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America Under Attack
Posted September 12th, 2001

Well, if you haven't heard by now, you must be living in a cave. New York City's twin towers have been completely destroyed. Yesterday, me and the wife sat and watched CNN almost all day to see there different events unfold. For us, it was a little bit more real than it might be for others as we lived in New York for a year. Although we didn't live in the city, we had been in there numerous times, and ironically, we never visited the World Trade Center.

Last night, Jennifer went through some of her photos, and it was a little unsettling to see pictures we had that showed NYC with the 2 large buildings, knowing that the city has been changed forever.

All I know is that Bush had better be do something MAJOR to make the bastards who did this horrid attack pay. I don't want to see some lame court battle. I want to see these bastards blown to pieces.

A great man will be sorely missed
Posted September 9th, 2001

On September 6th, members of my family began to grieve as George Elwood Palmer passed away. At 78 years of age, he had fought in WWII, had 3 daughters, many grand-children, and one great-grand-son. He worked on the CNR, worked as a chef in the Dorchester Penn, and was one of the all time best story tellers our family has ever known.

He was put to rest in Fair Haven Memorial grounds here in Moncton on Saturday where all of his friends and family were gathered to mourn the loss of this amazing man. The service was quite beautiful but was very difficult for most of his close family.

I don't think I realized how close I was to my grandfather until I had to say goodbye this weekend. It's a very sad occasion but I know he is in a much better place now, and someday, he'll be reunited with his family.

My Car didn't kick ass this time!
Posted September 3rd, 2001

Well, once again we took the old beastie to the demolition. This time, Jenn's dad managed to win the backwards race. But the car did not do so well in the demolition this time around. Unfortunately, the car lasted about 5 minutes and then stalled and would not start again. This was unfortunate, but tolerable.

As it turned out, Jenn's dad had partnered with another guy who in fact won the dmeolition. So even though our car didn't do so well, I guess you could say our team did! Wooo hooo!!

Do you hate those annoying little Pop-Ups that come up on your screen? Here's something I'd like to give to the people who invented them ;)
It's about DAMN time I won something!!!
Posted August 24th, 2001

Well, it's been a bit since I did an update and I thought I'd put the latest details of what's been up. Let's see. Well, for the first time in God knows how long, I actually won something. I've been buying 50/50 tickets here at work for God knows how long and it finally paid off. Not only did I win the Friday draw, but I won the big prize draw. I won myself a badass BBQ with all the fixins, a cover, propane tank, utensils. The whole she-bang. I'm pretty impressed. Of course that now eliminates the chances of me ever winning again but at least I can stop bitching!

Jennifer got another job. It's only once in awhile but now she's a mystery shopper. That's pretty cool. It's looking more and more like I'll be going on training in October. Or at least I hope so. Apparently my car got hit pretty hard by some dumbass who doesn't know how to back his van up. I didn't see it but I guess the whole car rocked. I'm taking the car into Honda today to see if there was any major damage. My license plate was dented and I got chipped paint from it. Damn right the guy will be paying for it!

My cousin & her mom will be down in a week. That's pretty cool. Marnie (cousin) will be living in Halifax while she goes to school. That's way cool cuz it'll be nice to have her down closer instead of living way the hell up in Ontario. Anyway, off to finish my lunch!

Another day at the office :/
Posted August 10th, 2001

Well, here it is. Another Friday morning here at Norampac. I've been here a little over an hour and I'm bored stiff. It's been a busy couple of weeks but it looks like most of that has come to an end.

The heat has been seriously unbearable. That last day or two haven't been that bad but when it's so hot, I can barely breathe, it's time to do something. Plus, what's the deal with the apartment? I live in a basement apartment and it's almost always hotter in there than it is outside. We've got a humidex warning today and I am just dreading the thoughts of having to go home at the end of the day and deal with that heat. No thanks! Oh well, it beats being bored stiff!

Posted Tuesday, July 27th, 2001

Well, it couldn't be said any better. Thank God it's Friday. What a week it's been. Starting off with that damn Sircam virus that went insane through the office. Had 7 machines get nailed with it. Damn that thing was annoying. My grandfather's been in the hospital for prostate problems and he had a couple of angina attacks. He wasn't doing so good. And then the damn corner marker printer at work died and those idiots at GE Capital decided that it's better for them to wait 9 days before sending a tech in here. Yeah, that's intelligent.

But, things have gotten much better. The virus has been cleaned out of all our PC's thanks to a good ole flu shot. My technician will be here today (I hope), and my grandfather is up walking around feeling a whole lot better. What a nasty week! I'm glad today is Friday

No Montreal + Vacation Time = Bad News/Good News
Posted Tuesday, July 17th, 2001

Well, what a day. Between yesterday and today, I got both good news and bad news. Bad news is, I don't get to take a business trip to Montreal this August. As it turns out, the course I was going to take is already booked solid, and it's not what the bosses thought it was. So, the search continues for a good AS/400 course for me. 

The good news is that I found out I have another weeks of vacation available to me. Thank goodness. I wasn't looking forward to the idea of having to wait and entire year before taking any more vacation time. Since I was on contract when I took my first week of vacation, it doesn't really count against me now that I'm a permanent employee. How 'bout that? I like it. More sleep & TV time coming my way!

Shana & Jason Get Married!
Posted on Sunday, July 15th, 2001

 Well, who had have thought it was possible. A long time friend Shana Greensides got married last night to Jason Cormier. Of all of the people I would have thought Shana would marry, Jason was probably the last one. The ceremony was held at the Lions Center on St. George St and I have to say, it was great. Shana was absolutely stunning in her dress and I was slightly frightened by the sword at Jason's side. It was a beautiful ceremony with friends and family all around.

It was great seeing Shana & Jason again, but there were also a bunch of others from way back in the "crew" days that I hadn't spoken to for awhile. Among the attendees were Jan Skopolic (sp?), Andrew Morse, Andrew Walsh, Jamie Underhill, Alex Elaschuk, Jason Hyslop, Shawna Gagne, and a whole lot more people that I don't know ;) Here's to hoping Shana & Jason have a great life together.

Vacation's Over, but my old car kicked ass!!
Posted on Monday, July 1st, 2001

Canada Day! Well, today was my last day of vacation, and since I have no vacation time left, I gotta wait a whole year before I can take anymore time off. How crappy is that? Oh well. Vacation was pretty good actually, minus the sunburn. I managed to get some good sleep time in, and a lot of X-Files watching! But, the best part of the vacation HAS to be watching my old car get the crap beaten into it.

Courtesy of Jenn's dad, we watched as my old 1986 Chevy Impala performed beautiful at the Riverglade speedway. First, it did fairly well driving around the track in reverse for 5 laps, but did even better when Jenn's dad managed to win the "bump do pass" race. That race however ended early as there was an injury requiring an ambulance. Jenn's dad had "bumped" a car which then went into the side of the track. The passenger was injured. No one was hurt badly though which was good.

Anyway, the demolition was last and my old car did pretty good. Successfully getting it's share of damage, the car finally died shortly after having the complete rear end demolished, and one of the back tires was down to it's rims. The car did good, and Jenn's dad says he's going to put it in the next demolition in September. I can't wait!

Vacation is FINALLY here!!!
Posted Friday, June 22nd, 2001

Wooo Hooo! Vacation is here. Thank God! One things for sure, I need this. I am going to make the best of my week off. Along with doing some serious sleeping, I intend to get some good TV time in, a bit of swimming at the beach, and just sitting back to relax and enjoy the fact that I don't have to deal with work for a little while! 'Nuff said. Time to go veg out!


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