Dr. John M. Poindexter


Senior Vice President, Information Systems

Joined Syntek in 1996

Current Responsibilities

Dr. Poindexter is responsible for high-level advice on management and direction of information systems projects (for example Defense Advanced Research Project Agency's Project Genoa). He brings a unique blend of experience to problems with demonstrated exceptional management and command ability ranging from naval operations to the national security of the United States. He is noted for creative solutions to difficult issues and his ability to quickly grasp the essence of new tasks.  


Before joining Syntek, Dr. Poindexter co-founded TP Systems, Inc., a software development firm specializing in commercial software for the IBM PCs and compatibles. He also consulted for and sat on the Board of the Elkins Group and worked as a Senior Scientist at Presearch, Inc. Most notably, as the National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan, VADM Poindexter played a major role in world events including: the Strategic Defense Initiative, the Grenada Rescue Operation, the Achille Lauro incident, Libyan Operations to respond to terrorist attacks, the Reykjavik Summit with the Soviet Union, peaceful transition of government in the Philippines, support for the democratic resistance in Nicaragua, and an attempt to begin rationalization of U.S. relationship with strategically important Iran. Prior to his White House appointment, VADM Poindexter held several distinguished posts in the United States Navy, including Commanding Officer, USS England (CG-22), Commander Destroyer Squadron 31, Deputy Commander Naval Education and Training, Executive Assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations and Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy.


  • Ph.D., Physics, California Institute of Technology

  • M.S., Physics, California Institute of Technology

  • B.S., Engineering, U.S. Naval Academy


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