[2nd Place: Best Music Video of the Decade, Katsucon 2000]
2nd Place: Best Music Video of the Decade, Katsucon 2000

April 2nd Update! Well, it finally happened! HMTV has gotten over 10,000 hits! I really don't know what to say but thank you all for coming to the site! I've already been getting a couple 10,000 hits Gift Art from some friends of mine, and if you'd like to send something in, I would be so honored to have it, and I will proudly display it on this site! Once I get a couple more, I'll set up a seperate page to view all the gift art! Thanks so much for coming, and have a good one! Take care!

Update! Feb 22, 2000! On the weekend of Feb. 11-13, my friends and I went to Katsucon 2000, and there we entered once again the Evangelion Mother Video in the Best of the Decade Music Video Contest! I'm proud to announce that it was voted as the 2nd Best Video of the Decade! The award you see above was given to me for the contest. I'd like to personally thank everyone involved in making this video, all of those who have supported me, and to those who continue to get copies of the videos from me. I thank you all for this, and keep on coming to the page and telling everyone about us! Take care everyone!

Mike Corbitt

Welcome to my page of HMTV! As you can see by the logo, HMTV stands for Harsh Mistress TeleVision. (My friends idea, more about them later) Basically we used editing equipment, cool ideas for videos, and insane luck with our timing to make these videos below! If you would like to contribute or obtain a copy of videos on VHS Tape ONLY, they are NOT avaliable as computer files (AVI/MOV/MPEG/ETC) so please don't ask for them, also, I ONLY do copies of all 20 videos. Not copies of specific videos or anything like that. Its pointless to do that when its the same price for all 20 anyway, plus it'd not be worth the wear and tear on my VCRs as well, so please stop asking for that too, and you can email me at the addy below please! Thank you for stopping by!

#Video NameSong TitleSong Artist
1Violence Mix #1New World OrderMinistry
2Dragon Ball ZSpecial MomentsLords of Acid
3Different AnimeWhip ItDevo
4Bouncy MixI Must Increase My BustLords of Acid
5Sailor Moon 200 Part 1Song to the SirenChemical Brothers
6Violence Mix #2GuiltyGravity Kills
7Sailor Moon 200 Part 2The BoxOrbital
8GoldenBoyBusy ChildCrystal Method
9Running ManAtom BombFluke
10Anime CopsBad BoysInner Circle
11Dark AnimeDead CitiesFuture Sound of London
12Pain and Suffering AnimeMMMbopHanson
13Anime NinjasNinja RapVanilla Ice
14Mysterious Anime GirlsMysterious WaysU2
15Kuma no Puu-TaroShock the MonkeyPeter Gabriel
16XThe Bonny SwansLoreena McKennitt
17Violence Mix #3March of the PigsNine Inch Nails
18Rurouni KenshinFuel My FireProdigy
19Anime BitchesSpacey BitchLords of Acid
20EvangelionMotherPink Floyd

Thanks to everyone's support, I have had over 1000 hits on my page, and I got my first Gift Art Pic in from my dear and wonderful girlfriend, Kris Tucker! Thank you darling for this great pic! I Love You Always and Forever!

[1000 Hit Gift From Kris Tucker!]
1000 Hit Gift From Kris Tucker!

Here's a link to Kris and Mike's Cosplay Page, with Cosplay Pics from several cons, and other assorted stuff!

[Kris And Mike's Convention Page]
Kris and Mike's Convention Page

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