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I've received a copy of a flyer from Lizz Ristagno about the Cincinnati-area Roman Bash to be held next Saturday, October 6. You can view the flyer online. Direct any questions about the event to Ty Moore.


I've done a little housekeeping work on the news page and archives. The archives are now divided into separate pages by month. Also, some older September items were moved to the archives.


I have made no update to this site recently due to the large amount of schoolwork I have. However, having seen footage of a Boeing 767 crash into the WTC Tower 2 about 200 times today, I figured a short word was in order.

To any OJCLers who may have friends or family who work at either the WTC or the Pentagon, or those involved in rescue efforts in New York or Washington, my prayers, and I'm sure those of your fellow JCLers, go out. We know each other as friends in the JCL community, and in a time of great national tragedy, I hope we can support each other as needed.

I hope others feel that a matter of such importance merited mention here on the OJCL site.


Finally back from an extended hiatus, there are a couple new items:

The official state picture from nationals is here (remember standing out in the sun for this one?). It's rather large, but otherwise everyone would be so small that you couldn't even pick out individual faces. Thanks to Lizz Ristagno for scanning the pic!

I'm still working on my CSS code to try and make formatting on the site as consistent as possible across all browsers. CSS support is perfect in Internet Explorer 4 and 5 for Mac, a little spotty in IE 5 for Windows, and even worse in Netscape (any version, any platform). Especially, I'm having trouble with the placement of the image that comprises the top of the column on the lefthand side. If this image isn't in the very top left corner of your browser, or otherwise doesn't line up properly, please let me know. If possible, send me a screenshot and what version, browser, and platform you are running.

One final item...for all OJCL stuff, I am now reachable at Thanks to Mr. Romanic for helping me set this up! That's all for now, look for much more interesting and much more significant changes in the next few weeks (or months).

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