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Monika Henzinger, Ph.D.
Director of Research, Google Inc.
Karan Eriksson
Partner, CEO InterestAlert, CP Software Group
Tracy Wilen, Ph.D.
Operations Management, Cisco Systems Inc
Katharine Mieszkowski
Senior Writer, Salon.com
Jayne Cravens
Project Director/Webmaster, Virtual Volunteering
Sharron Rush
Executive Director, Knowbility, Inc.
Joan Korenman, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Women and Information Technology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
Mari Matsunaga
Ardith Ibanez Rigby
Creative Director, akimbo design
Bonnie Bracey
Barbara Simons, Ph.D.
Educator, Assn. of Computing Machinery (ACM)
Tiffany Shlain
Founder and Director, The Webby Awards
Ruann Ernst, Ph.D.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Digital Island
Ann Navarro
President, WebGeek, Inc.
Louise Kirkbride
CEO, Broad Daylight
Carol Muller, Ph.D.
Executive Director/Founder, MentorNet
Netochka Nezvanova
Art Director
Patricia Beckmann
Founder, Bunsella Films
Janette Bradley, Ph.D
Director and Executive Producer, AvidProNet
Mala Chandra
VP of Platform Engineering, Zaplet
Tracey Pettengill
CEO, 4charity
Roberta Furger
Oakland Tech advisor, Julia Morgan School for Girls, and author, educator, advocate
Evelyn Pine
Activist in electronic democracy.
Mie-Yun Lee
Founder and VP, Content, BuyerZone.com
Doreen Galli, Ph.D.
Global Practice Executive, International Business Machines (IBM)
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Leaders of the Millennium
Carol Bartz
CEO, Autodesk
Radha Basu
CEO, Support.com
Anita Brown
Founder of Blackgeeks.com
KC Claffy
Research scientist and programmer at Caida.org, the Cooperative Association of Internet Data Analysis
Joy Covey
Chief Strategy Officer, Amazon.com
Donna Dubinsky
Co-Founder and CEO of Handspring
Judith Estrin
SVP & CTO, Cisco Systems
Carly Fiorina
CEO and President, Hewlett Packard
Ellen Hancock
President & CEO of Exodus Communications
Dawn Lepore
CIO and Vice Chairman, Charles Schwab
Marci Lockwood
Executive Director, Institute for Global Communications (IGC)
Marney Morris
Founder, Animatrix
Catherine Muther
Founder, Three Guineas Fund and Women's Technology Cluster
Jayne Newell-Lanza
go2omedia.com, Shesgotittogether.com, also founder of Profit magazine where she is Publisher and Editor
Olivia Ongpin
Designer, co-founder of fabric8.com
Deb Richardson
Founder, LinuxChix, Developer/Manager of Open Source WritersGroup
Linda Sanford
General Manager Global Industries at IBM
Megan Smith
CEO, PlanetOut
Ellen Ullman
Author, programmer
Heidi Van Arnem
Founder, Heidi Van Arnem Foundation (HVAF) and CEO, ICANonline.net
Julie Wainwright
CEO, Pets.com
Gail Williams
Executive Director, The Well
Ann Winblad
Co-founding partner, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners
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Honoring a Network of Women
Dr. Anita Borg
President and Founding Director, Institute for Women and Technology
Barbara Boxer
United States Senator
Christine Comaford
Christine is the Managing Director and a General Partner of Artemis Ventures, an incubator for software startups.
Nikki Douglas
Editor / Publisher / Creator of RiotGrrl & GrrlGamer
Rebecca Eisenberg
Internet and technology business and culture writer
Melinda French-Gates
& Patty Stonesifer
For their work at The Gates Library Foundation
Lisa Friendly
Java Software, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Senior Manager, Technical Publications and Information Design and Editor, Sun's Addison-Wesley Java Series
Dr. José-Marie Griffiths
University of Michigan Chief Information Officer and Executive Director, Information Technology Division
Auriea Harvey
Creator and designer, www.Entropy8.com
Susan Lammers
CEO, Headbone Interactive
Lavonne Luquis
President and co-founder of LatinoLink
Mary Meeker
Managing Director -- Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Internet/New Media & PC Software Equity Research Analyst
Carol Moore
Vice President, Corporate Internet Programs for IBM
Marie-Helene Mottin-Sylla
Activist encouraging women, particularly in Francophone Africa, to use information and communication technologies to share and disseminate information
Evi Nemeth
Professor at University of Colorado, Leader in Unix System Administration
Jan Peters
CEO of Media One
Aileen Lopez Pugh
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at TeleBank
Dr. Deborah Triant Rieman
CEO of Check Point Software
Gina Smith
ABC technology correspondent
Kara Swisher
Author of aol.com, and Wall Street Journal reporter
Lisa Voldeng
Entertainment and Technology Analyst, CEO and Founder of Uberbabe media
Lynda Weinman
Author, web design educator
Meg Whitman
CEO, eBay
Nancy Yeager
Engineer, Author, Researcher at National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Roya Zamanzadeh
CEO of Pear Transmedia and Editor of ZAN, a directory / anthology on Iranian women
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The Beginning
Sarah Allen
Engineer, Macromedia Software
Donna Auguste
CEO of Freshwater Software
Janelle Brown
Culture writer for Wired News and co-founder of Maxi Magazine
Red Burns
Founder and chair, NYU Interactive Technology Program
Denise Caruso
Digital commerce columnist and executive producer for Spotlight
Denise Castellucci
Creator, Voices of Adoption Website
Linda McCutcheon Conneally
President of Pathfinder
Esther Dyson
Author of Release 2.0, chair of EFF, the Electronic Frontier Foundation
Mary Furlong
Founder and CEO of Third Age Media and founder of SeniorNet
Laura Gropp
Founder and CEO of Girl Games Inc.
Donna L. Hoffman
Internet researcher, writer and commentator and Vanderbilt University Professor
Molly E. Holzschlag
Author, instructor and new media designer
Stacy Horn
Creator, Echo NYC and author of "Cyberville"
Brenda Laurel
Co-founder and vice president of design, Purple Moon
Laura Lemay
Author of HTML design and publishing books
Pattie Maes
Researcher, Intelligent Software Agents
Teresa Martin
Co- founder, president and CEO, Project Cool
Marleen McDaniel
CEO of Women's Wire
Jane Metcalfe
President of Wired Ventures Limited and co-founder of Wired magazine
Kim Polese
President and CEO of Marimba, Inc.
Pamela Samuelson
EFF Fellow and legal commentator on Internet privacy
Aliza Sherman
Founder of Webgrrls International and Cybergrrl Internet Media
Janese Swanson
Founder and CEO of Girl Tech
Cynthia Waddell
Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator, City of San Jose and author of Website Accessibility Design Standards
Robin Wolaner
Executive vice president of CNET, Inc.
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