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Phantasy Star 3D

What can I say--I've loved this series ever since I bought the original for the 8-bit Sega Master System. Robots, dragons, swordfighting, magic, talking cats--this RPG had it all.

Lately I've seen a lot of cool art from Final Fantasy VII. I don't own a Playstation just yet, but I wondered what the colorful cast from Phantasy Star would look like in 3D. I don't have access to Softimage (yet), but I do own a copy of Lightwave 3d. So...

My first victi--er, subject is Rika from Phantasy Star IV. More to come...

9-7-98 -- Nei II; Backflip (131KB)

9-7-98 -- Nei II

6-29-98 -- 30-frame looping Logo animation (130KB)

6-29-98 -- 20-frame version of looping Logo animation (100KB)

Rika takes a swing in 3D

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All of these are cel-shaded.

Walk Cycle; Take 3 (145KB)
Walk Cycle; Take 2 (84KB)
Walk Cycle; Take 1 (84KB)
Hair Test, Take 3 (210KB)
Hair Test, Take 2 (210KB)
Hair Test, Take 1 (210KB)


8-second Quicktime file of Rika; 15 fps (321KB)

Rika's face: 320x240 640x480
Rika: full-body shot
Rika: full-body shot (large version)
Posed Rika model, 3/4 view
Posed Rika model, rear view
Another angle on Rika's face
3D Rika animated gif
3D Rika animated gif (version 2)
3D Rika animated gif (transparent)
A non-3D Alys Brangwin animated gif


Winged Myau Animated Gif

Myau head and shoulders; black background
Myau with whiskers; Palma background
Cel-Shaded Myau, Winged
Cel-Shaded Myau Animation (120KB)

Quicktime Cel-Shaded Myau Animation (30fps) (235KB)


Inspired by the spinning 3D bars on other folk's web pages. I rendered this one using Lightwave's CelShader to give it an anime look. I may yet alter the "crown" of this wand, but here's what I have so far:

Psycho-Wand animated gif


Nei committing "Sak"

Laya's Pendant

OK, I admit it--this one was inspired by the Escaflowne anime...
Cel-Shaded animation Close-Up of Pendant


Rolf Animated Gif (70KB)
Running Rolf Animated Gif (23KB)
Rolf runs
Rolf runs some more

...and here's yet another animated gif:

Rolf + sword against Palma background (71KB)

Rolf does some target practice

15-second Rolf .avi file; 5fps (492KB) -- early version

15-second Rolf Quicktime file; 15fps (882KB) -- version 2

...like what you see?

If you like any of these pix, feel free to use it on your site! Just put a link up to my page somewhere on your site. :-)

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