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Developers Switch from Visual C++ to Gain Interoperability
and Tenfold Productivity Boost

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. -- February 2, 1999 --, the new software development tools division of Inprise Corporation (Nasdaq:INPR), today announced its first new product, Borland C++Builder 4, a major new version of the company's award-winning C++ development system. combines the Borland tradition of creating the finest tools for independent and corporate software developers, with a new online community which will be offering a wide range of products, services, and technical information.

"Inprise created to focus our commitment to the millions of independent and corporate software developers," said John Floisand, president of " will continue to deliver the world's best visual development tools -- and provide a forum for developers to access and share information. C++Builder 4, our flagship C++ development system, is the perfect product to launch"
"With C++Builder 4 we no longer need to switch between Visual C++ for backend logic and Visual Basic for user interfaces and prototypes. We can now save considerable development time with a complete C++ development environment that provides the power of C++ with visual tools and components for all phases of our development," said Tasos Chrisaidos, director of portfolio management systems at Sanford C. Bernstein and Co., Inc. "Development shops will love C++Builder's capability to expand their existing COM objects with CORBA to provide interoperability with Unix, Java, and Windows."

About Borland C++Builder 4
Borland C++Builder 4 is the only front-to-back C++ compiler and development environment for creating desktop, client/server, multi-tier, and distributed applications that are interoperable with multiple platforms. Borland C++Builder's unique integrated two-way visual development technologies radically speed user interface, database, Internet, object, and component development in C++. Some of the new features in Borland C++Builder 4 are:

  • Rapid distributed development with both CORBA and COM. With both industry standard CORBA and Microsoft standard COM object technologies, C++ developers can now build both client applications and server objects that are interoperable with UNIX, Java, and Windows platforms. Distributed object development time is radically reduced with two-way tool technologies and integrated IDL tools. C++Builder 4 includes and fully integrates Inprise Corporation's acclaimed VisiBroker 3.3 with event and naming services.
  • Leverage the widest variety of existing C++ code investments, including Visual C++. With C++Builder 4's new multi-standard flexible C++ compiler, developers can now leverage millions of existing projects, samples, classes and components available for C++Builder, Borland C++, ANSI C++, and Visual C++.
  • Support for the latest ANSI/ISO C++ language specifications, including a host of compiler enhancements including Dynamic Compilation and Adaptive Compiler Technology (ACT), which radically speed compiler build processes; full ANSI/ISO template implementation; full ANSI/ISO STL (standard template library) support; and a high-performance 32-bit ANSI C++ native code compiler.
  • Fully customizable AppBrowser IDE with exclusive integrated two-way visual tool technology and component architecture provides the only front-to-back C++ development environment for backend C++ systems and front end visual development all in a single C++ tool.
  • Latest support for Windows 98, 95, and NT including multiple monitors, common controls, docking forms and toolbars, and more.
  • Write C++ code faster with New Code and Parameter completion, and the new ClassExplorer live structured class view and member creation wizards.
  • Exclusive C++ debugging tools, including remote debugging for distributed development (COM and CORBA); multi-process and cross-process debugging with debug inspectors, dynamic watch windows, and debug tooltips.
  • Internet tools, including ActiveForms for building Web browser C++ applications and WebBroker for building CGI, WinCGI, ISAPI, and NSAPI C++ applications and over 25 Internet protocol components for instantly adding HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, NNTP, HTML, and TCP/IP support to any C++ application.
  • Multi-Tier Database Development Services (MIDAS) Development Kit, including MIDAS 2 for simplifying the development, integration, and deployment of thin-client, distributed database applications. More information on MIDAS 2 is available on the Inprise website at
  • Support for industry standards, including Oracle Corporation's Oracle8i database server; Microsoft Corporation's Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), Microsoft Active Template Library (ATL), Microsoft SQL Server 7 and MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server); and Inprise Corporation's Object Windows Library (OWL) and Visual Component Library (VCL).
  • EZ-COM, which simplifies C++ COM client development and One-Step ActiveX Control creation with new Data Binding support.
"'s world-class engineering team designed Borland C++Builder 4 to be the greatest C++ solution for all software developers, from individuals building applications in their homes and garages to corporate developers building multi-tier, distributed applications for the enterprise," said Jeff Barca-Hall, vice president of research and development at

InfoWorld magazine has just completed the review of Borland C++Builder 4 and gave the product consistently high marks against the competition. "No matter what your working habits may be as a C++ developer, Inprise C++ Builder 4 Enterprise provides flexible options, tools, and features to get the job done quickly," said InfoWorld magazine in a February 1, 1999 product review. The review can be accessed at

Borland C++Builder 4 product line
All of the features described above are included in Borland C++Builder 4 Enterprise. A detailed matrix of features included in Borland C++Builder 4 Enterprise and Borland C++Builder 4 Professional is located at

Pricing and Availability
Borland C++Builder 4 Enterprise and Borland C++Builder 4 Professional are available immediately on the Web at and later this month from major software distribution channels. Borland C++Builder 4 Enterprise has an estimated street price (ESP) of $2,499 for new users. Borland C++Builder 4 Professional has a new-user ESP of $799. Current owners of any Inprise Corporation Client/Server product can purchase Borland C++Builder 4 Enterprise for an ESP of $1,699. Current owners of other Inprise products can purchase Borland C++Builder 4 Professional for an ESP of $299. Borland C++Builder Standard will be available later in the quarter and will have an estimated street price (ESP) of $99. For more information and to place orders, customers can call Inprise Corporation at 1-800-233-2444. These prices are in US dollars and apply only in the United States. International customers should contact their local Inprise office, distributor or representative.

About's mission is to enhance the productivity of independent and corporate software developers through its Borland family of visual development tools -- and as the premier Web destination for software developers, In addition to its award-winning Delphi, C++Builder, JBuilder and InterBase products, also plans to offer an online community and E-commerce site for software developers seeking a wide range of technical information, support services, and third-party products. Based in Scotts Valley, California, is a division of Inprise Corporation (Nasdaq:INPR) -- a leading provider of solutions that simplify the complexity of software application development.

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