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My husband, Paul, and I were lucky enough to have spent the 70's in Afghanistan and Iran. Since we haven't been able to revisit those places, we have traveled extensively in Morocco and hiked through northern India. We have also enjoyed the company of a son, IsacZal, who has been as interesting and challenging as the counties we have loved over the years.

My purpose is setting up this web site is to share some of these amazing places with whomever finds his or her way here.

Afghanistan, 1969-1971

We joined the Peace Corps after graduating college in 1969. Our first assignment was to Libya, but at the end of a summer of training in Bisbee, Arizona, Ghadafi took over the country and the program collapsed. Offered a choice of a number of places, we chose Afghanistan.

Iran, 1974-1978


Morocco- 1993, 1995 and 1998

We traveled to Morocco on three occasions--twice in August and once in May. IsacZal was the original catalyst for the visit--he complained that he didn't have the chance to experience the kinds of places, Afghanistan and Iran, that were so important to us. Thinking of the kind of country that could give him some of the flavor of those countries--although one place certainly can't substitute for another--led us to our first trip to Morocco. Once we went once we had to keep going back--there was so much to see, so much to revisit after our first exploration.

We took my parents along on our most recent trip. They came armed with the misconceptions of some of their friends who had taken cruises that stopped for an afternoon in Casablanca, or who had taken a day trip from Spain. They left with a deep appreciation for the beauty of the land and the people of Morocco. My father, who carefully examined his silverware during the first few days, ended up eating grilled eggplants with his hands from the plate of another man in the main square of Marrakesh.

Click here to see two dozen of my pictures of Morocco.



IsacZal is a metal sculptor. He also creates musical instruments that are traditionally made out of wood out of metal. They are harmonically sound and play beautifully.

Some examples of his recent instruments and other sculptures can be found here.

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