that their god will love them more if they give more money to the church. The USA is a great place to operate scams and abuse people.

Most white Americans blame other people for our problems, but the main problem with the USA is not Jews, Japanese, South Americans, or Arabs; the main problem is the Wretched White Refuse. Most white Americans are Euro Niggers

The inscription on the statue of liberty is the truth. The woman in the statue is described as the "Mother of Exiles", and she is quoted as saying:

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, ....



If you want a better world, stand up to the Americans, the Irish, the Israelis, and other people when they promote the nonsense that they are the innocent, loving people who are abused and mistreated by non-human monsters. And do not feel sorry for Americans or others who get hurt in their acts of revenge. Encourage people to think rather than lose their temper.

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Linux; a replacement for Windows, or a Marxist fantasy?

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Should Microsoft have competition?