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The Vampire Hunters

We find and destroy these vile, evil minions of satan.

These very smart creatures have somehow worked their way into our society and become excepted,or at least pitied. Yes, they are beautiful, powerful, and sensual. However, no matter what, they are pure evil. There have been a few cases in which the individual did not want to become a vampire. They fought it, but the beast and hunger eventually over came their will. These are the unfortanate ones that we pray for.

This is not an easy task nor is it a safe one. In fact I am putting myself in great peril to bring this salvation to you. Yet, this is the way it must be. If you feel that you are in danger, or have been attacked; you can trust we will be very discreet. You will protected by us for as long as is necessary. As you can well imagine, the life expectancy is not the longest in this job. Therefore, a donation is requseted. The Lord Almighty inspired me to do this and he will provide for me in his own way.

This is a work in progress, this is only the basics of what I do.
If you want to contact me with your situation email me at
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