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"I was sent 1 track by this group, then I went to see them live last Saturday and my jaw just hit the floor to be honest. To me, it's like some really old school Sheffield sleaze & arrogance mixed together with an air of American rock'n'roll: it's 4 guys in leathers making a low slung racket and I like it a lot. You need plenty of volume to enjoy (the recordings) and also, preferably, to annoy the neighbours, the windows open as well!"

Steve Lamacq on Radio 1's Evening Session

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..."Easier than it looks - harder than it looks" ...goes the breakdown in live favourite "Oddboy" - and it's the truth.

Hoggboy are the best live band in the world, or so you'd be told if you were to ask Steve Lamacq from Radio 1's Evening Session. He saw the band by chance while Djing at the Leadmill in Sheffield and couldn't believe his eyes. 4 young men in leather jackets were putting it about like they'd invented rock'n'roll...

Fuck The Clash...

The following week "Ugh!" (their demo) got the first of many plays on Radio 1 which led to a slew of frenzied phone calls from the nation's halfwit pack of A&R; people.

Electing to not send the song out to ANYone (the fact that it was sat on the Radio 1 website occurred to only one record company), and insisting that they could only be seen live, the band played to a packed and bewildered Manchester Life Café audience consisting mainly of record label lackies.

Some labels that thought they were capable of dealing with the band and put big cash on the table.

Since then they have recorded 2 songs with Richard Hawley at the helm and then spent a week in the studio with Chris Thomas (legendary producer of Never Mind The Bollocks, Roxy Music, Pulp, Pink Floyd etc). Understandable that Strokes and White Stripes both had Hoggboy supporting them recently.

Hoggboy will look forward to returning the favour.

"So Young", possible 1st single was "an instant classic... a ragged uproarious statement of intent... a future single of the year - guaranteed." (NME)

The band will play the Face magazine affiliated event "Mass Suicide" in Manchester on 6th December.