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Welcome to Complete Carmageddon, home of the ped test. Here you will find an extensive list of the game's powerups, cars and opponents. You will also find new dashboards, textures and how to make them. You can also give your opinion on the game hottest issues.So start your engine and step on it, there is alway a pedestrian hiding around the corner.

Last update: September 28, 1997

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Ped test So you think you are the king of carnage?
But do you really know your pedestrians? Pass the test to find out
New dashboards CONTEST: Your dashboards could be in the COMPLETE CARMAGEDDON CHEAT CARS EDITION add on!

DOWNLOAD the first completed cheat car: Brothers Grimm!

dashboards You want to edit those lame cheat cars dashboards and you don't know how?
Complete carmageddon will tell you how, in the art of making new dashboard!
?What do
you think?
So you've got alot to say on the game you love?
Here you can talk back on the game's hottest issues.

This month: Who is your favorite pedestrian?
August "What do you think" results are here! Find out which powerup
carmageddon players like/hate the most.
Powerups You want to learn more about those usefull powerups?
Here is the place for you.
You are racing against them but you can't tell who's who and what car they drive?
Get to know your opponents before you start your rampage.
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