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Consider yourself warned: I AM A SHIPPER (as if you couldn't tell from the pics!). Everything on my site can be qualified as MSR related! NoRomo's run away screaming now! For those of you who don't know, a Shipper is someone who believes Mulder and Scully should become involved in a non-platonic relationship. Those poor misguided souls who call themselves NoRomos believe that, while M&S; may love each other, it is strictly in the platonic sense. While it's obviously ridiculous some confused individuals still cling to his absurd philosophy. Someday we shall bring them over to the right side of the force...
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September 19, 1999

Okay, so I'm an idiot: I moved my site, but then gave you all an incorrect link to get to the new one. Please come visit my new site,
Denny's X! I promise this time the link will work, as this site will no longer be recieving updates.
I am one EXCEEDINGLY happy clone owner...don't you want to come home to this too?
Exhausted owner of MulderClone # 49,131
You are the

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happy little Shipper to visit my site!
Disclaimer: The X-Files are property of Chris Carter, Fox, 1013 Productions, and nominally, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. I do not have permission to use either these characters or their images. Please don't bother to sue as all you'll get out of my pathetic life is a battered laptop.