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Chat on This: Define Windows Me

By Josh Lawrence
September 14, 2000

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Windows Me centerstageToday, from the hallowed halls of Microsoft, out rolls Windows Me.

And yes, Microsoft says to pronounce it "me" as in "me, my, mine, Microsoft's," even though it stands for Millennium Edition.

Now, the real question is, is it worth getting?

For anyone who prefers non-Microsoft operating systems this question is, of course, moot. But what about YOU, beleaguered Wintel user? Should you shell out more moolah to Uncle Bill?

Well, as our article points out, there are really only four things included in Win Me that you can't download for free. Of them, only the System Restore feature sounds like a truly tempting addition. If you do a lot of Windows tweaking and registry editing, you might want it.

But the price may still be a little high just for that, unless you're convinced that the multimedia goodies Microsoft has thrown into the package are better than similar alternatives.


I think Microsoft should extend its "lots of money for not so many enhancements" strategy with a whole Windows Me family, priced at $49 to $179, depending on prior ownership of Microsoft products:

Windows You -- Fixes the Win Me/WebTV security vulnerability bug (again, see the article.)

Windows Us -- Enhances the Automatic Update feature so that you can only download Microsoft products.

Windows Them -- Alters your BIOS so that the motherboard fries itself if you ever try to install a non-Microsoft OS on your computer.

I'd certainly buy these products, because helping to fill Mr. Gates' pockets is always a worthwhile thing.

What do you think? Vote in today's Web poll, join the discussion in our chat room, or post your opinion in the Talkback section below. You can also reach me via email.


From Talback

"I just installed Windows Me without any 'hitches'. AMD K6-2/300MHz w/ 64MB RAM, 4.0GB HDD. I had no problems at all. (Talk about a suprise!) I did a clean install."

"i had always said 'bad bill' would evently switch everyone over to nt (now 2000) when he wrung every dollar he could from the windows home products. he is doing just that with me (pun intended). while this is a minor upgrade and should be a free service pack product, it has solved some problems i had with se. it is worth the $50 to correct these problems. maybe this was done by design to get us to upgrade."
Ed Curtis
Richmond, Va.

"I am taking many computer courses and i feel that windows ME is a extremly shameful way of microsoft to advertise."
Kyle Shufelt

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