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Windows Media Overview
Dare to Compare

Windows Media Technologies
Technologies Home
Windows Media Player
Windows Media Encoder
Windows Media Format
Windows Media Format SDK
WM Rights Manager
Windows Media Services

WM Audio and Video 8
WM Audio and Video 8 home
WM Audio 8
WM Audio Video
WM 8 Encoding Utility
Windows Media Player
Player 6.4 for Win95/NT 4
Player for Palm-size PC
Player 7.1 for Pocket PC
Player for Handheld PC
Player 6.3 for Solaris
Player 7.01 for Mac

WM Player 7 Bonus Pack
Windows Media Encoder
WM 7 Resource Kit Beta 3
Windows Media Services 4.1
WM Rights Manager 1
WM Rights Manager 7.1.1
Portable Device Drivers
Microsoft Producer Tech. Prev.
Enterprise Deployment Pack

Download Center
Amplify Your Play™ with Microsoft® Windows Media™ Player. Download the Player and get cool contentThis links to a site that is not on

  Get the free Windows Media Player 7 Bonus Pack today!

Windows 95 or Windows NT 4 users: We’re sorry, but your system does not support Windows Media Player 7.x. Please download Windows Media Player 6.4.

   Windows Media Player for:

   Windows Media Tools and Services

  Third-Party Tools and Software

Windows Media SDK

If you're a content developer looking to add Windows Media support to your Web site,
or a software developer looking to make your application Windows Media compatible,
come to the
Windows Media 7.1 SDK page
This links to a site that is not on Get information about the Windows Media 7.1 SDK,
including the newly-released Windows Media Format SDK component, and download the
components you need.

More Information

Windows Media Technologies consists of a variety of components for creating, serving,
and playing digital media. All Windows Media Technologies downloads are listed here,
and where possible the links below lead directly to the specified download.
In some instances you may be directed to an intermediate Microsoft hosting site.
The primary download links listed below are US English versions. For international
versions, click on Download International Versions.

Release Notes and Product Support

Your feedback is essential to the success of our products. If you have problems with
the Windows Media Technologies downloads, please review the
Release Notes, a list of known issues with this release.
For information about how to submit suggestions or
questions to the product team, read the Product Support information in the release notes.

Windows Media Security Bulletins

If you're a Windows Media user looking for the latest security patches, please visit the
Microsoft TechNet Security Bulletin Search Page and select the appropriate Windows Media
product from the Search by product dropdown.
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