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Stardust TalkRadioTM is a weekly talk show focused on next generation Internet technologies, products and services. Hosted by Dan Fortune, the show is available in MP3.

Joseph Amor III and Sam Matheny on the mcast 2000 Splash II network, digital TV, and the next broadband wireless spectrum auction

Joseph Amor III (left) is vice president & general manager of Microspace Communications Corp. Microspace is a provider of satellite broadcasting services for business applications with more than 300,000 downlinks. Amor has been with Microspace for 8 years, and in the computer and communications field for 20 years. Sam Matheny is vice president & general manager of DTV Plus, which is combining satellite and terrestrial digital broadcasting to provide broadband data delivery. Matheny was formerly general manager of Capitolnet Marketing Group, which built Web sites and provided streaming audio via the Internet. Recorded at mcast 2000. Sponsored by the Global IPv6 Summit.

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(Show #35, released February 25, 2000, approx. 19 minutes)

Brian Whetten on Reliable Multicast, using servers to enable multicast, and financial market data distribution as a killer application

Brian Whetten is chief scentist of Talarian Corporation. Whetten is a leading author in the IETF Reliable Multicast Transport Working Group. He came to Talarian with its acquisition of Globalcast Communications, where he was the principal founder and CTO of Globalcast. Whetten was responsible for designing and implementing the first version of the Reliable Multicast protocol and designing the RMTP-II protocol. Recorded at mcast 2000. Sponsored by the Global IPv6 Summit.

Low Quality/High Speed [MP3]
Medium Quality/Medium Speed [MP3]

(Show #34, released February 14, 2000, approx. 15 minutes)

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