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And so it Begins...

Yes, so marks the end of me posting dates. Replaced with the infamous "Tag Line", or at least I think that is what it is, things change ever so slightly, but still stay the same. The real reason I changed was first of all, it was a pain in the ass to code the date numbers, and second of all, now there will be no record of my flakiness in the posting department. Two birds, one stone, the foot is down, the boot has spoken.

Now what? Well, in an effort to educate my readers on breaking international news of great importance I ask you to turn your attention to the Japanese. Those crazy Japanese girls are at it again. I reported a few months ago how some Japanese girls are refusing to change their underpants. Now, it seems they have taken it one step further. Not only are they refusing to change their underpants, they are not taking showers now. So for all you kids planning that trip to Japan, make sure to stay away from the dirty school girls. Read all about it here!

My favorite quote from this important story is..."Some people walk past and complain that we stink. But, well, that's the truth so there's nothing we can do about it, right?

I don't know, call me crazy, but maybe you could take a shower?


Well, I am glad someone out there is paying attention. I got a note from Joe Riggio informing me that: Cheney was Secretary of Defense, not Secretary of State, in Bush senior's term, and Texas kills people with lethal injection, not the gas chamber. So sorry about the mix up. I know how all my readers take whatever I say as the gospel, so I hope none of you kids flunked any tests yesterday. I guess I got confused, since we all know that Cheney is the current Secretary of State, and not the Secretary of State under Bush senior.

Whatever, I am just stoked to get any email at all, so keep those cards and letters coming. Two days in a row I got an email. Wednesday, Chimpuat sent me some mail too, so you should go to his page and read some good stuff. He knows I am a fan of The Enterprise Mission. The folks over at The Enterprise Mission always have their own little view of events in the world. They put their own perspective on the Attacks of September 11th. Now, I am not asking you to believe their views, but they do make some interesting points, and they have a hell of a crazy story to tell. It involves Hyperdimensional Physics, the Knights of Templar, sacred geometry, ancient knowledge, ritualistic dates and numbers, Orion, Sirius, Egyptology and their tie in with the Freemasons. This is a story spanning back to the crusades and involves the Assassins, the defenders of Islam, and a spike in the less randomness of the universe at the time of the attack. According to these guys, this attack is a sign to our secrete government, that the bad guys know the ancient magic of the Freemasons. Hey, I did not say that you should believe it, but if you like weird and trippy stuff, then check it out for sure. Just click here! Anyway, they are predicting something will happen on November 17th.

I think this will be the new trend, the trend of prediction. How many calls to the Psychic Hotline involve asking for predictions to the next attack these days? I bet it is quite a few. I mean if I was going to call the psychic hotline, you know, to find out if my girlfriend is cheating on me, then while I have them on the line, I am sure as hell going to ask when the next attack is. So, with that said, let me post a little e-mail I got today. Now, this e-mail has all the signs of a classic urban legend. Maybe even some of you got it at work today from a few people. Anyway, for what it is worth I am posting it. If it is a hoax, I am not putting the person's contact information, since most urban legends are ways to get back at a certain person. I have cut and pasted the two main parts and took out all the email addresses. So, for what it is worth, check this out.

> Subject: Fwd:FW: stay out of the Malls on 10/31

FYI - I was very skeptical of this e-mail so I called the telephone number and it really was Laura Katsis at work. She said that she did write and send the e-mail in reaction to what her girlfriend told her. This could still be a hoax, but I am taking it a little more seriously knowing that Laura is a real person who admits writing the e-mail and who stands behind what she wrote.

> Hi All -

I think you all know that I don't send out hoaxes and don't do the reactionary thing and send out anything that crosses my path. This one, however, is a friend of a friend and I've given it enough credibility in my mind that I'm writing it up and sending it out to all of you.

My friend's friend was dating a guy from Afghanistan up until a month ago. She had a date with him around 9/6 and was stood up. She was understandably upset and went to his home to find it completely emptied. On 9/10, she received a letter from her boyfriend explaining that he wished he could tell her why he had left and that he was sorry it had to be like that. The part worth mentioning is that he BEGGED her not to get on any commercial airlines on 9/11 and to not to go any malls on Halloween. As soon as everything happened on the 11th, she called the FBI and has since turned over the letter. This is not an email that I've received and decided to pass on. This came from a phone conversation with a long-time friend of mine last night. I may be wrong, and I hope I am. However, with one of his warnings being correct and devastating, I'm not willing to take the chance on the second and wanted to make sure that people I cared about had the same information that I did.

Laura Katsis

Longtime readers to this site will know of my feelings on our President. Since September 11th, the American public has banded together put partisan politics aside and rallied round the flag, as the song goes. Well, I have to admit, our Commander and Chief has been doing a pretty good job at bombing the fuck out of Afghanistan. He should, that is what he does best. I mean he sent enough people to the gas chamber when he was Governor of Texas. So we know George ain't no gutless pussy, and he does like his "justice". But let's face the facts kids, George is definitely not "running the show" here. No no, don't get me wrong, Bush is in charge, no doubt about it. But he ain't the guy figurin things out. You half to ask yourself who has been working out of an undisclosed location for the last week? Yep, Cheney. He is the mastermind behind all this. Cheney was the Secretary of State during the Gulf War for cryin out loud. If anyone knows anything about kickin some Mesopotamian ass, it is him.

So we have that settled, George Bush is kicking ass at kicking Afghani ass. Now, let's look at what is happening at home. It seems that the Bush Administration has used this war as an excuse to "reinforced a trend toward secrecy that characterized Bush's government from the start." It seems Bush is trying to limit information to the Congress. This is not a good thing if you did not know, since then the Bush Administration gets to do whatever they want. You can read about it all here. Actually it is fucking terrifying. I still don't trust that guy. Seriously, go read the article.

With that said, I wonder how long it will take the folks at Echelon to send the FBI after me? That is next kids, just you wait.

I thought I would be more motivated to post, but now it seems like I am less motivated. Do I have nothing to say? Can I not think of something interesting that happened to me this week? I don't really know what the deal is, but it might be blamed on the fact that I got the entire library of "Monty Python's Flying Circus on DVD" last month or something. There are 45 episodes and I am on thirty something..

Maybe it is the fact that I have not been checking what is out on the Internet lately, and how everyone on the favorite links is doing.

Oh, isn't this such joyous reading! Why I think I am even boring myself, if you can imagine such a thing.

So, what to write about....

Um.... Let's see...

"So, have you ever seen that one Monty Python episode....?"

And now, for something completely different.

I like house parties. You know, parties at someone's house? Kind of like that delightful movie with Kid and Play, but without the cool hair and a young Martin Lawrence?
So, what makes a good house party? Well, first of all there has to be free alcohol. Then there has to be in a house with a kitchen and front room. My studio apartment, for example would be a perfect example of where not to have a party. The party always is happening in the Kitchen. If you want to meet some people at a house party where you don't know anyone, hang out in the kitchen. You will meet a ton of people. A good house party has the couches moved to the side and the coffee table removed. This is where the guests will dance later, when they are good and drunk. Another good place to hang out is in the backyard or garage, whichever one has the keg and where you can smoke cigarettes. These areas are always popular places at any house party. If the keg is in the garage, but people are smoking in the backyard, the backyard is the place to hang out. Nobody wants to look like a looser, hanging out in the garage with just the keg and nobody else. This rule should be ignored if this is a highschool keg party, where the rule should be to never leave the garage where the keg is. Also, once you get your beer, immediately get in line again, cause that sucker aint gonna last long. So, the backyard is good if there is one. Also, if you meet a girl that is good to go at a house party, it is disrespectful to take her into the bedroom for a little Kid'n Play. You should take her to your car, the park, your parents house or some other appropriate location. The bathroom at the house party is not an appropriate place, especially if it is the only bathroom in the house.

Well, I hope these little tips serve you well at future house parties and always remember, "beer before liquor, never sicker. Liquor before beer, you're all clear".

Oh, before I forget, you need to check out dropthesoap.net. They sent me a email the other day asking for a link trade. I just checked out their site, and there is some pretty funny stuff for sure. So, go check out dropthesoap.net right now! I give it my official seal of approval, even though I have no such thing officially.

I did some surfing today. Web surfing that is. I have not been checking anything out lately, and if I have been on-line, it is just for a meager post or two. So I am checking my Yahoo mailbox, and I see mail with the subject heading... "Attract men with large breasts". I think to myself, you know, I really don't want to attract men with large breasts. As a matter of fact, I would rather men with large breasts say the hell away from me. Then I noticed some other spam that said I could perform Baptisms! Hey, that is cool, just send this website some cash, and I can be practicing baptisms in no time. Weddings too! Don't just be the best man, be the pastor too! Nothing makes a wedding more special than when your drunk buddy marries you!

In other news, I went fishing yesterday. You know how I told you it rained for the first day the other day? Well, this weekend was insanely nice! It was at least 90 degrees at the beach, so I went ocean fishing off the shore. I caught three crabs, that were pretty big, and I could have eaten them, but I did not want to deal with them. Oh, and the fact that the Code Enforcement Officer red-tagged my dwelling, and so they took out my stove, so I could not have cooked them if I wanted to... But that is another story all together. So anyway, I caught three crabs, and I thought I was a pretty good fisherman. Then Dave said that if I tied my bait farther up the line, then maybe it would actually float and I might just catch a fish.

There is a spider crawling on my wall right now. This town breads more spiders than anywhere I have ever been. You never see the same kind twice either. Everytime you see a spider, it is always a different kind. Creeps the crap out of me kids if you must know the truth. I hate spiders. They have too many legs, fangs, and can move fast (well, wolf spiders can). Kingdom of the Spiders with William Shatener really freaked me out too. All the tarantulas and whatnot. Oh and there was Shatner himself too. He scared me also. So there you go, now you know a little more about me, and so brings us that much closer.

Oh yeah, so I did some surfing today but only had time to catch up on my favorite page, Turdpile. Seems there are some new posters on that page helping out and they all just started College. Ah, how they grow so fast! Just like 90210, the kids are off to College. So what that means to you, is there will be even more hilarity, so go check out Turdpile and relive those crazy days of College. Or, if you are in highschool, read about the drunken fun you can have at our fine secondary learning institutions. Stay in school, and soon too, you will be puking on your roommate's CD collection after a Friday night Fag Frat party!

Don't forget, stay in school!

I am sick of hearing about the fear. The fear of the terrorists. Yeah, they attacked us, but you knew it was coming. I think if anything, we are safer now then we ever were. Now we are aware. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If you know what I mean. This shit won't take us by surprise again. All the other countries have had to deal with terrorism for years. Now we are part of the club... However, like the Americans we are, we are going to take that club to the superbowl. We are in charge now, it is time to take care of business. Ever see the movie Rudy? About the kid playing football? Rudy is what this country is all about. Never give in, never surrender..."Rudy.. Rudy...Rudy..RUDY!"

So, listen up kids. Normalcy needs to return. I am thinking of getting on a plane, now why the fares are cheap! I just saw that Alaska Airlines is offering round trip from San Jose to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for only $149! That is round trip! I just might go down there for a weekend at that price. Gotta act quick, offer ends real soon (like two weeks). So, you want to do your part? You want to do your American duty? You really want to help? Get on a fucking plane and go somewhere people! It is your civil duty. You owe it to this county and the world. I just talked to my buddy Weathermon in Jamaica yesterday. He says this tragedy will be devastating to their country, since it they depend on tourism so much. So get on out there people. Whoop it up. Show those fuckers that their plan was nothing to us. I know it is hard to do, but you gotta. Do it for Rudy.

And on that note. The note of "getting on with things", here is a note I got from a buddy. It was an mass e-mail his brother sent to everyone that was concerned about his well being. It seems he is moving on, so we all should...

Hi all,

I apologize for taking so long to get back to everyone following the tragic events here in NY. As I previously reported, while there are a number of people we know who have been touched by this still unbelievable horror, we are thankful that all immediate family and friends are safe and we appreciate all of your e-mail and phone calls. While I have always thought of myself as someone who is capable of remaining calm and clear-headed in the face of trying situations, the shear magnitude of these deliberate acts and the extent of the damage they have caused has really been overwhelming for me, thus the delay in sending out a more detailed response to all of your queries. It is, in fact, only now that I finally feel able to put down in words what we have been going through these past couple of weeks, and as it should be, I am writing this note relieved that the extent of our personal connection to the victims has been limited, but of course thinking primarily of those who were not as fortunate as us.

It was with a chill running down my spine that I called Shoshana from a street corner in midtown that Tuesday morning. As I often do when the weather is nice I got off the bus a couple of stops early to walk the rest of the way into work and just enjoy a little down time. Needless to say, the first thing I noticed as I started my walk downtown was dark smoke billowing from what appeared to be the World Trade Center. For those of you who remember the eruption of Mt. St. Helen's, on a smaller scale that is what I was reminded of as I watched this giant plume rise, filling the sky from the ground up. At the same time I heard a nearby car radio that was broadcasting a report of a giant hole in one of the towers. Perhaps it was my experience in Israel or perhaps it was the knowledge of the previous attempt at bombing the WTC, but my thoughts instantly turned to terrorism and I immediately called Shosh to tell her to turn on the television. Continuing my walk toward work, it was as if nothing too serious was happening as many commuters either seemed oblivious as to what was going on downtown or simply thought it was, at worst, a major fire. By the time I reached my office, where we had a view of both towers, the second tower had been hit and was smoking. Another quick call home revealed what was really going on and from that point the rest of the day became one of chaos.

As events unfolded and reports from DC and Pennsylvania came in and the towers collapsed everyone's thought turned to just getting home to family. Looking out the window the scene on the streets was reminiscent of news footage of refugees... the streets were gridlocked and anyone who was not stuck in a car was on foot and going one direction, uptown. Hearing reports that all the bridges and tunnels were closed I tried to go find a police officer to find the best way home, but of course they were all downtown and nobody on the street knew any more than I did. After a couple of hours back inside and trying to figure out what to do (without any internet access and only limited phone access) I finally decided to walk the 40 blocks to my in-laws (who were stuck outside the city) where I could at least turn on a radio and tv and try to get a sense of what was going on.

During the walk, in spite of being pretty freaked out, three things managed to catch my attention. The first was that the camera shops around my office that were run by Arab-Americans all had American flags hanging from the doors (the thought that the city could potentially become hostile hadn't even crossed my mind... I'm happy to report that it didn't). The second thing I noticed was that even with thousands of people on the street and major gridlock at every intersection, there was no noise. I have never heard so many people be so quiet. The final, and most disturbing realization that I had while walking was just how hostage this whole city can become. All along the street, cars had pulled over with their radios turned up and street vendors had placed radios on their tables. With nowhere to go and nothing else to do, large groups of people simply huddled around these radios listening in disbelief and in shock. Upon reaching my in-laws and turning on the TV I saw the footage of the plane hitting, the fire and jumpers, and the collapses for the first time. I'm sure by that time I looked like all those I had just passed on the street, like I was in shock. I have no doubt we will all deal with the horror of those images for a long time to come. Shortly thereafter, I was at least accorded some personal relief as I found out one of the train lines that could get me closer to home was running. On the way to that line I checked on my subway (one of the lines that runs to and from the WTC) and discovered it had just opened. I was on the first train to leave the city via that route.

In a small attempt to shorten this note suffice it to say that nobody slept well that night. The only relief we did have was that by the time we went to bed we knew we had not personally been effected by this tragedy. Still the two weeks since then have been rough. First there are the victims. We now know of many including five PwC employees (from other offices) who were on the planes, one on vacation with his family; the immediate family members of two of my colleagues at work; the father of one of Shosh's former students; an acquaintance through a friend (our thoughts are with you Ravi); and many others who touched the lives of those we know. There is also the sister-in-law of a man I happened to make small talk with in a parking garage, Fordham alumni, and the list just goes on. Now, like the rest of the city, we are still waiting and hoping that the list doesn't eventually surprise us with a name more familiar than those already mentioned.

Secondly there has been work, seemingly less significant, but still important and necessary to complete. This was especially hard the first week as I continually beat myself up for not just saying forget it for a day and spending more time at home with my family. Fortunately I was saved by a weekend and Rosh Hashanah, which together gave me an extra four days to just stay home and hug my wife and son.

Then of course there was the week of nothing but 24-7 news coverage. It was almost as if the local channels were afraid of returning to regular programming for fear they would be scooped when the reality was there unfortunately was not much to cover after the last survivors were pulled from the wreckage on Wednesday. What they failed to realize was that NY needed a diversion, if just for a half-an-hour. Maybe it was disrespectful and shallow of me, but I thank Nick at Night for that half-hour of Three's Company that I took in. Finally after a week somebody flipped the switch and all four stations went back to semi-regular programming, but not before all that was left on the tube were the pleas of relatives who called the news stations asking for help in locating those who were lost. Could it get any more heart-wrenching?

And now, we are left with the recovery. The city is not, and probably won't be back to normal for quite some time. Some tunnels and bridges remain closed for emergency vehicles. Midtown is even more congested as companies from the financial district have moved north, the tourists are gone, the traffic is awful, and people swing from extra-sweet to hell-on-wheels depending on which way the wind blows. And of course, we are now hearing the stories of the survivors who provide a whole new level of insight into the chaos and panic in the WTC September 11. Stories that leave you horrified and with no choice but to sit in stunned silence and thank whomever you choose to thank that you did not have to live through what these people had to live through, and what others, unfortunately, did not. But as we are all aware, life goes on. Slowly we return to normal. There are meetings, lunches, birthdays, deaths of a more normal nature, and of course children. There is nothing that makes me more happy right now than my role in this world as a husband and particularly as a father.

While at the same time it saddens me to answer your questions and relay my thoughts and observations of the past two weeks, it gives me great hope to look at my family, friends and colleagues everyday and realize that life does go on. We have survived, we are resilient and hopefully, patience and tolerance will prevail. I hope this message does not overburden anyone (and trust me, this will be the last with a tone of this nature), and by no means do I intend for this to be about me when so many others have suffered, but its true intention is to thank all of you for your concern, your friendship, and your love.

Our thoughts are with all of you and with all of those who have suffered loss.


Mighty Thor awakes from the slumber of summer and sharpens his bolts. The cooling water from the grinding wheel falls to earth. Soon, quarter sized blotches of the gift of life appear; forming puddles of the lifeblood of the earth. Bolts fly and dance. From the ground to the sky, the white tree grows and dies in a flash. And a boom. The tremendous boom that can come as a distant rumble, or a house shaking clap that travels up your spine and resonates in your chest.

Yes kids, as you can see by my ramblings, we had our first rain of the season tonight. Now, some folks say that California don't got no weathur, but I say not so. See, California is sunny and warm from mid Spring thru Summer. Fall is the rainy season, sometimes an Indian summer after the first rain. Late fall and winter is rain, with another spat of nice weather at the end of Winter and ,then usually, one more rain before the sun is out all late Spring and Summer again. That's how it usually works, however you can never predict how much rain there will be. So, what is my point? Well, Saturday was the first official day of Fall, and Monday, today, it is raining. Last week, it would have been unthinkable for there to be rain, cause it was still Summer. Today it is Fall, and it is raining.

The commute is going to be a bitch tomorrow.

Ok, I am back... What a fun time that was. It is nice to be able to get away and cruz around and check out this great country of ours. Four days without news is good for the soul. So, how about a run down on where I was? Thursday took off around noon and headed to Yosemite. Got there around five and headed to the valley. What trip to Yosemite is complete without a picture of El Capitan? Of course there was no campsites in the Valley.. When are there ever campsites there? Never, that is when. So we cruzed up to White Wolf, for all you Yosemite freaks who know that campsite. For those who don't, here is a map. Next day, cruzed through Yosemite... Check out this killer picture of the backside of Half Dome. Then it was down the hill and over to Mono Lake to see the Tufa's... Tufa's? What are those you ask? Check out the picture.... Then it was off to Bodie... Bodie is a state park that is a ghost town... It is in the middle of nowhere. Check the map if you don't believe me.. Here is a picture of a typical house in Bodie. Everything was just left there when the town was abandoned in 1932... Then it was up the 395 past Reno to Frenchman lake... Here is another map for you map freaks. (you know who you are) And, here is a picture of the campsite. Then it was a big drive up to Goose Lake. This lake was huge! Check this picture out! Then it was across the Warner Mountains, to Fort Bidwell. Kids, never try to navigate Fire Service roads using nothing but a US Road Atlas, trust me on this one. So we made it across the Warner Mountain, which were very beautiful, as this picture shows(we came up that valley). Bidwell is a dying town. Trippy stuff. So we went back over the mountains on a different dirt road, back to Goose lake. (check the map, notice no roads.) Then, up to Oregon to Cottonwood lake, off the 140. Here is the campsite. Today, we went from Oregon to Santa Cruz in 8 hours. On the way we passed Mount Shasta. Check this crazy volcano out! There you go, four days of driving compacted into a paragraph.

Man, I don't want to go to war. War sucks. Operation Ultimate Justice or whatever. We need a better way. Don't get me wrong, the terrorists must pay and pay dearly. I just don't think it is right to kill the innocents. The people that are the true losers are the Afghani people. They are so poor and downtrodden, that they have a hard enough time just getting food and water. If we can go in and disable the Afghanistan government with minimal civilian causalities, then that would be better. At least now we have an excuse to get rid of the Taliban. I knew about how crappy the Taliban were way before all this stuff happened, and they are a sorry bunch of losers, who should be destroyed because of many more reasons than just because they are harboring the enemy. But this problem is big and complex and confusing, and why does Afghanistan get picked on? There are many other countries and many unseen forces that we have not even begun to unearth that are prime players here. Are we going to get into a war with Iraq, Iran, Sudan and the lot? Does that mean that there will be a constant fear of terrorist attacks in the US?

This shit makes everyone crazy. There are already reports coming out of San Francisco about racially motivated attacks. This sucks. The terrorists just happen to be Muslim. No way are the ways of terrorism the ways of all Muslims. Think of it this way... Just because Southern Baptists dance with rattlesnakes, does not mean all Baptists do. After you have thought about that, go read this awesome article that was in Salon the other day... I am sure you might have gotten the text in an e-mail this week entitled.."An Afghan-American Speaks". Then, when you read that, go read about how there are very valid reports from the Israelis of others at work in the global terrorist movement, which this attack is surly a plan from.

Anyway, there are reports of more attacks that were planned for this Saturday. I hope the FBI has thwarted all of them, but I don't know. All I know is that I am leaving tomorrow for a nice road trip out to northeast California. This trip has been planned for a while, but it just happens to coincide with the day that more shit is supposed to go down. So watch you back kids and be brave. And rest in the fact that I am going to visit some real live ghostowns this weekend where I will be on the look out for anything suspicious... I will bring you back some pictures.

Well, looks like we are at war. War on an unseen enemy. Pretty crazy stuff if you ask me. I guess not as crazy as hijacking planes and crashing them into buildings, but pretty crazy non the less. Ever since I was 12, I knew that the terrorists would attack. I always wondered why they have not done so sooner. It took them so long, I forgot that I thought they ever would. But now... This last week I have tried to stay away from the news. I have kept up with the major developments by reading the news, but I have tried to stay away from the TV. The TV has images. Lots of horrible, horrible images. Can't watch that stuff. Just trying to go on with the normal day to day life... Problem is, things aren't normal. Shit is weird. People are weird. You can't buy an American Flag... Anywhere. Sold Out says the sign. Patriotism is running high. Someone, somewhere will pay. Shit, the US kills enough innocent people when the population is happy, so I think it is going to get ugly now that everyone is pissed.

Smoke em if you got em kids, smoke em if you got em, cause you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Ho, hum
Hear the gatt come
Let me see what you'll do
It's a sin to kill a man
But I'll be damned if I don't take a stand

We ain't goin' out like that
We ain't goin' out like that
We ain't goin' out
We ain't goin' out like that
We ain't goin' out like that
We ain't goin' out

"I Aint Going Out Like That"- Cypress Hill

So, is this what has it come to? Crappy posts once a week? Jeeze, that's what it looks like. If it wasn't for the garbage truck waking me up at the crack of dawn and me remembering that I had to take the garbage out, then I would not have even posted this... So, here is a nice gallery for you of my friend Nikki. She sent me some pictures the other day for me to post on the site. Not only is she a hottie, but Nikki is a computer geek too and sent me some good meta tags, that I added to the page. I am supposed to see if they raise my traffic, but I think it will just block me from seeing my page at work....If you don't know what meta tags are don't worry about it, but if you do, check out the source if you are really bored.


Ah, well I am back from Malibu. I went to my buddy Dave's wedding. I was in the wedding party and it was a ton of fun. But how about some pictures, since you all are such gawkers...

Here is Elyse with her family.
Here is Dave and Elyse
Here is me, Mike, Ryon and Matt.
The Bridesmaids.
Here is a shot of the wedding.
Dave's mom, Ruth on the chair.
NorCal represents.
Me and Marc.

Anyone see that Saturday Night Live skit about Santa Cruz?

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