December 1996; the present size of my family. The baby was only 6 weeks old here.

Dave married the lovely Judy Kozora on October 6, 1984 (Catholic Sacrament of Matrimony: February 8, 1991). God has blessed us with three boys.

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Illustrious Ancestors

Dave is descended from King Alfred the Great of England (849-99), an Anglo-Saxon Catholic reforming monarch. Judy numbers among her ancestors Betsy Ross (1752-1836), who reputedly fashioned the first American flag, and the statesman Roger Sherman (1721-93), - Sherman was her mother's maiden name - famous for suggesting the Great Compromise at the Constitutional Convention in 1787, which had to do with the nature of congressional representation. He was also the only person who signed all three foundational American political documents: the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution. And of course there was that distant relative Neil who first walked on the moon . . . (he took a patch of the Armstrong tartan with him!!!)

Armstrong Clan Tartan


Dave is approximately half English, and a quarter each of Irish and Scottish (the names Kirby and Ford from his maternal lineage, are Irish, or perhaps Scotch-Irish if traced far enough back). The Armstrong clan inhabited the border region with England, on the west coast of Britain. There is a Lumley Castle still standing in England which was also owned by Dave's ancestors. Dave's father Graham Armstrong and his whole extended family came from Ontario, Canada, and his maternal grandfather, Clyde Kirby, was raised in Alabama, so north and south are equally represented.

Judy is about one-fourth each of British Isles and French, from her maternal side, and from her father's lineage: a combination of German, Austrian, Hungarian, and Czechoslovakian.

The Armstrong Clan and Other Clans / Misc. Scottish Links

Dave: May 2000

Judy: February 1999

The baby of the family: May 1997 (6 months). See also the photo on the Life Issues Page.

Firstborn: October 1993 (Two and a half)

Judy with the youngest: June 1997 / With Judy's parents: November 1994

Second-born: May 1995 (almost two)

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