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Rice in awe of NU’s dazzling performance
For the Star-Herald
LINCOLN — Rice left feeling a bit empty after getting pounded 48-3 by Nebraska on Thursday night.
And according to the Owls, they could give a hoot less that the Huskers are No. 4, because Rice left thinking they had played the nation’s top team.
“That’s the best blocking and executing team I’ve ever faced,” said Rice defensive back Jason Hebert. “I give them all the credit in the world. They are extremely talented.”
Quarterback Eric Crouch completed all but two of the 11 passes he threw and rushed for 97 yards.
“Eric Crouch did a great job of passing,” Hebert said. “Some of those routes, we hadn’t even seen on film. They were just hitting on all cylinders.”
Rice quarterback Kyle Herm had a rough night rushing 14 times for only 25 yards. He also completed just three of 12 passes for 61 yards.
“Their defensive front is so fast,” Herm said. “Their secondary guys are good enough to cover one on one, which allows them to bring everybody else up to stop the run.”
Herm was sacked on the opening play.
“It’s not the way you want to start a game,” Herm said. “I take full responsibility for that start. I’m the quarterback, so that’s my job.”
Hebert said the slow start — on both offense and defense — hurt his team.
“It was a weird start to the game,” Hebert said. “We have a couple of snaps go wrong on offense, and our timing was off. At the same time, you have to give credit to Nebraska’s defense. In my whole career I’ve never seen a more fundamental team than Nebraska.”
The ceremony before the game also moved Rice.
“I think Nebraska did a great job honoring this tragic situation,” Hebert said.