NEW! February 11, 1999:
Here's the NoNeed COb (v.2).
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Bonadrey Nornery
Bonadrey Nornery is dedicated to establishing a standard preserving and bettering the best qualities of Type 2, Purple Mountain, and Forest Norns. Norns are selectively bred for intelligence and musical ability. In a peaceful, grendel-free atmosphere, they enjoy delectable and nutritious food, a wide variety of musical instruments, many toys, and the pleasure of conversing with each other in Polari, the almost-extinct British theatrical jargon.
The Norns here at Bonadrey enjoy these CObs, and we're pleased to offer them to you.
Norns of the three breeds--Fox, Purple Mountain, and Forest--and of pet, breeding, and even Championship quality, are looking for good homes. See them on the Bonadrey Norns page.
If you're a new Norn breeder (or even if you're not), please visit these other Creatures sites for more information on Nornkeeping and other matters such as Norns' genetic makeup. Most contain much more extensive information than is available here; we consult them regularly.
See and download the Bain S**e here.
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"Country Gardens (Morris Dance Tune)" by Percy Grainger

Lady Peel sez (with a mouth full of PEZ): 'There's _something_ in the bottom of our garden...'
See and download them here.