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Online Information Guide to Topics Related
Water Quality, Drinking Water, Groundwater and 
Surface Water,
Common Water Quality Problems and 
Water Analysis and Testing

Sulfates, Alkalinity, Acidity

Conductivity Measurement

We have put this page together in order to inform the public on a variety of topics and help them along with their testing needs. For a complete listing of available testing parameters performed by the Center for Environmental Quality please refer to our Testing Parameters Page.  If you can not find what you need, please use our online search at our  Search Site.

Hard Water
Coliform Bacteria
Color, Odor, Turbidity  
Newest Website - Odor in Water

Cryptosporidium parvum
Giardia lamblia
Iron and Manganese
Lead In Drinking Water
Testing Parameters
Phosphate - Surfacewater and Groundwater
Sulfates and Hydrogen Sulfide
Newest Website -Total Dissolved Solids
Groundwater Under the Influence (SWIP Studies)

Newest Website - The MTBE Fact Sheet
Newest Website - Arsenic In Groundwater
Newest Website - Trihalomethanes

Newest Website - BioTerrorism (Water Quality, Your Health, Reading and More) 

Got a Question?- Environmental Quality Centers Message Board(password eqc)
A brief explanation of Groundwater Flow

How to shock chlorinate your water supply (updated)
A listing of water quality terms
Helpful Homeowner Information
Listing of Federal EPA Primary Drinking Water Standards
Listing of Federal EPA Secondary Drinking Water Standards
Free Report: Giardia in Drinking Water
Free Report: Nitrates in Drinking Water
Free Report: Lead in Drinking Water

Environmental Links
Iron Overload Disease- http://www.ironoverload.org/
American Hemochromatosis Society - http://www.americanhs.org

Other Helpful Links

EPA Microbiology Home Page
A consumers guide to the nations drinking water
How safe is my drinking water?
Drinking Water Treatment Systems
Where does my drinking water comes from?
How much drinking water do we use in our homes?
How will I know if my drinking water remains safe?
How can I protect my drinking water supply?
What can I do if I have a problem with my drinking water supply?
What do I need to know to protect my private drinking water supply?
Geothermal Heating Systems in PA

County and State Water Quality Projects

Carbon County, Pennsylvania (Our Partner: Carbon County Groundwater Guardians)
Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
Monroe County, Pennsylvania
Pike County, Pennsylvania
Newest Website: Water Quality Data for Your State

For More information about the Environmental Quality Center, 
please contact: 

Attn: Mr. Brian Oram, Professional Geologist (PG) 
Laboratory Manager 
Wilkes University 
GeoEnvironmental Sciences and Engineering Department 
PO Box 111 Wilkes-Barre, PA 18766 
1-800-572-4444 ext. 4619 
(570) 408-4619  

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