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Welcome to the UK Turbulence Consortium website. There is general information about the consortium, publications, results and access to the UK Turbulence Consortium Database available here. For more details see the background page, that also has links to other resources on the web.

This consortium is supported by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. Supercomputing resources and support are provided as part of the national High Performance Computing Initiative. Consortium members run simulations on the Cray T3D and T3E at Edinburgh, and the new 576-processor Cray T3E-1200E at Manchester.

The Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge is running a turbulence programme between January and July 1999, which will involve many leading turbulence researchers from around the world. Several symposia and workshops will be held during this period.


Members of the Consortium

The consortium consists of academics and researchers from several UK insititutions, including researchers in the fields of Direct Numerical Simulation, Large Eddy Simulation and turbulence modelling. The Principal investigator for this consortium is Neil Sandham of Queen Mary and Westfield College, London.

For a full list of those involved in the UK turbulence consortium members, please go to our members page.


A list of publications from consortium members, including abstracts and some full papers, are is on the publications page.

Turbulence Database and Visualisation Tool

The UK Turbulence Consortium database is a repository of results from simulations run as part of this research programme. This includes full datasets from simulations which can be downloaded in raw form, and reduced datasets, including turbulence statistics. Results will be added as they become available. A web-based visualisation tool is also available here.

Gallery of Turbulence

Gallery of Turbulence

Consortium Information (Restricted access)

Consortium information (members only)

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