100 - FIN

I've always been fascinated by animes that are all crazy, cooky, and funny in the beginning, but then they suddenly turn dark and sad in the last few episodes. Haunted Junction is like that, and it's my favorite anime series of all time. If you can stand pedophile and religious jokes, I'd recommend the series without any misgivings. Anyway, enough about my anime habits.

College is beating the crap outta me. Like most college freshmen, I'm having trouble fitting everything I wanna do into my schedule. OCWTSIFT quickly became something I had to hurriedly do right before I went to sleep, and because of that, the humor suffered. OCWTSIFT has ended not because I wanted it to, but because it had to. I appologize to all of my fans, but there are plenty of other comics to help you relax and escape reality. Now, if for some odd reason you're such a rabid OCWTSIFT fan that you just can't live without it, pay attention to Plague's comic. Spinjumper is my character, I make some of Plague's sprites myself, and he regularly bounces ideas offa me.

It's been real, everyone. Thanks for letting me entertain you.

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