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David Darling's Cello Blue Released on
Hearts Of Space
Through Valley Entertainment on August 28TH! 

Contact: Anne McDermott/Valley Entertainment 

(212) 974-9400


The opulent, provocative tones, that vacillate between somber and refreshing, provide the setting. The listener's imagination provides the text. Eclectic composer/cellist David Darling is the director of this sophisticated drama, entitled Cello Blue, released by Hearts of Space/Valley Entertainment on August 28th, 2001. Cello Blue presents a seamless synthesis of contemporary classical and reflective New Age music, with elegant string textures and delicate acoustics that inspire wistful contemplation.

Cello Blue is the 9th career album from a multi-dimensional performer who can be heard playing the cello, piano, electric cello, midi programmer and synthesizer and providing vocals on his latest release. The title track, "Cello Blue", begins slowly with gentle piano textures that shape the orchestral build into an exhilarating harmonic experience showcasing Darling's dexterity on the cello. On "Awakening", Darling creates deep, reverential sonorities with a deftness that comes across as being effortless yet their complexities are immediately evident.

A world renowned classically trained cellist, Darling has an extraordinary discography that is as impressive as it is diverse. His first solo outing, Journal October (ECM, 1979), has influences that are both unmistakably jazz and contemporary classical. His follow-up album Cycles (ECM, 1981) is tinged with New Age sensibilities. Cello (ECM, 1991), took the cellist another step further by including Gregorian chants and melodies. Throughout the '90s Darling continued to push the proverbial envelope. His score for the 1992 Wim Wenders movie "Until the End of the World "and solo recordings including The Tao of Cello (Relaxation Company, 1993) and Dark Wood (ECM, 1993) emphasized Darling's celebrated improvisational skills and won him great critical acclaim. In 1993, Darling also made his debut for the illustrious Hearts of Space label with his release of Eight String Religion that inspired Ram Dass to say, "David Darling has concocted an elixir of skill, wisdom, love and beauty that is truly nourishment for the soul". 

The early years of Darling's career were spent touring the world with the Paul Winter Consort as a soloist, composer, and singer.  In recent years Darling has released two series of CDs in Europe, the first features The Sea Group whose members include Ketil Byornstad, Terje Rypdal,Jan Chjristian and Darling. The titles from this series are Sea I and II. The second consists of the River and Epigraphs that highlight the works of Darling and Ketil Byornstad.  Both series have received wonderful reviews in the European Press. For the past 15 years, Darling has contributed to the musical scores of several films including the classic Nouvelle Vague by the great film maker Jon Luc Godard, Until the End of the World and Far Away, So Close  by German director Wim Wenders'  and recently in the film Heat which starred Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

While Darling demonstrates considerable aptitude on a variety of instruments, it is the Cello whose timbre he feels "has the ability to speak without words" and  "reflects a human being telling the truth".  Nowhere is this more evident than on Cello Blue, where Darling explores the concepts of surrender and serenity in a seamless flow of introspective melodies that celebrate the natural creativity of the human spirit.

A Requiem Soundscape
Echoes Premieres New Music 
Reflecting the Tragedy of September 11, 2001


Contact: Kimberly Haas    610-458-0780

On the evening of October 11, as America commemorates the one month anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001, Echoes will provide a respite from the endless analysis with music for healing and contemplation.

In a two hour soundscape, Echoes Senior Producer and host John Diliberto will take a world divided in life and bring it together in sound, with new compositions recorded in the wake of September 11.  A Requiem Soundscape will be a space to  remember those fallen in the terrorist attacks, the heroic efforts of those who worked in the aftermath, the contemplation of a protracted war, and the recognition of a changed world.   

When words fail, music can take over, drawing out an emotional response to acts that defy logical interpretation.  Music is where we turn for solace in times of strife.  Music is where we find the highest aspirations of humanity, from a Bach cantata to an Islamic call to prayer.  Echoes has always been a program where the world comes together, with African percussion, Native American flutes and Middle Eastern melodies coursing alongside synthesizers and samplers.   

A Requiem Soundscape will feature new works, composed and recorded by artists as an immediate response to the events of September 11.  We'll hear an ambient guitar piece from Jeff Pearce in Indiana, a piano meditation from Ira Stein in Oakland, a techno-tribal landscape from Steve Roach in Arizona, a duet for synthesizers and cello by Tony Gerber of Spacecraft and a spacescape by Portland Oregon's Paul Ellis from the group Dweller at the Threshold.  

Moved by the WTC/Pentagon tragedy, pianist George Winston has put together a six song EP called "Remembrance" with all new compositions.  All of the royalties from Remembrance will benefit relief funds for the loved ones of those lost September 11th.   The EP will debut on a Requiem Soundscape two weeks before release.  Guitarist Steve Tibbetts has composed a special work as has keyboardist and film composer Jamshied Sharifi.  These performances will make their premieres alongside previously-recorded works by Arvo Pärt, Clannad, Brian Eno, David Darling, Jan Garbarek and the Hilliard Ensemble, Liz Story, Moby, Jane Siberry and others.

"Music is the healing force of the Universe." -Albert Ayler        

A Requiem Soundscape will be distributed on Echoes Thursday, October 11 and is available to all Echoes affiliate stations.  Visit for a station list.      

Artist Bios

George Winston

George Winston's name is synonymous with solo piano since his Windham Hill Records debut, Autumn in 1981.  He cites his eastern Montana childhood home as his greatest influence, and you can hear those wide open plains in his music.

Steve Tibbetts

Minneapolis based guitarist Steve Tibbetts has forged his own, idiosyncratic approach to the guitar, creating a world fusion since his debut in the late 1970s.  He recorded several albums for the ECM label and composed the critically acclaimed album, Cho, with Tibetan Buddhist nun, Choying Drolma..

Jamshied Sharifi

Born in America with an Iranian father, keyboardist Jamshied Sharifi's solo debut, Prayer for the Soul of Leyla" was critically acclaimed.  The Manhattan resident has also score several films including Harriet the Spy, Muppets from Space and the forthcoming Rollerball.

Ira Stein

Ira Stein was half of the Windham Hill duo Ira Stein & Russel Walder with the New Age hit, "The Underground."  Living in Oakland, Ira has recorded solo albums for the Narada label and most recently has been adapting Bach cantatas to his acoustic trio.

Steve Roach

Steve Roach is an influential synthesist who has recorded dozens of albums in the last 20 years including his popular "Structures from Silence" and "Dreamtime Return." He's one of the founding fathers of Techno-Tribal music.

Tony Gerber 

Tony Gerber is a member of Spacecraft, the Kentucky  based electronic ensemble that has released several albums on the Lektronic Soundscapes and Space for Music labels.

Sanjay Mishra

Sanjay Mishra is an Indian born guitarist living in the Washington D.C. area.  He creates an east-west fusion and had the late-Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead playing on his debut, Blue Incantations.  Sanjay also composed the score for the film "Port Djema."

Paul Ellis 

Paul Ellis is a member of the Portland based synthesizer trio, Dweller at the Threshold and also has two solo albums out, including his latest, "Into the Liquid Unknown (Hypnos).

Jeff Pearce

Jeff Pearce is a guitarist from Indiana who has several albums of layered,ambient guitar soundscapes on the Hypnos label.

Valley Entertainment Announces Acquisition of Hearts of Space Records!


Valley Entertainment and Hearts of Space jointly announced today the acquisition by Valley Entertainment of the Hearts of Space record label, which comprises one of the most well respected catalogs of contemporary contemplative music in the industry. Valley Entertainment has acquired all rights to the Hearts of Space catalog, and the two have simultaneously signed a production agreement covering future releases on the label.

This acquisition of Hearts of Space brings to Valley Entertainment a significant catalog of over 144 titles by more that 68 artists and includes 5 label imprints, Hearts of Space Records, World Class, Hearts O’ Space, Fathom and RGB. The catalog includes the million-selling Celtic Twilight series, Joanie Madden’s Song of the Irish Whistle I and II, the Sacred Treasures series, the perennial selling Bill Douglas catalog and New Age classics including Constance Demby’s Novus Magnificat.  The first new releases on Hearts of Space by Valley Entertainment were David Darling’s Cello Blue on August 28th and the upcoming RASA CD, entitled Union, on September 11th.

Barney Cohen, President of Valley Entertainment, commented, “We are really excited about the acquisition of Hearts of Space Records.  It is one of the premier labels within its genre and we look forward to building upon the significant foundation that Stephen and Leyla Hill have already put in place.”

Hearts of Space helped define the New Age music category through its nationally syndicated radio program, which Hearts of Space will continue to own and produce. Hearts of Space Records was launched in 1984 following the success of the radio program. The focus of the Hearts of Space label has always been on releasing high quality albums from a carefully selected group of committed artists. It has been a label with long-term viability that succeeded commercially and artistically.

Hearts of Space decided to sell its record label to focus its attention and resources more fully on its broadcasting, webcasting and branding efforts. Hearts of Space founder, radio host and president Stephen Hill commented on the sale to Valley Entertainment: “We were looking for a company we could work with in the long term who would respect our commitment to quality and understand our relationship to a large audience of weekly listeners. With the opportunities embodied by the web and satellite radio, and new branding opportunities which are presenting themselves, we realized that we couldn’t do it all. We are happy that Valley Entertainment is the new owner of the catalog we compiled over the past 17 years, and we look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration between our two companies.”

Valley Entertainment is a full service music and video label formed in 1996 by industry veterans Barney Cohen, Jon Birge and Jeff Skillen. Since it’s inception, Valley Entertainment has enjoyed successful releases from a broad spectrum of artists such as New Orleans Jazz vocalist John Boutte, singer/songwriters Chris Whitley and Darden Smith, Celtic sensations, Loreena McKennitt and Capercaillie, alternative-dance master Fuzz Townsend, and Americana superstars Gretchen Peters and Don Walser.

Domo Records, the home of Grammy Award winning New Age artist Kitaro, NYNO Records, the record label co-founded by Allen Toussaint and Joshua Feigenbaum, the eclectic indie label, Prime CD, all have pressing and distribution deals with Valley Entertainment.  Under the agreements, these labels work closely with Valley Entertainment, utilizing the Valley staff to assist in retail marketing, artist development and in some cases, publicity and radio promotion.  Valley Entertainment distributes these releases primarily through DNA in the U.S. and various other distributors internationally. World renowned blues label, Audioquest, featuring artists such as Mighty Sam McClain, Robert Lucas and Terry Evans, is also an integral part of the Valley Entertainment family.




Steve Roach Update September 2001


Greetings, dear friends of the music. Life is relatively short, so we will get directly to the priorities: new music and lots of exciting news has been building up and boiling over... After a few attempts to send out this newsletter in the past weeks, more impending news seemed to crop up around the next corner, but now it's finally here. Beyond that, I am finally coming up for above-ground air after being focused all summer on the new solo work as well as the beautiful DVD production     with Projekt and a few other surprises. It's a great feeling to say from my core that the time (of the earth) is now. I feel a special satisfaction about this new release, along with the current creative waves and future dreamings coming into form... I look forward to sharing it all with you. Onward!

All my best from the soundcurrent, 

Steve Roach 


Core is coming in two weeks; now accepting preorders.  Free mini-poster while supplies last!

Time of the Earth on DVD and VHS now in stock!

Zero Point -- Seofon with vidnaObmana, Steve Roach, Stephen Kent, Robert Rich... now in stock.

Linda Kohanov's new book The Tao of Equus is now in stock at our online store and retail stores nationwide.

Improved online store, with searching and more. 

New MP3 offerings 

Floatation -- a finely tuned conceptual multi-artist collection with a piece from Steve.

The Electric Body on VHS back in stock.

The Eternal Expanse coming in 2002.

Timeroom Editions sampler CD coming in November. 

Projekt Festival: The Gathering live in Philadelphia May 2002, featuring Steve Roach and vidnaObmana.

New collaboration with Steve and vidnaObmana on Projekt to premiere the weekend of the Projekt Festival.  

Fripp, Fayman, Roach collaboration set for 2002! 

Core by Steve Roach  Timeroom Edition, 74 Minutes

Shipping mid-September; accepting pre-orders now.

All U.S. orders for Core will include a free mini-poster (8"x8") of the original cover art created by Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman -- while supplies last!

Steve's new solo release will be a pure flow journey of electro-organic pieces drawn from the molten core within the Timeroom right up to mid-August. Core has evolved into perhaps one of the most focused tribal-trance-electronic releases from Steve to date. This summer has been a vital and renewing time as Roach turned away from all concerts, collaborations and other offers, directing his attention deep into the inner core of where the music emerges. Setting out with the intention to find new sounds, Roach created a dynamic convergence of energies and currents that have been running through his music over the past 20 years.

Adding to the vital live feel of the pieces is Steve's process of melting it all together, working more like a movie maker at this stage trying dozens of different complete edits of the "film," shaping the story like never before.

What some friends and press have to say about Core...

"Core's ebb and flow unites the evolution and search for continuity in life and the sublime in sound and emotion. The language of sound revealed on Core culminates the passion for acknowledging the hidden past and looking forward with innovation... Subtle and intense as Core marks a leap into adventure by adding as yet undiscovered elements to an ever-expanding pallet of sounds. Essential."  -- vidnaObmana

"Core is the quintessence of Steve Roach's music. In this album, Steve integrates the essence of his previous work -- from the majestic soundworlds of Structures From Silence, Dreamtime Return and The Magnificent Void, to the most dynamic electronic sounds of On This Planet, Light Fantastic and The Serpent's Lair -- and takes it into a whole new dimension. Mysterious and luminous, Core is Steve Roach's essential milestone, the beginning of a new sound journey." -- Gilles Bedard, Quebec, Canada

"Core, the album represents a pinnacle of achievement in the tribal-electronic sound of Roach. These sound elements are based on many years of Roach working in the field of electronic music production. The portal has been opened to fuse these elements into a fiery mix of mind-bending atmospheres and thundering body rhythms. Feel the sheer dynamics, feel the atmosphere but above all feel the power. It has arrived." -- Gary Andrews, Sequences Magazine (UK) and Ambient Visions online magazine

Will Merkle helps with the mail order, and has heard the music's evolution over the months. He offers his perspective below...

"It seems to scoop up the most powerful elements from Steve's rhythmic and atmospheric music over the past dozen years or so and merges them into this new sound that is impossible to define into a category, beyond the fact that it's pure Steve Roach music. CORE, being the molten center, is expressed in this recording as a feeling from where all the primal energies are contained, feeding the source of creativity and imagination outward."

TIME OF THE EARTH, a film by Steve Lazur with music by Steve Roach Projekt, DVD and VHS, 77 minutes, all-region NTSC (except Japan). dual soundtracks; chapter search; uncompressed Dolby Digital Stereo. <<< now in stock! >>>

After a few years in production, we are excited to announce the release of Steve's first DVD and the next level in his soundworlds for the home audio-visual immersion experience. This 77-minute wordless film odyssey presented on DVD by Steve Lazur was created from three years of filming throughout the most remote regions of desert southwest of the U.S. The outcome is a captivating dreamtime desert journey that travels deep into the realm of epic rock formations and landscapes, primeval canyons, cloud-filled skies and vistas that are still echoing from the dawn of creation. Time-lapse and slow-motion film techniques are mixed with real-time movement though a myriad of surreal landscapes drawn from the primal forces of nature over millions of years. The seamless soundtrack is created from new pieces along with tracks from several CD's featuring some of Steve's most powerful Earth-inspired tribal and atmospheric works. The long form piece "The Dream Circle" is featured as an optional soundtrack, providing another perspective to the film as either an active or passive audio-visual stimulant and ambient continuous playback experience.

"Fans of classic films like Baraka, Chronos, and Koyaanisquatsi will marvel at this DVD of pure natural beauty. Time of The Earth is deep, subtle, complex, profound, timeless, mystical, and most of all, strikingly beautiful. Time of The Earth communicates what cannot be communicated through words. It is a movie that can only be grasped in its totality, profundity and significance on an intuitive level. Roach and Lazur are clearly aware of the limitation of words, as they create     this slowly evolving journey. With each viewing it shifts in the mind's eye, and becomes a new and different film. You can breathe the air, squint at the sun, and feel dwarfed by the towering mountain peaks and endless sky, the moment you enter the immediacy of this experience.

Time itself becomes relative. This film in many ways is like a poem written with images and sound, and one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences I've seen in DVD format." -- Ben Kettlewell, Alternate Music Press



Seofon with vidnaObmana, Steve Roach, Stephen Kent, Robert Rich, Not Breathing and Thermal Hypnos/ Foundry now available from our online store

Zero Point: Lessons in Being Nothing showcases some of the great talents in electronic music today, and finds them participating in a unique form of collaboration. With Ambient Temple of Imagination (ATOI) tracks as the inspiration and source material, Seofon invited vidnaObmana and Steve Roach, opening a circle of recycling, a term coined by vidnaObmana and Asmus Tietchens. Stephen Kent, Robert Rich, Not Breathing, and Thermal were brought into the circle as the project progressed. Entirely new pieces were created using a variety of methods and collaborative trajectories with Seofon (a member of Ambient Temple of Imagination) serving as a center-point: coordinating the project, making his own recycling contributions, and integrating the finished tracks into a hypnotic tapestry.  

Linda Kohanov: The Tao of Equus A Woman's Journey of Healing and Transformation Through the Way of  the Horse Hardcover, 363 pages New World Library, $21.95 from (list price $24.95)

This new book by Steve's wife Linda Kohanov is now at our store and in bookstores big and small nationwide. After years as a respected music journalist and contributor to numerous CD's with her compelling liner notes, she followed her passion into the pioneering world of Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy, which employs horses as facilitators in the work of human development and healing. This book is the result of 9 years of research and direct experience that tells a fascinating story regardless of whether or not you're a "horse lover." As alternative medicine leader and author Larry Dossey, M.D. observed, The Tao of Equus "is a startling challenge to anyone wishing to limit consciousness to humans." Linda now has her own web site:


New store interface! Our webmaster Cliff has outdone himself overhauling our store, making it easier to find what you're looking for. The entrance is at Be sure to have a look, try out the cross-referenced searching, and listen to the audio clips. Don't miss the "Everything" tab with our entire inventory on one page, for one-stop shopping. We've also updated the printable catalog, for FAX ordering or giving to friends.

New MP3 streaming tracks from Body Electric and Blood Machine are now at CORE samples will be streaming soon. Because of the dynamic resolution and impact of the music, Steve is waiting for a few weeks after the release of CORE before posting any MP3 CORE samples. As always, every MP3 play from and helps support the artists, and it's free! Get your friends to tune in, and help spread the word.

Floatation -- This multi-artist compilation is now out. A beautiful collection of pieces thoughtfully presented by the Canadian label Interchill. The entire flow lives up to the title's name, and includes a 7-minute track from Steve. Read more at, and order from Backroads ( Floatation is not available from our store at this time.

The Electric Body -- VHS video back in stock for a limited time, and at a lower price.

The Eternal Expanse -- The re-release of The Ambient Expanse on Projekt, re-titled The Eternal Expanse (with Steve Roach, Patrick O'hearn, Vir Unis and vidnaObmana) has been delayed 'til sometime in 2002, due to work on the DVD release.

A 74-minute Timeroom Editions sampler CD will be released in November at a special price. This overview include pieces from the six Timeroom Editions releases, along with an unreleased track all sequenced for journey-mode, just in time for Christmas!

The Early Man release on Projekt was recently featured in Borders listening stations nationwide, and proved very successful in helping this music reach beyond the Internet community. In further showing their across-the-board support, Projekt has just released a sampler exclusively for the Borders chain. It's a fine collection, at a minimal price, and available exclusively at Borders stores. We'd also like to acknowledge and thank the independent stores nationwide who support the music.

Mystic Chords and Sacred Spaces -- Steve's new pure, deep atmospheric work is coming early 2002 on Projekt. Now that the CORE has been tapped, the calm, deep currents are currently flowing at the Timeroom. The pendulum will most surely be swinging far in the opposite direction in the coming months...

The Projekt Festival is happening May 2002, and will present Steve Roach and vidnaObmana live in Philadelphia. This will be presented in collaboration with The Gathering / Star's End series hosted by Chuck Van Zyl and Jeff Towne. The duo will have their own night and venue on Sunday, plus a special dark-ambient performance the night before, opening the festival's host of ethereal bands. Information on the entire event at

A new Steve Roach / vidnaObmana CD on Projekt is in the works for next May, title to be announced. This all-new collaboration between Steve and vidnaObmana will be premiered the weekend of the Projekt Festival. Also be sure to check out vidnaObmana's chilling new release TREMOR on the Release label. More info at

Fripp, Fayman, Roach -- Yes, you read correctly! Steve was invited to produce and collaborate on this wicked new group project. While it's too soon to present details, the basic direction will be a collaboration with King Crimson icon Robert Fripp featuring his searing guitarscapes and live interactions within the landscape of Steve's hybrid rhythmic forms and the African trance percussion mastery of Jeffrey Fayman and Momodu Mohammad Kah. These two were also featured on THE SERPENT'S LAIR. Steve will bring his production wizardry along with soundworlds, rhythmic innovations and his most recent explorations on processed and textural electric guitar into the fold. Already sessions in L.A., Tucson and beyond are yielding some incredible tracks starting to take shape for this second-half 2002 release on Projekt.

A quick note from Steve: "I can still remember buying one of my first "ambient" import LP's in 1973 at the Wherehouse Records in El Cajon California, "No Pussyfooting" by Fripp and Eno. Life is a fascinating journey indeed."

With the wings of Icarus, keep flying... closer.

As always thanks from all of us. Your direct support keeps independent music alive, and the lights burning in the Timeroom. We welcome and encourage you to forward this update to your friends.

Steve, Cliff, Linda and Will at


David Lange of HOS Fame Alive and Well


The following is an e-mail that made it onto the Ambient list at Hyperreal and I thought it might be of interest to readers of Ambient Visions. The e-mail originates from Bill Binkleman who runs the Wind and Wire website which I might add is worth your time and effort to check out.

I apologize ahead of time for posting this decidedly spacemusic (as opposed to ambient) news item. Hopefully, some of you readers also enjoy spacemusic as well as ambient.

I got an unexpected (to say the least) e-mail from David Lange the other day. Yes, the same David Lange who recorded one of the first spacemusic CDS for Hearts of Space back in the late 80s, Return Of The Comet  He saw my mention of the album in a review on my site and wrote to me.

Seems that David also composed and recorded a follow-up album to his groundbreaking CD called Mars Rising, about three years after the release of Return...HOS passed on the CD and the master is just sitting there (has been for years). In addition, David also has the master for Return as well. I told him that he has a lot of fans out here that would love to see Return become available again. I asked him how he'd feel about selling one-off CD-Rs of both Return and of Mars Rising. He seemed intrigued by the idea and it sounds like, if the interest is there, he'd probably do it.

Here is his website which includes clips of some of the songs from Mars Rising.

If you have any interest at all in seeing a CD-R of Return or of Mars Rising being made available for purchase, please drop an e-mail to David at this userid 

And, please, ANYONE who reads this and who is on the spacemusic mailing list, PLEASE cut and paste this post/notification and submit it there as well! I'm sure there are many fans of David's music on the list and the more people who let David know they want this to happen, the better.

Hearts of Space to Offer Subscription Service


Got this in my e-mail  box and thought I would share it with the readers of Ambient Visions. Looks like Hearts of Space is going to give a subscription based streaming version of their weekly radio program a shot on the web. Pricing will run about $4.50 a month for a mono version that will run via modem and $9.00 a month for a stereo version that will run on broadband access. Here is the complete announcement from HOS:

Dear Listener,

I haven't been this excited about anything since we put our first program on the NPR satellite in 1983! 

What if I told you that now you could listen to the Hearts of Space weekly program Whenever you like? 

What if I also said you could listen to Hundreds of archive programs? Turn them on and off at will, or repeat  them as often as you want. Would that get you interested?

What if I said that you could listen at home, at work, or when you travel? Anywhere, in fact, you can get an internet connection.

Well, all this is not only possible -- it's Available now via "Streaming Audio" -- direct from Hearts of Space.

While Napster and downloading MP3's have gotten all the publicity, other companies have quietly been perfecting the ability to "stream" music to you whenever you like.

There's no waiting, and no huge files to worry about. All you need is your web browser and a simple free player. We have service for Modem users, and for Broadband; access to the HOS Archive, or just the Weekly Show -- all for a monthly or quarterly subscription fee. It's easy to use, and it sounds great.

We've worked for two years to make this possible. Come to the Hearts of Space web site and find out  how it works. Browse the menus, stream a 10 minute sample show, hear for yourself.

The Future Has Arrived. Just click the link below to join us: 

Stephen Hill, Producer 

Hearts of Space

ambient.01@hyperreal Is About Sold Out .02 On the Way


Being curious about how the .01 project turned out I sent George at a letter asking about  .01 and what was happening with .02. George tells me that they only have about 20 copies of the original .01  2-disc set left for sale. Considering that they had no distribution they were able to move the entire press run of 500 copies. So if you would still like to grab a copy before it is too late better send in your order soon.

As to .02 George tells me that all the music is in and needs to be sequenced and mastered which will happen in early September. He is planning on a release of this new project around the beginning of November ... same stores and places to pick it up as last time and he will probably press around 400-500 copies again ... again it will be a double cd. If you would like to follow the progress of this new project yourself stop by their website for more information.

Robert Rich Announces Latest Solo Offering


I have just one news item this month, the anouncement of my

new solo CD "Bestiary" on Release/Relapse. This is a unique album, filled with mutated electronic textures using an analog modular synthesizer, and peppered with twisted contributions from Forrest Fang, Andrew McGowan, and Haroun Serang.

Excerpted from the release sheet:

Medieval bestiaries depicted strange and mysterious creatures, allegories from distant new lands filled with wonders. Today, these new worlds lie inwards; so this musical bestiary maps a perplexing mindscape, shapeshifting organisms painted in sound, a sonic surrealism.

Copies are now available from my website.

Go to

Hypnos press release announcing the launch of the BINARY sub-label


In its first five years, Hypnos Recordings has established itself  as an explorer of atmospheric and minimal ambient recordings.  One of the most common requests received, and one which coincides with my personal musical interests, is that Hypnos should become involved in more dynamic forms of electronic music, everything from experimental electronica, to more rhythmic trance, and classic European-influenced e-music. 

To that end, the BINARY sub-label has been established, to give voice to artists both new and familiar, who were previously working in forms more kinetic than would have fit with Hypnos.  The first two CD releases both have a bit of "classic e-music" flavor, heavily utilizing analog sequencers and synthesizers.  Definitely not for people who hate music that sounds electronic.

The Binary label debut is Into The Liquid Unknown by Paul Ellis (best known as 1/3 of Dweller at the Threshold, a group whose new disc Ouroborus is the other new release on Hypnos/Binary -- see below), a bright and distinctive piece of modern electronic music.  Those of you who are more interested in true e-music -- shifting synthesizer patterns, beautiful resonances, expressions of the soul of the machine -- will delight in this fantastic, fresh recording.

Using a dash of classic European e-music as a reference point, but never for a minute sounding like an artist exploring any path buts Ellis's own, Into The Liquid Unknown supplies that modern synth music "fix" for listeners who remember their excitement at first hearing Wendy Carlos, Jean-Michel Jarre, Synergy, or early Tangerine Dream... but for people who already own all those albums and don't want to hear them re-done.  Like the first albums of Alpha Wave Movement and Synthetic Block, this album utilizes just the right limited measure of "classic" and moves on from there to create something new.

Ellis takes the listener on a nearly exhausting musical roller-coaster of pulsing arpeggios, cascading mechanistic sequences, many-layered melodic passages, and gradually to brief calm passages, before cranking the energy and complexity level up again. 

 Ouroborus by Dweller at the Threshold is the first Binary release by a group whose members include Dave Fulton (whose collaboration The Most Distant Point Known with Hypnos founder M Griffin was released on Hypnos, to much acclaim, in 2000), Paul Ellis (whose  solo album Into The Liquid Unknown is the Binary label debut, also released this month), and John Duval.  The first Dweller album, No Boundary Condition (released on Eurock) had a stronger Tangerine Dream influence, but the group has since moved further into deep, deep space.  Though some measure of digital technology is in use here, one of the features identifying Dweller's sound is the heavy use of analog modular synthesizers.  Fulton relies heavily on a refrigerator-sized bank of Doepfer modular synths and a Synthesis Technologies (MOTM) system, while Duval uses "The Fist of God," a massive Serge Modular system.

The use of all this expensive, esoteric analog synthesis gear is no mere "synth geek's vanity" -- the sound of Dweller at the Threshold possesses a character and clarity that would simply not be possible with modern digital synthesizers.  An audience member at a recent DATT concert in Portland was overheard afterward saying "I haven't heard something that good since Tangerine Dream was young."  That isn't to say that Dweller intends to mimic the German synth music greats -- just that their sound has enough substance to thrill even the most jaded e-music fan.

Both CDs are available now at the Hypnos Online Store:

Audio clips will be available soon at the Hypnos/Binary site:

Australia's "Ultima Thule" Radio Show Re-Launched in March


Broadcast since early 1989, "Ultima Thule" is Australia's foremost weekly radio programme of ambient and atmospheric music from across the ages and around the world. 

Each programme is presented as a 90-minute atmospheric soundscape, with minimal announcer interruption.  

Since re-launching on 2MBS-FM 102.5 in March, "Ultima Thule" has established itself as the most popular programme on the country's oldest and largest public FM station.

The new official website for "Ultima Thule" can be visited here: 

Comments and feedback are welcome.  

George Cruickshank   Producer


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