Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

January 29, 2000 (13 Ix, 7 Yax, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come before you with many things to discuss. Your planet is currently preparing to adopt some new geological principles. When in operation, these principles will change dramatically how Mother Earth alters her external appearance. She is to progress from a system based primarily upon the movement of huge tectonic plates to one founded upon the precepts of your new reality. In your coming reality, these changes are done through the propitious application of highly detailed intentions. Then, at the proper time, these are fully manifested in the physical. Physicality then quickly takes on the qualities of a blank slate that can be easily written upon. This magical quality is one of the basic concepts underlying this coming reality. Dear Ones, it is a realm that has been designed for the fully conscious and for those who are fully accountable for their actions. It is a place where the presence of your True Selves is welcomed, as well as required. It is where Heaven has completely descended to Earth, and a golden divine paradise has been created. This realm is now a dream to you: it shall become a reality in the very near future.

      This new realm is, indeed, a most amazing place. Everything in it is alive, and every aspect of it knows this to be an indisputable fact. Your planet's wonders include a semitropical climate, a magnificent firmament and a surface area that features nine continents and fourteen seas and oceans. Observed from space, Mother Earth's face is to be quite different from the one you are presently used to. Mountain ranges that you know have been reduced to either inland seas or huge lakes. Some magnificent seas, like the Mediterranean, will have been returned to beautiful river valleys, while many deserts, like the Sahara, will have become large fertile regions dominated by huge lakes or vast inland seas. Your Earth is an unbelievably beautiful place. At night, the twin layers of firmament will permit you to see, with the naked eye, stars that previously required either binoculars or some sort of telescope to be viewed adequately. To be added to this marvelous sight are the two moons that will grace your sky. These moons will have phases like the artificial orb that currently occupies your night sky.

      As fully conscious Beings, you are determined to maintain the pristine nature of your living host, Mother Earth. To this end, you have constructed various underground sites located several miles beneath her surface. Your many urban and rural settlements are constructed in huge subterranean caverns with the look and feel of ones previously built upon Mother Earth's surface. However, they are filled with fantastic technological wonders. Here you live, and occasionally return to the Earth's surface to perform prescribed individual and/or group ritual to sustain your home-world, or just to observe and enjoy its great beauty. One of your most welcome tasks is to take invited off-world visitors on a tour of the surface in order to show off its great variety of flora and fauna. Here, you can explain your world's unique history and describe in detail how it was so magnificently changed. You are quite proud of this special place and what it has come to be. It is a place where the permanent peace of an entire galaxy was firmly established. It is where the fate of the Universe was formally turned toward the Light.

     In this new reality, you have become an honored member of the Galactic Federation of Light and of the Intergalactic Union. This new reality of yours is visited daily by inhabitants from many other realities and dimensions. They come mainly to observe and honor this most sacred place. They come to lend their Light to yours. With each visit, the reputation of your planet expands ever outward into the endless consciousness that is Creation. Dear Ones, you have become the potential that is currently growing in you. In this position, you have completed the first segment of your sacred mission and moved onto the next part of your life's main purpose. You have finally understood and been granted the full extent of divine Free Will. Moreover, you have become cognizant of the great grace given to you by Lord Surea. Further, you have seen how the untold magnificent of A-E-O-N has come to honor you and co-participate in those great glories that are in store for you and your wondrous world.

      As fully conscious Beings, you are truly citizens of all of Creation. You possess the abilities to be either a spiritual non-corporeal Being, or a fully corporeal Being. You are the link between the realms of Spirit and those of the physical. This special task is one that you have gratefully taken on and, after some practice, fully mastered. Your great wisdoms are able to guide the many Orders, Councils and Administrations of Spirit and, in this way, to wondrously contribute to the unfolding of the divine plan. These things are not merely grand dreams but are, in fact, your great destiny. We describe them here simply to give you a greater glimpse of what you are all becoming. You have still much to do to reach these magnificent vistas. However, within you, there is both the strength and the ability to carry out what we have just described. You are magnificent Beings of Light -physical Angels who have come to work miracles.

      In your Beingness exist many great abilities. Each of you is a consciousness composed of an individual and a vast collective. These connections were gifted by Mother/Father God and have forged what we in Heaven call the sacred quilt of infinite knowledge and wisdom. Drape this blanket around you and discover, dear Ones, the many amazing items that it contains. These are the divine thoughts of the Creator and are given to it by the divine plan. They have been put there to help you in your many assigned tasks when you are in need of them. Call upon them when necessary. When you do so, you will be surprised what miracles can be performed. What you are doing is a 'done deal'. Your future is filled with what we have just described. You need to own it and to acknowledge that its coming success is yours.

      As noted, your coming reality is one that Heaven prophesied long ago. This current time is the period when it is fated first to occur. In your recent past, your history reads like a long and dreary night. Now the dawn swiftly approaches, carrying with it the wondrous promises of a glorious new day. This day's harbinger is your Sun. Like this analogy, it is bursting with much activity and gladly acting as the herald of the many miracles that you are about to witness. Like you, this entire solar system is preparing itself for what is about to occur. This approaching dawn symbolizes not only a new day for you, but also a new set of circumstances for all of physical Creation. It is for this reason that Heaven and your celestial neighbors have paid you a visit. Open up your arms to them and accept all that is about to so gloriously happen!

      Dear Ones, you are about to move through a very difficult set of physical and spiritual adjustments. These procedures are really the watershed between the world in which you live, and the one that we have so briefly described. See these changes for what they are - those things designed to set you free. The shackles that bind you currently are not meant to be permanent. They are simply the means that you allowed in order to learn some very important lessons. They have bequeathed you with some incredible gifts. It is these gifts that have given you the wisdom required to greatly modify your reality and produce a new and better one. After much travail, you have reached the present point in your journey. Now, you have come to the position where your great works will complete your formidable tasks and forge your new reality.

      Today, we have discussed where your expanding consciousness is leading you. The end of your journey is just the point for the start of a new journey. It is this new journey that you deeply wish to begin. To start it requires your full commitment and focus to reach your assigned goals and co-create your new, golden reality. We now take our leave. In doing so, we bless you and graciously thank you for all that you are doing to achieve your noble goals. Take our gifts to you, the power and the Supply of Heaven, and let us together create this wondrous new realm of Light! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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