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Baby Einstein, unique multilingual developmental video for infants, released at Atlanta Maternity Fest Intelligence

(ATLANTA, Ga, February 1, 1997) - The Baby Einstein Company today announced the release of Baby Einstein, the first developmental video to combine visual and linguistic experiences that facilitate the development of the brain in infants ages one to 12 months. Baby Einstein was created by Julie Aigner-Clark, a stay-home mom and former classroom teacher.

"When my daughter was born, I became intensely interested in the research available on the development of infant intelligence," said Clark. "Baby Einstein is a combination of what worked with my daughter during her first year and the research I studied."

Baby Einstein is a collection of 49 "developmental experiences" showing the motions of visually stimulating toys and objects and sequences of patterns and photographs. In addition to music and natural sounds, the audio track includes passages spoken by mothers in their native languages of English, Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese and Russian.

The inclusion of linguistic stimulation is an important one. According to cognitive research, dedicated neurons in the brain's auditory cortex are formed by repeated exposure to phonemes, the unique sounds of language. Studies show that if these neurons are not used, they may die. Through exposure to phonemes in seven languages, Baby Einstein contributes to increased brain capacity.

Baby Einstein has roots in important cognitive research. It is not meant to serve as a "video babysitter" for a child, but as an interactive tool for parents to use with their children. "I call my videos 'video board books,' because parents can use them to teach words and concepts to their children as they enjoy the tapes together," said Clark.


About The Baby Einstein Company

The Baby Einstein Company is dedicated to the development of products that contribute to the intellectual growth of infants. The company was founded by Julie Aigner-Clark, 32, a former teacher of English and psychology. In addition to developing and marketing her developmental videos, she is a stay-home mom that enjoys the parenting challenges of raising daughters Aspen, 4, and Sierra, 1.

For more information, contact:

Julie Clark

Review copies of Baby Mozart and other products produced by The Baby Einstein Company are available to the press upon request. Please call 303-706-9858.


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