World war 2 officially started in September 1939 with the German invasion of Poland and ended in August 1945 with the only operational use of atomic weapons. It quickly grew from a localized "European" war to a true global conflict, spanning the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America. The war changed the face of modern warfare, starting with the German blitzkrieg tactics and ending with the use of atomic weapons. In between many new forms of weapons and warfare were invented or improved including the amphibious landing, modern armored tactics, mechanized infantry, rockets, guided missiles and self propelled artillery. The aircraft came into its own through strategic and dive bombing, aerial torpedoes, parachute delivered infantry, aerial reconnaisance and the first operational jet aircraft. The war cost more than fifty million people thier lives and once again brought the terms genocide and war criminal to the worlds vocabulary.

P47-D Thunderbolt


I have been interested in the history of World war 2 for many years and have often thought it made a great background for a roleplaying game, one only needs to read some of the accounts of the soldiers involved to see the posibilities. Over the years there have been few RPG's in this vein, the only one that received any success that I am aware of was Behind enemy lines, long out of print and now difficult to find. Twilight with its military basis seemed the ideal starting point, there was a supplement for an alternate timeline "Twilight: The Iron Dream" planned to cover this very subject at one point but unfortunately GDW the publisher of Twilight 2000 went out of buisness before this came to be. As I found there were many others out there that seemed to have a similar interest in seeing such a supplement I have taken it upon myself to create one.

This is a work in progress, please check back from time to time if you like what you see.


Tiger I



American Tanks German Tanks Soviet Armored Vehicles
American Armored Vehicles German Armored Vehicles Soviet Aircraft
American Aircraft German Aircraft Armored vehicles of other nations
British Tanks Italian Armored Vehicles Aircraft of other nations
British Armored Vehicles Italian Aircraft Light vehicles and transports
British Aircraft Japanese Armored Vehicles Ships and other watercraft
French Armored Vehicles Japanese Aircraft Vehicle weapons
French Aircraft Soviet Tanks  




American Artillery German Artillery Soviet Artillery
British Artillery Italian Artillery Artillery of other nations
French Artillery Japanese Artillery  



Infantry weapons

American Small Arms German Small Arms Soviet Small Arms
American Support Weapons German Support Weapons Soviet Support Weapons
British Small Arms Italian Small Arms Small Arms of other nations
British Support Weapons Italian Support Weapons Support Weapons of other nations
French Small Arms Japanese Small Arms Civilian Small Arms
French Support Weapons Japanese Support Weapons  


Additional material

A brief history of World war 2 Soviet Military organizations Japanese Military organizations
World war 2 careers Other Allied Military organizations Other Axis military organizations
U.S. Military organizations German Military organizations Suggested reading
British Military organizations Italian Military organizations  


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