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Infamous and Notorious Catholic-Bashers

John Ankerberg and John Weldon

Chris Bayack

Richard Bennett

Lorraine Boettner

Bart Brewer

Jack T. Chick

Charles Chiniquy

CHINIQUY: FACTS VS. FALSEHOOD (website by Jim Goodluck)

Gary DeMar

Jason Engwer

Dave Hunt

Martin Luther and the "Reformation"

John MacArthur

James McCarthy


Maria Monk

George Salmon

Mike Scheifler

Brian Schwertley and Stephen Pribble

Secular and Cultural Anti-Catholicism (particularly Media and Entertainment)

Movie Review: Ivanhoe (1997): Anti-Catholicism in the Entertainment Industry (Dave Armstrong) 20K
Anti-Catholicism and the Know-Nothings (St. Joseph Messenger: Background of 19th-century movements)
Catholic Encyclopedia: KNOW-NOTHINGISM
American Anti-Catholicism and its Literature (Joseph G. Mannard)
The Bigotry of Progressive Thinkers (Richard Bastien)
The Media's War on the Catholic Church (William E. Simon)
The Pernicious Bias That Few Recognize: Anti-Catholicism (J. Fraser Field)
Anti-Catholicism and the History of Catholic School Funding
Anti-Catholic Prejudice (Martin J. Scott)

Dr. Eric Svendsen

Jimmy Swaggart

William Webster

His Eminence, the Right Reverend Bishop (Dr.) "King" James White, Th.D.

[Dr. White, Th.D., informed me that he was a bishop in our dialogue on that subject: "I am an elder in the church: hence, I am a bishop, overseer, pastor, of a local body of believers" -  so, not wishing to be disrespectful . . . He also mentions his academic credentials quite often, so again I follow his own standard practice (I don't care where he got his doctorate). One must give credit where it is due. "King James" is my own affectionate moniker. I rather admire Bishop White's work against the KJV-Only nuts]

General Analysis and Counter-Responses

"Objectionable" Catholic Doctrines and Practices

The Bible and the Church

The Communion of Saints

Development of Doctrine

Dialogue on Cardinal Newman's Development of Doctrine: is it "Evolution" or an Increasing Complexity of Understanding of Essential Unchanging Elements? (And How is the Concept Used and/or Abused by Protestant and Catholic Apologists?) (Dave Armstrong vs. Tim Enloe) 63K

The Eucharist and the Mass

The Gospel, Merit, the Charge of Pelagianism, Faith & Works

The Blessed Virgin Mary

Catholic Mariology vs. the Caricatured "Mary" (by David J. Palm)
Mary and Tradition: Offensive to God? (Joseph Jenkins)
Did Jesus Renounce His Mother? (Joseph Jenkins)
The Imitation of Mary (Dave Armstrong) 12K
Is Mary Worshiped by Catholics? (The Latria / Dulia Distinction) (Dave Armstrong) 5K
"All Have Sinned . . . " (Mary?) (Dave Armstrong) 11K
Did Jesus Renounce Marian Veneration? (Luke 11:27-28) (Dave Armstrong) 4K
Mary as Mediatrix: Dialogues and Explanations (Dave Armstrong) 74K
A Biblical and Theological Primer on Mary as Co-Redemptrix (Dave Armstrong) 15K
The Genealogy of the Lord's "Brethren" (Bob Stanley)
"Brethren of the Lord" (Catholic Answers)
Martin Luther's Devotion to Mary (Dave Armstrong) 12K

Orthodox Objections


The Papacy

Penance, Purgatory, & Indulgences

Priests and Priesthood


Salvation Outside the Church

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