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The Christian Communication Network
Since 1989, Gary and Melody McCullough have worked full-time to see that pro-life and pro-family organizations and individuals are afforded the opportunity for their messages to reach more people through mass media.

Twelve years ago, as a key member of Operation Rescue’s media relations department, Gary met the challenge of a hostile press. As he brought pro-life leaders and prisoners (often one and the same) press exposure, the experience and connections forged under fire led to the creation of the Christian Communication Network (CCN). Today CCN has expanded to serve a multitude of pro-family and pro-life groups.

Consider two needs of the Christian activist community:

1) The vast majority of pro-life and pro-family groups could never afford an experienced press-relations person.

2) Christian radio, Christian television, and Christian newspapers all desire to report news important to their listeners/readers, but are limited to the perspective provided by secular news services because they cannot afford to have reporters in the field.

The mission of the Christian Communication Network is to meet both of these needs. And for twelve years we have. Through our work with secular reporters—not only are their eyes opened to the horror of abortion—many have heard the Gospel, and a few have come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ!

Our work circumvents the information choke-hold of the anti-Christian news-wire services. If you get your news from a Christian source (and you should) then you have benefited from our work. Whether you listen to Family News in Focus, USA Radio, The American Family Radio Network, or CBN, you have heard guests interviewed that we have provided.

Sometimes a simple news report has opened the jail cell door for a pro-lifer held unjustly. Or a radio show exposes a prospective law that would grant “special rights to homosexuals” is reversed by a flurry of phone calls. For home-school moms and dads, street preachers, Christians persecuted in a foreign land, and many others, CCN has protected, educated, exposed evil, and preached the Gospel.

Please pray about supporting the work of CCN, and my family. The work of CCN is dependent upon donations from people like you. I hope you will stand with us and be a partner in our mission to tell the truth to a deceived world.

How you can support CCN

Tell us that you will pray for our work and send
a gift of any amount to support our ministry:
Christian Communication Network
2020 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20006
And ask to be sent CCN's monthly media report via US Mail.

Note to members of the press:

For research assistance, photos or a contact number to reach any of the hundreds of activists and leaders in our database, call: 202.546.0054

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