Rated PG-13
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  • Mike - College kid who discovers the Klowns nefarious plans.
  • Dave - Rookie cop who can shoot the nose off a clown at twenty yards.
  • Debbie - Mike's girlfriend, she used to date Dave (small town).
  • Curtis Moonie - Old and grizzly policeman.
  • The Terenzi Brothers - Two wild and crazy guys trying to break into the extremely competitive ice cream truck market.
  • The Killer Klowns From Outer Space - Aliens who look like clowns and find humans to be tasty snacks when wrapped in cotton candy.

  • If the title didn't get your attention you probably have been riding the short bus to school and I'm wondering how you made it to the internet anyway. Aliens from outer space dudes! Who dress like clowns and even act like demented little buggers too! Ray guns turning people into cotton candy wrapped treats that the clowns stick straws in later to feed, popcorn which grows into little fanged monsters, and killer pies! This hard to find film is a barrel of laughs and even includes a music video for the song "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" by The Dickies. The very simple plot is based on a spaceship landing near some small town, the Klowns invading, and then Mike and friends trying to stop them. Throw into this officer Moonie and the Terenzi brothers and you're all set. I really like Moonie, he has some great quotes and drinks Jack Daniels, but he dies... A fun movie with plenty of camp in it but definately bad.

  • Every girl wants to make out in an rubber raft in the back of a 4X4.
  • Spaceships use darkroom doors.
  • Balloon animals are terrific bloodhounds.
  • Special effects need not be special.
  • Shadows can eat people.
  • Always shoot a clown, I mean Klown, in the nose.
  • Main characters do not get killed, ever, even though everybody else does.
  • The older cop is always the asshole.
  • State police consist of about eight patrol cars.

  • 10 mins - This nasty backwoods guy has a dog named Pooh Bear?
  • 38 mins - Alright! JD! Cops love JD! I'm going to start keeping track of how many B Movies endorse Jack Daniels Whiskey...
  • 40 mins - Debbie gets in the shower. Now, movie time here is at least four times real time mind you.
  • 45 mins - The car hasn't hit the wall yet but we hear crashing.
  • 47 mins - No dents after hitting a brick wall and all that crashing?
  • 52 mins - Debbie is still in the shower, I'm in love.
  • 69 mins - Please don't verify that the clowns breasts are growing.

  • Audio clips in wav formatStarving actors speak out

    killerklowns1.wav 82k Debbie: "I don't believe in UFOs, but if they do exist, then, then we're trapped in one right now."
    killerklowns2.wav 33k Debbie: "Nobody stores cotton candy like this."
    killerklowns3.wav 93k Moonie: (whistles) "Killer Klowns From Outer Space... ...holy shit!"
    killerklowns4.wav 51k Moonie: "They took your wife away in a balloon? Well you don't need the police pal, you need a psychiatrist!"
    killerklowns5.wav 86k Terenzi: "Hey Mike what do you want us to do we have ice cream to sell tonight."
    Mike: "Paul this is more important than selling ice cream. There's Klowns going around killing people, we're all in danger!" (grammar anyone?)
    killerklowns6.wav 94k Terenzi: "Does she have any roommates?"
    Mike: "Yes she's got two, she's got two beautiful roommates. With big boobs!"
    Terenzi: "Do they like ice cream?"

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    killerklowns1.mpg - 2.1m
    Opening the door to find several frightening Klowns delivering a pizza would freak me out, I guess this girl was on her sixth or later drink. Just look at those amazing special effects!

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