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Official page

Ver 1.3 Mar 15 1998

Copyright(C) 1997-99 Bogomolov Andrei All Rights Reserved.

1.Introduction. This program makes it possible to use your SB32/AWE32/AWE64 memory more efficiently and improves quality of midi music. It's possible due "Patch caching" technology which is used in Gravis Ultrasound sound cards.How does it
work ? It's not necessary to keep all General Midi/General Synth set of instruments (about 330!) in sound card's RAM. This program builds temporary sound font with instruments are used just in certain midi file and plays it.As a rule a midi file has only 6-10 melodic instruments and 1-2 drum kits.That's why the resulting (cache) sound font is 20-30% of source sound font's size. So if your sound card has 512kb, 2 , 4 of 8 mb RAM , you can use sound fonts with size up to 2,8,16,or (!) 32mb. Try and you will feel improvement in midi music's quality.The improvement depends on quality of source sound font certainly.

2.Hardware requirements.
Sound Card -SB32/AWE32/AWE64 or 100% compatible.
Sound Card RAM -512kb or more.
CPU -i486 (Pentium recommended).
System RAM -8mb or more.

3.Software requirements.
Op. system - Win95 or WinNT.
Sound font files - Files in sound fon
t 2 (sf2) standard.
Music files - *.mid files
- and this program :)

4.How to use.
Usage:awepcach <midifile.mid> <bank.sf2> [-r <reg-num>] [-d] [-o <cache-file>]
-d Build cache sound font only
-o Build cache sound font with file name <cache-file>

awepcach wannabe.mid chaos12m.sf2
awepcach vishn.mid chaos12m.sf2 -d -o vishn.sf2

5.Where to download it.
Here :
AWEPC13.ZIP (42kb)

6.My computer configuration.
Intel P210MMX/32mbSDRAM/1.3Gb/SB32-2mb/Win95(Russian ver)

7.About sondfonts.
Following sf2 files had been tested:
- PowerGM - recommended for 2-4mb (My favorite)

- Chaos12m.sf2 - recommended for 2mb-8mb
- Chaos8m.sf2 - recommended for 2mb-4mb
- Chaos4m.sf2 - recommended for 512kb-2mb
- Chaos2m.sf2 - recommended for 512kb

- 2mbgmgs.sf2 - recommended for 512kb
- 8realgs1.sf2 - recommended for 2mb-4mb
- newgm_yb.sf2 - recommended for 512kb

Ftp sites with sound fonts:

Send me email if you have any troubles in using AWE Patch Caching with other sound fonts.

Creative utility that converts SoundFont file from version 1.00 to version 2.00 (from sbk to sf2): (41kb)

7.When next version will be available ?
Next version will be available when I find new ideas..

8.Why should you register ?
AWE Patch Caching 1.3 is Shareware, i.e. is distributed freely and payment is proceeded only for registration. You are obliged to register AWE Patch Caching 1.3 before the expiry of 21-day period of using it or to refuse of its further use.

You will receive the registration number and Your name is recorded in our data base. Hereinafter You receive the opportunity to use the new versions of this program product absolutly free !

Registration is simple.Click here.

9.How to contact me.
Questions and suggestions are welcomed !
My home page (sorry,but only russian ver.
is available):
Address:Russia,Magnitogorsk city. Zavenyagin Street 3-44.Zip 455048.

Страница создана Богомоловым Андреем This page created by Bogomolov Andrei



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