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Oh yeah...

I've been making small update all weekend long. The ones I want to point out are in the "Other Stuff" section. First one is the "Phantasy Star EDIT" ROM. Patrick Johnson is just learning to edit ROMS. He sent me this ROM so people could check it out and give him some feedback. He has corrected the grammatical errors that made it throuth the translation as well as altered some of the enemy statistics so the game progresses slightly different. If you decide to try it out, please send him an email with some constructive critisism. I haven't had time to try it out yet myself so I don't know how it plays. Patrick's email is in the READ ME file in the .zip file as well as posted next to the game. Secondly, the NEW PHANTASY STAR GAME is underway! You can find the PS Online demo in the "Other Stuff" section as well.

Until next time...


I updated my page! Sorry about the delay, school has been keeping me really busy. We've got alot to talk about today. First, what's new? Well, the "Sounds" section now has A TON of midis in it. I added a new section in the artwork section for individual artwork. And the "other" page now has some stuff in it. Second, thanks to everyone who's been emailing me with their comments and suggestions. I've tried to incorporate as much up your input as I could. I hpoe you like what you see. Lastly, A few people have commented on how slow my page loads. This is something I can't do much about. The page is on my campus server, it is really slow to begin with. Since one of the things I wanted to do with my page was have lots of colorful images, many of which are huge, the page is going to take a long time to load no matter what. I think if I were to change this, the page would cease to be unique. I hope you guys and gals understand. Hey! Good things come to those who wait! ;) Oh yeah, my campus mail program can't read enclosures so I opened up an excite account. My new email is: . I changed all the email links at the bottom of all the pages just in case you forget. Also, a special thanks to Alex of Fantasy for the midis.
Now, today's request of you. Anyone have any of the Game Gear PS ROMS? If so, could you email them to me or tell me where to find them?
Well, thanks a bunch for visiting and I hope you enjoy the new stuff.

See you on the flipside,

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