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Visit to Tihar - first hand account of visiting a cannabis prisoner in an Indian Jail. Help a prisoner in a Morrocan jail. DENUNCIATE the United Nations 'Single Convention on Drugs'. cannabis connections (uk) - world list updated to 130 cities

some world news:

cannabis delegation to meet spanish government

After the pilot project on heroin distribution, Spain may be preparing a new move on the drugs policy field. This news comes from a member of the Spanish cannabis movement:

On Tuesday 29 May, at 10.30am, the 'Mixed Commission for the Study of the Drugs Problem' at the Spanish Congress of Deputies will meet representatives of groups calling for the "normalization" of cannabis. The objective is to inform the Commission (which has the major parliamentary status) of the problems facing marijuana consumers in Spain.
The 'cannabis delegation' will include representatives of consumers' associations and will be accompanied by specialists, such as the pharmacology professor Joan Ramn Laporte, who is an authority on the properties and therapeutic uses of cannabis.
During the meeting a presentation will be made showing why it would be in the interests of Spain to abolish the articles of the Law on Civil Security effecting cannabis to create a regulated legal market for cannabis, to decriminalise totally the cultivation for personal use and abolish fines for possession and consumption in public places.

Dublin cannabis website blocked by server

A Dublin based cannabis website set up by organisers of an event to support the global cannabis action day on may 5th is back after being blocked by its server 'Brinkster' 48 hours after going online.
They have now moved to The Dublin event attracted over 500 supporters and good media coverage, joining people taking action on cannabis in over 130 cities worldwide. May 5th report Dublin
FRIDAY 25 MAY 2001

New Zealand to hold Cannabis Inquiry

AUCKLAND - The National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is relieved the long-awaited cannabis inquiry is about to start, and has called for a marijuana amnesty until the report is completed.
Parliament's Health Committee announced today that it would begin oral hearings from next week, after setting a strict February 7 deadline for written submissions.
"While this is pleasing to New Zealand's half a million regular cannabis smokers, the question must be asked why it has taken so long, and why the Committee enforced a strict deadline for written submissions only to do nothing for almost four months," said NORML‚s spokesperson Chris Fowlie.
"Every day that passes, another twenty New Zealanders are criminalised for cannabis. Over 133,000 New Zealanders have been criminalised under cannabis prohibition since 1975, and over ten thousand since Labour came to power."
"The current oppressive regime silences those most effected while hysterical prohibitionists steal the headlines. The Government should declare an amnesty for cannabis users so that people can speak out without fear of imprisonment. There should be no more arrests for cannabis use until the inquiry has issued its report."
Every major international investigation into cannabis policy has recommended policies other than the current blanket prohibition. Canadian MPs voted unanimously last week to review their cannabis laws. Canadian Health Minister Allan Rock recently spoke out in favor of reform, stating that he would "participate with enthusiasm" in the upcoming hearings and that it was "appropriate" to examine decriminalising marijuana.
"We only hope that our MPs treat cannabis with the same clear-headed attitude, and do not bring biased views to this important inquiry," said Chris Fowlie.

CONTACT: CHRIS FOWLIE (spokesperson) 025 297-6843 or 09 302-5255.Auckland

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Albuquerque: "Richard E. Haley, Jr." <> home phone (505)268-5694. Main NORML phone: (505)281-6277.
May5th report: 600 marchers, no arrests.

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Anchorage: Free Hemp In Alaska, Contact: Lincoln Swan <> or <> Address: 2603 Spenard Road, Anchorage, AK 99503. Phone: 907 278-4367 TOLL FREE 1-866-242-HEMP (4367)

Asheville: Jason Klein <> (828) 277-6876.



Atlanta: Paul Cornwell <> Coalition for the Abolition of Marijuana Prohibition . Phone: 404-522-2267 Address: CAMP, PO Box 5718, Atlanta, GA. 31107-5718

May 5th report: There were about 200 hardened, veteran demonstrators at the Atlanta March who began the march from the newly built and yet unoccupied FEDERAL BUILDING at the crossroad of 10th and Peachtree Streets. We then proceeded in a slow and unified group down Peachtree Street (POT ON PEACHTREE!) to Woodruff Park, the center of the city's business district, and the Georgia State University area. Local residents all along the route and in the park joined us for a three hour "REDFER RANT & RAVE" featuring local DJ's, DJ Sin, and DJ Swivel. Goups participating were GEORGIA GREEN PARTY, ATLANTA HARM REDUCTION COALITION, AMERICAN CANNBIS SOCIETY. Everyone got down! No arrests and no hassles. Other than the APD complained about how slow the march proceeded. We replyed that we were moving as fast as JUSTICE!
The events size was heavily impacted by a three-day budweiser/cuervo fest promoted by SFX labled MIDTOWN MUSIC FESTIVAL (appr. attendence 250,000/ $30 tix for 3days). However there was a "marijuana alley located on site, marijuana leighs were everywhere, so was the smoke. The Crowes, Offspring, as well as Dylan played. The Crowes announced the event from the stage on Friday, the night before.

Advance notice: The 10th Annual Great Atlanta Potfestival has been scheduled for September 8th in Piedmont Park (over which a five year Federal case was fought, we won). Tentative affirmation by the "ORIGINAL P" to play (four of the original members of Parliment Funkadelic minus GC).

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Austin: "M5 coalition" <> Phone: 512-493-7357.http://www.
May 5th report: About 250 people showed upmarched with out negative incident to the Capitol building for a silent vigil in honor of civilians and police officers murdered needlessly in the war on drugs. Afterwards national activists Sandee Burbank (Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse) and Kevin Zeese (Common Sense for Drug Policy) and local activists Joe Ptak (Cannabis Action Network), Zeal Stefanoff, Brian Parret (Hemp Advocates of Texas), Cristala Allan (Native American Church), Alan Bean (speaking about the situation in Tulia) spoke. No hassles with cops. Sunday, May 6, about 100 people joined our first ever Drug Policy Awareness Forum where we discussed effective, family-oriented alternatives to the drug war.

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Bakersfield: Chris Colazzo <> 661-321-1336 address: 5310 Summer Cypress, Bakersfield, CA 93313

Batesville: <> Gary or Kira (662) 578-8343 NFN Enterprises, 1509 Orwood Road, Batesville, MS, 38606

Battle Creek: Harry Goddard (616)731-2807 address: P.O. Box 32, Richland, MI 49083

Boston: Bill Downing MASSCAN (781)944-2266

Boulder: Fred (303)449-2390.

Buffalo: Rebecca Powell 716-353-4807

Burlington: "Robert J. Melamede" <> (802) 658-2059.
May5th report: Several hundred in Burlington City Hall Park (where are the people are!); several speakers, a couple bands & info booths on a sunny day...

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Carbondale: Dave Thayer (618)536-7419 <> 110 kellogg,carbondale, il 62901

Charleston: jim payne <>
May 5th report: 10 to 12 people made plans for next year.

Charlotte: Mike (704)321-1421<>

Chicago: IMI (773)381-9330.
May 5th report: we had a turnout under 1,000 again but it was a good, focused march & we have Michigan Avenue back.

Chico: MP Jimmy Ogle <> (530)876.1012 or adrian aguilar (530)898-2150 or voicemail pgr 530-571-2071.
May 5th report: More than 250 people gathered at 2:15 pm, on May 5th, 2001, at the Chico State University of California free speech area.At 2:30 pm the crowd marched to city hall where Bonnie Metcalf (Yuba Compassionate Use MdMj Cooperative) spoke from her wheelchair.

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Cleveland: John <> (216)521-9333 May 5th report: Weather-sunny, cool - 62 degrees with winds of 10-20 mph. John Hartman President of the local NORML chapter spoke to the crowd of 1,200 folks (average age at about 27). Then marchers carrying banners filled the streets to the Cuyahoga County jail, where prisoners gave the high sign. A human ring formed around the Justice Center; the crowd retired to Jesse Owen's park for music, speakers and a funny cigarette rolling contest. There were no arrests and no media other then an am radio news segment on WTAM.

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Columbus: Kenneth Schweickart 614-265-VOTE <> 319 E. Hudson St. Columbus, Ohio 43202

Colorado Springs: joey herrmann <>

Denver: Jack Woehr (303)277-9574

DesMoines: <> (515)288-5798 , , ; or Terry Mitchell (515) 789-4442; 608 Dallas St., Dexter, Iowa 50070.

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Des Moines: <> (515)288-5798. - -
or Terry Mitchell (515) 789-4442; 608 Dallas St., Dexter, Iowa 50070.
May 5th report: 200 people, turnout light because of rain, but 400 to 500 at after-party.

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Detroit: "jude joseph" <> or Adrienne C. e-mail: <> phone: (517)872-8005.
May 5th report: 3 news channel covered the Detroit March, 4, 7 and 50. Four to five hundred people participate throughout the four hour and twenty minute event. All of Wayne County NORML, Marvin Marvin of the Party Party and the Real Dr. Detroit hung out, as well as the founder of Hemp Heaven...

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Dunedin: Duncan Eddy <> Otago University NORML phone: 025 719 139.
May 5th report: Attendance: 150

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Edmonton: Alberta: "Ross Z" <>
May 5th report: We held a rally at the main federal building in the province. Despite the rain, overcast and cold about 150 showed up for the 3 hour rally.

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Eugene: Kris Millegan <> 541-935-6276 or 800-556-2012

Fairbanks, Alaska: Frank Turney 907-452-3777 or Chuck Rollins Jr. <>


Garberville : "Paul Encimer" <> Box 162, Piercy CA 95587. May 5th report: a group of about 20 people gathered under the clock in Garberville. Armed with a 30 foot hemp banner, and lots of PositiveVibes.

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Hilo: Roger Christie <> (808) 961-0488
may 5th report: All inspiration, good fun, 6 bands, a medical marijuana workshop with 3 health professionals and others, and zero arrests! It was May 4th because of a schedule situation. Here's how it went: The event was held at Wailoa State Park on the water in downtown Hilo on a gorgeous day and moonrise night. Zero undercover vibes, zero uniformed police, zero arrests...all good fun and uplifting empowerment. Tony Selvage opened with his electric violin at 8:30 am. 9 am til noon was a medical marijuana workshop with 2 doctors and one clinical social worker. We had about 40 people in attendance. Dr. Bill Wenner who spoke is the only board certified substance specialist on this island. 2 pm til 4 was the religious use of the holy herb. One presenter was my friend and lawyer, Steve Strauss. He spoke on the religious defense to prosecution for cannabis. 4:20 sacred drum circle happened! 5 pm was Larry Dupio and Ola Kun. 6 pm was MoeMoe'a, a local band that rocked the house. 7 pm was Jesse Dawn, Braddah Walta and da Kind. Reggae.8 pm was Dr. Jeff and the Housecall, blues rock, and 9 pm was a jazz fusion gruop called The Stinkin' Haoles. The event closed-out at 10:45 with about 200 people still in attendance. We rocked the town and built good relations, too. Roger

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Homer, Alaska - contact Julie Cesarini, P.O. Box 812, Homer AK 99603, 907 235-6040.

Houston: Dean Farrell <> (281)752-9198.
May 5th report: Got up to about a thousand people or so, then it started raining about 3 number of pass thru and all day patrons about 2,000-3,000. Sunday, we started at noon again, by quitting time we had near a thousand again.

Huntsville: Bill Gallagher (256) 536 9967 <> 3210 Clopton St, Huntsville, AL 35805.
May 5th report: Attendance arund 50. not bad for first year in an oppressed town in the bible belt. Good kids. Bill Gallagher <>


Indianapolis: <> Neal (317)882-1904.
May 5th report: We had a small but energetic gathering. I think there were just too many other things going on that weekend within driving distance of Indianapolis that competed with our event. We had several good speeches, by Dr. R.J. Tavel J.D., and national NORML Board Chairman Steve Dillon. We gathered at Broadripple Park in Indianapolis. We marched to the store that co-sponsored the event, 'The Magic Bus'. Allied Cannabis Reform Effort gained several new members and collected some badly needed money. Indianapolis is not known for it's rallies. They're almost always not well attended. Activism in Indiana is like fighting fire in hell. But we do manage to put a few fires out. No uniform police were seen at any time. We also had no media. I think they're trying to ignore us, hoping we'll go away. They'll be waiting until hell freezes over!

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Ithaca: Adam Hirsch <> 522 Stewart Ave. (Apt # 2), Ithaca, NY 14850


Jefferson City: Al Minta (417)866-3999 address: 1653 N. Patterson (Apt A), Springfield, MO 65803.

Juneau, Alaska - contact Brad Parfitt at


Kansas City: Global Peace Cafeneh <>globalpeas, 1518 s. 18th st., KC KS 66101 or <> (816)931-6169.
May 5th report: About 75-100 freedom fighters waving signs in the rain got hundreds of cars to "honk for hemp" before walking through the Plaza shopping and restaurant district into Southmoreland park where the sun came out...

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Kelowna, B.C.: Teresa Taylor, CCC <> (250) 442-2741 or (250) 442-5166 Fax (250) 442-5167.
May 5th report: 75 people approximately, in Kelowna BC...despite the weather

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Kent: <> (330)672-4263.
May 5th report: 200 marchers (1st year) no arrests, lots of fun; actually picked up a few people while marching ..

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Ladysmith: Terry & Wendy, (250)-245-3595, <>


Lansing: Kathy Kennedy 517-628-3915 or e-mail: <ProhibitionX @>
May 5th report: 75 to 100 people in Lansing, a good event.

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Los Angeles: Sister Somayah 323-232-0935.
May 5th report: 250 folks participated in a block party.

Macon Ga: <> 912 755 9660

Madison: Ben Masel <> 608-257-5456


Miami: temporary contact Steve Jacobsen 561-706-1670 {}
Miami report: It went great, Kicked off with a Live band. Between each music set and each band for that matter, Barry made speech's to our hundred's of supporter's about the Madness War on Drugs. He went on to name ever city involved in the rally, and about our friends n Families locked up for Possession and Using and or selling. Enough is Enough. Free the Weed.  Barry Sacharow is a Tribal member of Our hats off to Barry for doing an Excellent Job this weekend. We had not one...... I repeat not one Police Officer show up. It was very cool and as a matter of fact, it was the most Peaceful Rally I have ever been involved in. People where dancing and kids where playing, music was going, our posters where everywhere to be seen for miles.  The last announcement about our cause went on at Midnight sat May 5. That's when the last band came out and played till 3am.

Milwaukee: Dominic Salmaan 1525 E, Royall Pl # 14, Milwaukee, WI 53202 ph: 414-289-9501 or 339-9377

Minneapolis Grassroots Party, temp. 952-884-5009, or Chris Wright <> 612-522-5374. March @ High Noon from Loring Park to Washburn Fair-Oaks Park. Mobile: <> (334) 649- 0193.

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Montpelier: Rama Schneider <> (802) 433-5441 address: 1614 Gilbert Road, Williamstown, VT 05679
May 5th report: a small gathering in Montpelier(the capitol) .

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Nashville: "Howie & Marivuana Leinoff" <> (615)ACT-HIGH.
From: "Howie & Marivuana Leinoff" <>

May 5th report: It seems Music City's, 2nd Millennium Marihuana March went off without a hitch. The turnout doubled from the prior year, in spite of conservative Nashville, whose south suburban neighborhood, is the Republican Party's largest source of funding. In a state where getting more than 10 people to protest is impressive (except for the current 100 plus police officers protesting for better pay), our march of 150 - 200 participants, almost had a sense of the routine, since the route remained unchanged. I recognized approximately 10 people from the previous year. It seemed like the crowd was unified, not following, but leading.

Unlike last year, we did not put much energy in networking with anyone >from the Green and Libertarian parties. Also, this year we were not blessed with the presence of party chairmen of any of the independent parties, or any other "important" people. It was just people, we were all the same and all equally important.

May 5th in Nashville was beautiful. We assembled at the parking lot, at the base of the Woodland Street Bridge, in front of the Adelphia Coliseum home of the Titans. Martin, the hippie, arrived with a 12-foot puppet called "The Green Lady". She had a big green paper mache head, bamboo moveable arms and required 3 people to carry. Around 12:30 we took a group photo, with the Green Lady in the middle. As we were about to begin our march over the bridge, a police car arrived. The officer asked, "Who's in charge" and my heart immediately skipped a beat, as Marivuana bravely walked over to talk to the officer. He said we could not march over the bridge without a permit. Marivuana explained we were just marching on the sidewalk, and the officer said that would be no problem.

The officer followed our march from behind driving in the outside lane, like an escort, with his squad car lights flashing. I was near the front of the line, keeping a constant eye on what was going on in the back. I believe the experience of feeling tension, from the presence of the police, (without being frightened by an over show of force) was good for the first time marchers.

In a way, to have the police car there with us was a victory. Last year, I made numerous calls to the police and mayors office, seeking a permit. I just got the run-around. At the time of last years march, the police would barely acknowledge our presence. I recall one officer driving by and waving. Another officer drove by us at the parking lot on a moped! It was almost embarrassing. But this year, we were enough of a threat to have one whole police car escort our group of 150 or more!

I began the march playing "I Like Marihuana", my pot song anthem from last years march. I remembered how difficult it was walking over the bridge and singing that song last year, too.

We rallied on the steps of the State Court House, on the other side of the Cumberland River. I walked up the steps and shouted to the crowd, "Is the issue about whether weed is good or bad, or is it freedom!" The group yelled "FREEDOM!" and everyone, including the Green Lady ran up to the top of the steps of the courthouse, and we all posed for pictures. The vibe was like we did not need to rally. We knew what it was about. We were celebrating our accomplishment of being there, as well as the victory (in advance, of course) over the war on drugs!

I led the group down the steps, and we proceeded back across the Cumberland, this time on the Victory Memorial Bridge. The officer, who had parked and watched the marchers from the base of the steps, resumed his escort service across the final bridge. As we were returning to our cars, the officer told Marivuana he thinks marihuana should be regulated like alcohol. Then the offficer relayed a message from his sergeant, if we're going to do this again next year, the chief of police could issue a permit for the parade and they would be happy to block off the streets for us.

We've been trying to re-invent activism to fit Tennessee for the last 2 years, by taking a friendly, upbeat and humorous approach. So, imagine in conservative Nashville, the buckle of the bible belt, the police may actually be partners, even in a left handed way, in helping develop a movement of sufficient force to influence changing the laws in this state.

After we returned to the parking lot, the marchers navigated their way to Shelby Park. Just like last year, for live acoustic music, refreshments of various sorts, and for just good ol' plain hanging out.

So the wrap up:

  • 1st march, May 6, 2000, almost 100 people, can hardly get a phone through to city hall about how these marches work, and the press ignores our press releases.
  • 2nd march, May 5, 2001, approaching 200 people, TORML gets a friendly police escort, and e-mails from two local television news channels expressing interest, but no one showed up. (That number might've been double that if we could have afforded a full mailing to our mailing list from our hemp store we opened 6 months ago)
  • 3rd march, May 4, 2002: we may actually do a parade (if we come up with money for permits).

So, this is how two people with no money and a little help from home base, (a big thanks to Dana Beal founder of Cures Not Wars) armed with posters and cards and such, can start a little marihuana reform movement in a few short years. (Com'on everybody. . .you can do it too!)

See you next year marchers, for May 4, 2002 "The Hit Parade and Mardi Grass", in Nashville, Tennessee!

PS: Bob Dylan performed downtown Nashville the evening of our march tand the last song he sang for Nash was - "Everybody Must Get Stoned!" just what we had on our poster welcoming him to Nash'.

New Orleans: "Ashley The Fearless" <> 818-754-0069.
May 5th report: .The New Orleans march went really well. Much better than last year, thankfully. The numbers swelled to roughly 600 when the march turned down Bourbon Street; no arrests! I'm very, very proud of everybody who put this together and had the courage to stand up for change. We had about 350 marchers steadily throughout the newly-lengthened and improved route, but that number swelled to roughly 600 when the march turned down Bourbon Street. There was overwhelming support form everybody we passed, and even from the NOPD, who let Dana Beal's son, Brian, drape a pro-pot banner over a patrol car at the street party that concluded the event. How beautiful is that? Speakers included attorney Gary Wainwright, Florida activist Kevin Aplin, Dana's son Brian and organizer Chrystal Job. There was even a Mardi Gras Indian in rasta colors. Hopefully, he'll bring a bunch of his feathered and beaded friends next year. Anyway, this will be a New Orleans tradition from now on. Last Saturday of Jazz Fest every year, at 8:40 in the evening, so nobody will have to choose between the march and the Fest. I think that makes us the latest in the continental US, but hell.... New Orleanians are late for everything, so it seems appropriate. Hope it went as well for the other cities as it did for New Orleans. Peace!

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New York City: Dana 212-677-7180 <>
New York report: From the get-go, the cops were taking no guff, being very physical in their pushing and shoving, and arresting folks for yelling out derogitory comments about NYC police/Giuliani pot policies, as well as for pointing out undercover officers in the crowd.
The cops had attitude from hell. Two
High Times editors got peppersprayed, I got pushed so many times I actually lost count, besides being threatened, a number of times with arrest for taking photos of cops macing and manhandling oh so unruly pot smokers, ((and called a liar for informing a cop I was press as I tried to get a photo of the cops pushing this kids face into the dirt with a huge pile of jock-cops on top of him, leading to yet another shove and a exchange of angry words). Facisism is alive and well in NYC.
Haven't gotten arrest figures yet, but it was a field day for the PIGS. I saw a kid writhing on the ground with a face and lung full of pepper spray recieved from scant inches away, right directly into his face. Then when people tried to help him up, one Rasta in particular, a WHITE SHIRTED OFFICER of the NYPD let loose with another facefull of pepper spray. Then the cops advanced spraying everyone they could, and even a number of battons were out. Some debris went their way after they totally got OUT OF HAND, but all in all the cops, with helmets and violence, prevailed in their opressive behavior and insane hostility, (though I must admit, the crowd was getting more and more upset as the cops got more and more violent).
I can't decide if it is a good thing that people fight back, or if that is EXACTLY what the facsist pigs want us to do, so they have the excuse to lay on the beatings and spraying, and tell the press and public at large, "well, those drug crazed fiends deserved it. That's why we have to arrest so many of them," on a beautiful sunny day in Battery Park, Manhattan, under the baleful gaze of the Statue of Liberty.

National News May 6, 2001 Thousands march to protest marijuana laws
New York-AP - Chanting "We smoke pot and we like it a lot," several thousand people have taken to the streets of New York City. They marched through lower Manhattan to protest laws criminalizing marijuana use. An organizer of the "
Cures Not Wars 2001" march says the demonstrators want "to turn an alcohol and tobacco world into a marijuana world." Police lined the parade route during the march. They reported no apparent signs of people smoking pot at the protest. Copyright 2001 Associated Press.

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Norfolk, Va. "Sara Frueh" <>
May 5th report: We had about 43 people show up at our March

Olympia: "miriam white" <> pager/voice mail 360-415-2011

Omaha: Paul Tripp <> 1-(402)-330-8736

Orlando: (407)415-2091.


Oregon Ohio - John. NORMAL Email:
May 20, 2001 Report - NORML parades in Oregon Ohio: The parade was a gas. We had two folks holding the NORML banner and the NORML 1973 VW Bus followed with NORML logo body magnets on the side of the bus. Flower Power and Flowers are Medicine too, were our slogan we used.Daniel Asbury rode around in his motorized wheelchair and handed out Marijuana and Human Behavior pamphlets. Jim White also walked by the bus and handed out pamphlets.
At one point in the parade a cheer came out of the crowd watching the parade and I would say the response was very positive. I really feel such projects really brings the issue to the grassroots people where we can humanize this issue.

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Paducah: Paula (270)362-9849 Cher Ford-McCullough. email: 65 Cabin Lane, Gilbertsvile, Ky. 42044 or Brian McCullough <> (270) 362-8186
May 5th report: The first cannabis march in KY was a huge success! We gathered at 11:00AM to welcome the brave spirits that would be part of this historic event. We called in to Gatewood Galbraith's radio show on WVLK in Lexington (
Gatewood's live interview with patient Eddie Smith regarding his medical use of marijuana for AIDS/Cancer, was simulcast from the stage. The end of the interview signaled the beginning of the March. The 40 or so marchers held their banners high, chanting loudly "Educate...Don't Incarcerate" and "No Pot...No Peace".
Our route took us past the DEA office, McCracken County jail & courthouse, police station and the Federal courthouse. The Marchers were inspired by the overwhelming public support we received in the form of honks, waves & yells.
The Police presence was obvious, but subdued. And, a couple Officers even picked up some educational materials for themselves. We rallied back at Dolly McNutt Plaza and the event continued with the sounds of Totem Soul, Sixth Floor & Teddy Woodward. The music was interspersed with our awesome speakers, Kathy Lyons, Gatewood's 1999 gubernatorial running mate from Murray, KY, Kay Lee, grandma and founder of The Journey For Justice from Florida, Eddie Smith, MJ patient and rabble rouser from Utica, KY.
Throughout the day a couple hundred KY residents showed up for info. And, many stayed to help tear down & load up. THANKS to the crew from Puff n Stuffs & to the Murray State students. Many new contacts were made with Kentuckians anxious to get active. Shortly after 4:00 we were joined by a 100 or so members of the Viet Nam Veterans Motorcycle Association. The rolling thunder drew a roar ofwelcome from our crowd...
Media in attendance included The Paducah Sun, who ran favorable pre andpost articles, Channel 6TV(WPSD) and The Peasants Press.

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Palm Springs: Lanny Swerdlow <> pager:760-836-8166; ph: 760-799-2055

Philadelphia: Bob Hemp (beep) 215-422-6055. Philadelphia: emily petry <> 215/563 3030.
May 5th report: About 50 people, covered by Philadelphia TV Stations 3 and 10, the Pennsylvania Cable Network, and an independent group making a documentary.

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Portland: (503)777-9088 <> MMM 2001 Committee c/o Pdx NORML, P.O. Box 11694, Portland, OR, 97211. Assemble at Pioneer Square, 10am - March at High Noon; Rally at 2pm, music & speakers til 5pm (close up and out by 7pm).
May 5th report: 500 in the March, and about 2000 for the Rally in Pioneer Courthouse Square afterwards

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PEI (Prince Edward Island): Deanne Kimball <> (902)628-9012Raleigh-Durham: Bryan T. Moore <> 919-835-9889

Redding: "Byron Stephens" <>

Regina: Daniel Johnson <>

Raleigh-Durham: Bryan T. Moore <> 919-835-9889

Richmond VA: "Roy B. Scherer" <> (804) 355-7612, or campus libs at <>
May 5th report: Starting with 100 people in Monroe Park in central Richmond, about 150 left for the state Capitol at 3:30, & attendance peaked at about 200 on the Capitol grounds. There was media coverage on Local TV channel 12, WWBT (NBC), on their 11 pm news --pretty good, although they referred to marijuana as a "narcotic". The local daily paper had an excellent photo of the march. Local TV channel 8, WRIC (ABC), carried a story on the New York event; and both WTVR-6 (CBS) and WRLH-35 (Fox) covered the local event. Richmord VA media report: 75 People Join Marijuana March By Paige Akin, TIMES-DISPATCH May 06, 2001.
Roy Scherer hasn't smoked marijuana in more than a month. "I took a toke from a joint at a party, but that's about it," said Scherer, wearing a bandanna on his forehead and a pro-marijuana T-shirt. "I enjoy it when I smoke it, but I don't smoke it very often."
Even though he says he's no longer a regular user, Scherer organized yesterday's Million Marijuana March in the hope of making the leafy, green drug legal for generations to come. About 75 people, including many students from Virginia Commonwealth University, gathered at Monroe Park for the peaceful demonstration. Hacky Sacks and Frisbees flew through the air as the crowd grew. The march was part of an international effort to legalize marijuana, outlaw mandatory drug testing by employers and end the war on drugs. More than 150 cities worldwide participated. The event started four years ago in New York City. Scherer spoke briefly at the park, then marched down Franklin Street to the Capitol. Along the way, the crowd shouted at drivers to "honk if you want to legalize marijuana." Bob Marley songs kept the lively crowd moving. Others sang, "All we are saying is give weed a chance." Several horse-mounted Richmond police officers accompanied them. Gary Reams, the Libertarian Party candidate for lieutenant governor, was scheduled to speak about drug reform, but he did not make it. At the Capitol, Scherer passed out free hemp - fiber from the marijuana plant - and five pounds of cannabis seeds, which produce marijuana. But anyone who planned to rush home and plant the tiny seeds was in for a surprise: they were sterile, incapable of germination. "Just to make sure, I put them in the microwave and zapped them," Scherer said. "It's more of a gimmick to get people out here than anything. You say, 'Free pot seeds,' and they come running." He said, though, that yesterday's turnout was smaller than he expected. Scherer, a lifelong resident of Richmond, said the city has always had a "parochial" attitude toward drugs. "I'm not one of these people who want to tear down the monuments on Monument Avenue, but we here have perhaps too much regard for the past," he said. "It's hard to get people here motivated to change things." That, he said, is the reason most in yesterday's crowd were younger, in their 20s. "Younger people haven't had a chance to become as cynical as older generations," he said. Matthew Haglund, 22, a VCU student and freelance advertising agent, agreed. He helped Scherer organize yesterday's pro-marijuana rally. "We're not telling people we think they should smoke pot," Haglund said. "We just believe people should be allowed to do what they want with their own bodies."

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San Francisco: Age <> ph: (510)444-3207.
May 5th report: About 2,000 marched to the City Hall, chanting for Pot Pride. No trouble or arrests reported.

San Marcos: Bryan Anderson: 512.396.3223 Email:

Santa Cruz: DdC <> or Jason Brodsky <>

Springfield: Mike Roader <>

St. Louis: Rev Jeff <> also The Cannabis Commandos or St. Louis Area NORML , PO Box 220243, St. Louis, MO 63122, Phone: 314-995-1392 Email: <>

St. Petersburg: Kevin Aplin FL CAN (321)-255-9790. Jodi James - Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana 321-253-3673. Brian Palmer - Golden Boy Productions 407-493-2346.

Seattle to Olympia Journey for Justice: Jess "Fat Freddy" Williams <> (253) 573-9862


Tampa: (813)779-2551. Michael Palmieri <> or <>; (FORML ). P.O. Box 2061, Zephyrhills, Florida 33539. ; or <> ph: (727)347-6245. May 5th report: "A light turn out on a very windy day that had us fighting to keep our tents and tables,and brochures from flying away... no arrests or citations issued...speakers from FLCAN, FORML, CAMM, FIJA,The Florida Green Party and others voiced their opposition to the "War on Drugs". Over all it was a small, successful event.The Authorities KNEW we were OUT THERE!"

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Traverse City: Melody Karr <> (231)885-2993.
May 5th report: WGTU ABC 29&8 were there to cover an estimated up to 100 marchers with interviews and march shots.

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Tucson: "mary mackenzie (formerly crow)" <> 3400 east speedway, #118 tucson, arizona 85716 .(520)323-2947.
May 5th report: "Our march consisted of 35 people and one hundred walked into our rally and picked up literature and left some donations. Friday, May 4, i was interviewed by Richard Dugan of KTKP in Phoenix on live radio, and Saturday, May 5, i was interviewed by KGUN 9 TV which did a fine segment on the 10 o'clock news."

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Washington, D.C.: John Pylka, <fjhc@hotmail> Phone: 202-887-5770.
May 5th report: Although a permit was not obtained for a demonstration, a press conference was scheduled and held at 1:00pm in Lafayette Park (Across the street from the White House). The purpose of the press conference was to express the Washington DC areas grassroots support for the 111 cities around the world that participated in this year's worldwide demonstrations. Johnny Bonneville led the small group of supporters through a rousing version of "This Land is Your Land". Along with Parade Marshal, Tommy Yippie and other Fourth of July volunteers, members of Common Sense for Drug Policy Reform and DRCNET, the attendance of supporters at the press conference was less than 25 people. Photos of the event will be posted soon at
Fourth of July Hemp Coalition (organising demo 4th JULY) has a new home. It 's called the FOOT (Friends Of Old Takoma)Community Center. Located at 268 Caroll St. NW 20012, one block away from the Takoma Park metro station. Call 202-887-5770 for more details. (John Pylka, event coordinator.

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Adelaide: "Charlene Grainger" <>>
Jamnes +61 (08) 8297 9442 <> HEMP SA:
Help End Marijuana Prohibition South Australia, PO Box 1019, Kent Town South Australia 5071. Website: <>
May 5th report: The small crowd who did attend were treated to a fine afternoon's entertainment, basking in the autumn sun.

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Nimbin: Contact: "rebelart" <> contact ph: 61-266890413 Nimbin HEMP Embassy, & the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement reply to
May 5th report: "Mardi grass is renown for having a crowd of 10,000 well behaved people watched by only four police." contact ph: 61 0266 891842

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Canada - Carribean - USA - New Zealand - Europe - Africa - Middle East, - South America - Asia




New Zealand


Auckland: Albert Park, Auckland City. National Organisation for the Reformof Marijuana Laws in New Zealand, 60 Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand. Mail: PO Box 3307, Shortland St, Auckland 1015. Tel: +64 9 302-5255. Fax +64 9 303-1309 < . Contact: Chris Fowlie Tel: 09 302-5255.>
May 5th report:

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Wellington: Ben Knight <> ph 04 801-6636.
International J Day celebrations continued in Wellington on Saturday 12 May when hundreds gathered in a sunny Frank Kitts Park to celebrate cannabis and press for law reform.

Yarmuth: (902)742-6213 "Ryan Taylor" <>



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CHRISTCHURCH: As evidenced at J-Day in Christchurch, the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party is believed to be again mobilising against the rotten core of New Zealand politics, and making contingency plans for the 2002 campaign.
According to every principle this country stands on, decriminalisation is the peoples' right and expectation, and controlled cannabis cultivation and consumption must therefore be allowed.
"Get on with our law review, you cads, or face the consequences", say the Mild Greens.

The Mild Green faction of the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party is losing patience with unaccounted delays in NZ's promised cannabis law review. They say the Labour-led government is courting punishment in the polls for chickening out on the marijuana issue.
Questions have been raised over apparent stalling of Parliament's "Decriminalisation" Inquiry into Cannabis Related Health Strategies. According to Labour's Christchurch Central M.P. Tim Barnett, a majority of the 700 public submissions received by the Health Select Committee in February are in favour of liberalisation.
The legislative implication is obvious - and one would think, deserving of expeditious resolution. Mr Barnett spoke at Saturday's international May 5th J-Day rally in Cathedral Square, Christchurch, attended by three hundred or so reform supporters. The M.P. said that Government had made good progress over the last year, but that supporters must be patient because the change would realistically take another 2 or 3 years - and was likely to become a key debate in the next election. "The public needed convincing that a law change would be effective in reducing consumption rates", he said.
Ministerial cannabis review papers, however, specify that "harm minimisation" comprises the actual criteria for reform, not "use reduction". An official paper for the Ministerial Committee on Drug Policy states explicitly that any increase in use following liberalisation may be offset by such factors as a reduction in criminality and criminal activity on the black market. (obtained from Health Minister Annette King by NORML under Official Information Act, Aug. 2000).
A serious flaw in Government's public methodology is thus evident, say the Mild Greens. In outwardly maintaining the very same fraudulent, unbalanced policy standards of the previous government, Labour and Alliance's social credibility is rapidly going up in smoke.
"Why, for example, is corrections minister Matt Robson building unwelcome new Youth Justice facilities, when cannabis prohibition is at very least a factor in, and in all probability at the very root of, problematic behaviors amongst New Zealand's youth population?"
"It appears Robson and his fellow ministers would rather encourage institutionalised criminality, than acknowledge the failure of prohibition, and condemn this obvious and avoidable cause of crime and alienation from rule of law."
It is now two and a half years since the National Party-led Health committee, following an exhaustive inquiry into the Mental Health Effects of Cannabis, asked that Government "review the appropriateness of existing policy on cannabis, and its use, and reconsider the legal status". It is three long months to the day since public submissions closed on the new Parliament's follow-up inquiry. Yet last week, Health committee chair Judy Keall revealed that the Health Committee had yet to set a date for the first public hearing.
As the delay in processing cannabis continues, even the Green Party of Aotearoa seems half-hearted about setting the cannabis record straight. It is difficult therefore to be excited about Nandor's "clean slate" bill, or more recently his bid to declassify "low THC" hemp from the Misuse of Drugs schedules.
In submitting the bills, the Green Party, like the Government, has distanced itself from the reality of "high THC" activity in New Zealand. It also appears hypocritical for the Greens to be leaving hemp/cannabis reform advocacy almost exclusively in the hands of their Rastafari justice spokesperson. Prohibition affects all areas of peace, justice, health, education, race relations, civil rights, law and order, crime-reduction, prisons, foreign relations, trade, bio-security, disarmament, energy, transport, waste reduction, conservation, climate change, animal rights, organic farming, employment, culture, community relations, local government and eco-social equity.
While humanity is excluded from access to proper and healthy uses of the world's most useful natural bio-resource, the Green Party's pitiful absence of intersectorial advocacy against the WAR on DRUGS is allowing Labour to trivialise the issue - in a callous way reminiscent of the previous administration.
Leader of the House, Michael Cullen, was heard to interject off-microphone during question time in the House last Thursday, that Parliament's Cannabis Inquiry would commence "after smoko break".
In the absence of any sign of cannabis conscientiousness in Parliament, Blair Anderson of the Mild Greens will this week present to the Justice and Electoral Select Committee. The committee is investigating improvements in New Zealand's democratic processes, under the Electoral Amendment (No 2) Bill.
Anderson is arguing that the 5% threshold under MMP serves no valid purpose, other than ensuring that there is a flow of votes towards established parties, effectively slanting Parliament towards the majority rulestyle of FPP governance. The "threshold effect" feeds a situation under which media-polls guide an unknown percentage of the public into "tactical voting", for fear of wasting their vote.
And as a result of the arbitrary cut off of 5%, true voter sentiment for cannabis reform has been misappropriated to parties too embarrassed to talk about marijuana. Cannabis continues to slip through the cracks, and the social order with it.
The Mild Greens believe that while the debate on decriminalising cannabis use clearly contributed to the outcome of the November 1999 election, and the nailing of the prohibitionist National party, Cannabis Party support was unfairly eroded (both initially in 1996 [1.7%], and further in 1999 [1.3%]) by the threshold effect.
Ironically, at last year's J-Day protest, Green co-leader Rod Donald admonished Cannabis Party voters, saying that if the 1.3% of ALCP voters had voted Greens, his party would have had an additional M.P. in the house "fighting for cannabis law reform".... Despite a million dollars in collective Green party M.P. salaries since the election, no such fight is evident.
The Mild Greens say that while resolving the cannabis debate - and liberating New Zealanders from the root of all evil - is their sole priority, the adverse electoral system is at least partially responsible for the elected Parliament's slowness in delivering security and harmony to the people.
Anderson has an uphill battle in getting Parliament and media to discuss the insidious anti-democratic effect of the 5% threshold. Unfortunately, allowing MP's to decide on what system best ensures their re-election, is rather too much like giving the job of investigating complaints against the Police, to the offender's fellow officers.

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Halifax: Danielle D'Aoust, e-mail: <> 3923 Kencrest Ave. app. 307, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3K3L4 Tel: 902-454-9317; Also Jimmy Dorey <>

Montreal: MONTREAL Quebec. Bloc-Pot party of Quebec. MMM c-o BLOC-POT P.O. Box 361, station C, Montreal Quebec, Canada, H2L 4K3. Tel: (514)528.1768. (Marc-Boris St-Maurice) <>

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Toronto: "Terry Parker Jr." <> 416-533-7756.or Derek Wellwood
may 5th report:(2nd annual) 7,000 participants, no arrests.5000 marchers (2nd annual march) no arrests, lots of fun. March slide show

Pics of both events and a real player slide show to fleeswood mac 2001  

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Saskatoon: In a blatant violation of our human rights officials in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada have ordered the removal of posters advertising the upcoming may 5th world wide cannabis liberation march. Conjecture is that the visit today (april 28th) of England's prince charles is the motivating factor behind this outrage, as he will be visiting the area in question during his stay. Please ask all your members and people on your mailing lists and anyone you can think of to contact our mayor jim maddin ( he's a retired cop) or my favorite city counselor and arch enemy of the mayor patrica or the local newspaper the star phoenix at and voice your opinion as to this blatent deniel of human rights stand by for updates stand up for human rights, thankyoy. timothy fraser hampton, the electricgypsy.

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Vancouver: David Malmo-Levine, <> (604)874-0790 (202)887-5770. Contribute to the organizing in the Activists and Activism thread at, or contact him privately at <>"
May 5th report: 500 marches. A word in our defence for such a poor turnout for Van....There was a scateboard convention (SLAM CITY JAM) happening at the same time...there was a band who set up and began to play at our take off point just as we were beginning our march......oh well. May 4th 2002.

Vancouver Vigil Report - tune in to The Healing Herb Hour, on Pot TV to view the show on the Vancouver Vigil that took place in honor of the victims of the Drug War. The vigil was dedicated to the late Peter McWilliams.

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Winnepeg: Chris Buors, 204-663-3485, mail to 430 Winterton ave, Winnipeg,Manitoba, Canada R2K 1K

Windsor, Ontario. Tel: 313-438-1668. APHASIC PRESS c/o "The HappyhouseChurch" link to THC-ULC:


Carribean - USA - Australia - New Zealand - Europe - Africa - Middle East, - South America - Asia








KINGSTON, JAMAICA.KINGSTON, JAMAICA. Paul Chang - P.O. Box 24, Laughlands, St. Ann (until Feb. 22/00) Tel: (876) 972-0817 voice; (876) 794-8086 Fax: (876) 794-8087 [in CANADA - P.O. Box 69010, 2 St. Clair Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario M4T-3A1 (after Feb. 22/00) Tel: (416) 755-5225; (416) 759-7130 Cell: (416) 318-5940 fax: (416) 755-8049]

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May 5th reports: In Britain local actions both spontaneous and pre planned took place in Edinburgh, Norwich, Hull, liverpool and Nottingham while in london the event was postponed to june 16th due to the waterlogging of the march assembly and festival sites.

London: International Cannabis Coalition (UK), PO Box 2243, London, W1A 1YF, UK. Chris: 020 7637 7467. Fax: 0870 0548646. E Mail: http://www.cannabis

May 5th report: In just 8 days of feverish activity the organisers of the london event managed to successfully inform an expected 50,000 people not to come on May 5th and set a new date for june 16th. However here was a presence at both parks to welcome anyone who had not heard of the postponement.
In Kennington Park most of the time was spent debating the issues with the very friendly Lambeth police. Several seemed to want to legalise all drugs; typical quote: "They should have an age limit of 16 for cannabis and 18 for smack and coke etc - don't quote me". Or "Just don't rub our faces in it (smoking cannabis) and make us look like prats, be reasonable and you'll get the same in return from 99% of us - things have changed." After a while we all walked the march route handing out leaflets to all the shops and local residents along the way. We got a great reception - especially at the hairdressers where the editor of ccnews went in to hand them a flyer for June 16th, saying "you might want to board up your windows when this lot come by." The manager studied the paper intently, breaking into a broad grin. "No, we'll take the windows down, blow it all in here!"
Meanwhile in Brockwell Park some dry patches were found in Brixton's new 'lake district' by several small groups of people including a troupe of drummers, who celebrated the day on behalf of the missing 50,000. Meanwhile some cannabis campaigners supported the 'global warming' demo at the US embassy. This seemed apt as global warming is blamed for the heaviest rain in London since records began which caused the postponement of the cannabis march & festival to June 16th. In the evening several 'after parties' became global cannabis 'space odessey' events.

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Hull: Carl Wagner <> phone: +44 01482 494789 5 Victoria Square, Ella Street, Hull HU5 3AL, England .

May 5th report: Began Saturday by hijacking a union march in Hull. Couldn't believe my luck, as there was only around 40 people, we - 'big Caroline' and me - latched on the back with our scruffy free the weed banner (only 4 banners, and ours was biggest) and got seen by thousands. I openly smoked in front of all, including the police who glared but did nothing.
Next, the park...gulp. When we arrived around 2.00, there appeared to be nobody much around. It was cold and windy and our advertising didn't arrive 'til thurs - sammy, tasha and me sat all day and night writing 'Pearson Park 2.00' on the backs.
However, by 3.00pm there was approx 200 potheads in one group and several offshoots, buskers, acoustic musicians, juggler and a really diverse bunch of people, the majority staying 'til 5.30-6.00. And all smoked openly.
The police reaction was very low key, in fact friendly. With no advertising, a cold day and clashing with Hull rag day, I'm chuffed. Made loads of contacts, put out masses of information and I believe we have the beginnings of a real movement in Hull. 5000+ next year with a bit of luck - and help. Raised £13 as well - now only £17 short on deposit.
Now we will be secureing a venue for our first serious pot night. It will include film (
emporer of hemp), a debate and a couple of bands. We aim to do this on a regular basis - emphasis on the unconverted.
Grovel time: Our deposit is guaranteed and we expect to become self sufficient via Hull LCA membership etc but we desperately need leaflets etc now. I appeal to anybody who has an excess of cash to please consider allocating some to Hull - on a loan basis of course, in order that we can keep a momentum going.
Leaflets, cheques, books, in fact any item that could be auctioned or used for resale etc should be sent to LCA (Hull) 5 Victoria Square Ella Street Hull HU5 3AL Include a bill if on a loan basis, and
thanks in advance to anybody who can help. 3 youngest have got chicken pox, we have no dope, no dosh, are knackered...and I'm as happy as a pig in shit!!!!! Carl

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Norwich: May 5th in Norwich was actually the annual Trades Fair. In the past its been the shop window for all the lefty organisations, loads of Labour party stuff and a few anti fox hunt campaigners. This year, no Labour party what so ever. A few stalls, hunt sabs, anti nazi and a few greeny things. a sound system and a real ale tent. At 1.00pm, the start time for the picnic, there were hardly any people there at all and no sign of a picnic. So I wondered off to get the flags and when I got back, there was a picnic. The sound system started playing chilled reggea and just to the side of the beer tent there was a tidy number of people picnicing away. As the afternoon progressed the park became populated by people laying around smoking rather large ciggies listening to the music. Frisbies flew and dogs had fun trying to chase them, the sun shone and everyone had a nice time. The police showed up. They drove into the park in a car and sat there for a while watching, then drove slowly away never to return, A bit later the BBC turn up and take some pictures, so it might be on the telly.(Derek).

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Liverpool: Will Graham - - tel (inc. international code): 0044 151 727 1458.

Edinburgh: Linda Hendry - -

see cannabis conections for full uk cannabis listings





Dublin - A successful action took place in Dublin. 500 people turned up to enjoy the hottest day of the year in bushy park from 2pm to 8.30pm. People came together and enjoyed the day talking lisening to drummers, watching jugglers. Despite the fact that we forgot to send the press releases both the newspapers and television stations reported the event in a favorable manner, no arrests were made and police presence was nearly non existent. Those that did appear seemed quiet impressed by it all. (mike)
latest: A 'relegalise cannabis' website set up by organisers of a Dublin event to support the global cannabis action day on may 5th is back after being blocked by its server 'Brinkster' 48 hours after going online. They have now moved to The event attracted over 500 supporters in Dublin and good media coverage, joining people taking action on cannabis in over 130 cities worldwide.

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Berlin: Contact: Martin ( HANFPARADE (Hemp-parade) bureau. Tel: 0049-30-24720233.(Martin Müncheberg: 0049-30-29 49 02 01 - every working day from noon to 8 p.m.).Fax: 0049-30-24720234. <> Hemp Museum: Tel: 0049-30-2424827.

Duesseldorf: Marlon Werkhausen <> mobile ph: 01727591795

Hamburg: Martina Katzsch <>

Nuernberg: Emanuel Kotzian, Emilienstrasse 10, 90489 Nürnberg, Germany. ("Green Party") <> phone: 0049-911-535433.

May 5th report: the event in nuernberg was really coooool: so we were really surprised by the croud there was. about 700 people made an really excellent march through the historical city of nuernberg. we were lead by the police ... to be precise; by four policeman - really cool, they made jokes all about. but to explain you quickly we have some special conditions, because of we are the official youth organisation of the Green Party, which is in the govenment, so the police is very nice to us. lol... the main speakers were the speaker of the green youth in germany - werner graf an the chairwoman of the green (old) party in nuernberg - ines eichmueller - of cause they voted for a radical change in drug politics. beside that we let the people speak. that was really cool for the people - even it was not for the organisators, because the people are pissed off on the greens, because factually nothing happans about dope-legalisation althuog the green are ruling for three years now.... after the demonstration we opend an exhibition about smart drugs - (mushrooms, canna, lsd, xtc) - it is an really scintific exhibition so pro legalisation.... for the end we made a amazing party with 10 dj and 4 mc. about 500 people were on that party, and we enjoyed till 5 am... we feel of couse positive and planing our next event in Regensburg on 4.8.01- and of course we will repeat the happaning in nuernberg next year - to tell you the complete story - nuernberg is in the south of germany (in bavaria) and bavaria is known for its radical antidrugpolicy (for european standart) and of course the land of beer - so far - peace.(emmi)

Oberlin: Jesse Kanson-Benanav <> (440)775-6607

Frankenthal: helmut holtzheimer <>

Other German contacts:

BASICS Network,
a European network; networked groups of ravers-clubbers working for health community. See From Drug Checking Newsgroup; people active in Germany for testing substances (dance drugs) for ingredients and amount.. At the moment this is carried out in Hanover and other cities in Europe e.g. Vienna, Barcelona, Amsterdam etc. See for instance For more information about such projects and an online database

SONICS Network, In 1999 about 35 Cybertribes founded the 'Sonics - Cybertribe-Network for Rhythm and Change' in Germany.


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Helsinki & Turku: Kimmo Wilska :Finnish Cannabis Association email: Web:
May 5th report: On behalf of the Finnish Cannabis Association I am pleased to inform you that for as a controversial and (somewhat decreasingly but still rather) taboo subject, the cannabis legalisation marches on May 5 were quite successful.
Depending on who was counting, the march in Helsinki brought together between 500 and 1000 people. In the evening more than 500 people went to the 10th anniversary party of the Finnish Cannabis Association. Meanwhile in the west coast city of
Turku 300-400 people supported the demonstration and the music and speech happening in the park after the march. (Vihreet Pantterit )
To get something of an idea about how touchy a subject the drug question can be in this country you might want to look at the web page from the International Edition (English language version) of the web site of the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat: The story is about the storm that broke out in a teacup when one of Finland's top health officials mentioned in a newspaper interview that she had tried LSD in the mid-1960s when she was a medical student, and that (horror horror shock!) she had actually found it a worthwhile experience.
The problem wasn't so much that she had once dropped acid that brought on demands that she resign, but rather her lack of contrition, and the fact that she had not accompanied her recollections with stern warnings about the evils of drugs. When our President intervened and criticised the press for blowing the issue out of all proportion, SHE became the target of some more hysterical narcophobia.

Turku march pictures:

Hamppu = hemp. Marssi = march.

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Paris: FARId GHEHIOUECHE <> Home phone : 01 42 51 50 85; Mobile: 06 14 81 56 79 or "Dalila AKROUR" <>

May 5th report: This year we were less than one thousand, next year we'll be one million.

Sainte Marie aux Mines, was the biggest event because it takes two days. A big concert on saturday night. No arrest, no media coverage. In Paris more than 500 people gathered, (I think that 1- 2000 people passed by the stage during the day. No arrest. But unauthorized by the Police : just 5 policemen and the Commissaire (Sheriff of the 11ème arrondissement), one of them was very shitty (emmerdeur) but the Commissaire gave his congratulations at the end of the demo.
During the afternoon, people smoke without problem. Some hemp products were distributed (beer, sweeties), books ans posters sold, leaflets distributed. On the stage, DJs spread music to the crowd.
The new mayor of the 2ème arrondissement of Paris was there and give a speech against prohibition, he said that 'the war on drugs' have missed it's objectives, it is time to take another policy; give the rights to the consumers to have quality and to have information about the products. Jean Pierre Galland, chairman of the CIRC (Research and Information Comittee for Cannabis) also spoke. He was just sentenced (26 april 2001) for 300 days prison (90000 FF about 15 000 $ to pay if he dosen't want to go in jail). He gave details about the long struggle he launched with the CIRC and all the risk he've taken just to free the speech on drugs, and especially Cannabis. He gave one real solution for all consumers "plant your seeds, make your own products, smoke your crop and you'll stop giving money to the mafia."
Last was Michel Sitbon a french news editor who has been under justice pressure regulary. He launched an appeal to the crowd "As we are considered to be delinquants, as the politicians don't want to take their responsabilities, we have to write our law and we have to push further. Let's see if the state will have the courage to put in jail
Jean Pierre Galland, because it will have to put everybody in jail". Media coverage was quite undergriound but there were Télé Bocal, Télé Plaisance, Radio FG, Radio FPP, and one live session Oui FM and of course Indymedia will broadcast all pictures and articles. FARId GHEHIOUECHE

Bilan de la Manifestation du 5 mai 2001 : Marche mondiale contre la guerre à la drogue, pour la légalisation des drogues (en particulier le cannabis) - Space odyssey 2001.
L'action s'est déroulée dans une atmosphère bon enfant. En premier lieu, remercions la pluie qui n'est pas tombée et le vent qui a beaucoup soufllé. En second lieu, remercions ceux qui ont pris une part active à l'événement : Editions du Lézard, l'Esprit Frappeur, LS Distribution, Mamaedition, Phat Beatz, et le Comité ad hoc pour l'organisation de la marche du 5 mai 2001. Remercions surtout celles et ceux (Fred, Claire, François, Selim, Nessim, Vanessa, Véronique, Marc, Raphael, Jean Charles, Damien, Manu, Gwendal, Syrinx, Christophe, Kshoo, Aude, Christophe, Christophe, Karine et Manu, François, Eric, Laurent, Cédric, Guillaume, Denis, Lionel, Elsa, José, David, Christine, Jonathan, Jérôme, Samuel,... et d'autres que j'oubli) qui ont diffusés l'information et qui sont venus pour se rassembler le 5 mai, Place de la Bastille de 15h à 18h.
Environ 200 personnes étaient là, à 15 heures pétantes, c'était beau. Tout au long de l'après midi, ce sont près d'un millier (peut-être deux) de personnes qui ont participés au RASSEMBLEMENT pour dire STOP à la guerre contre la drogue et pour la légalisation des drogues (en particulier le cannabis).
Sur le camion sono : de la bière au chanvre, des affiches, des livres pour informer sur les drogues et les conseils de Michka.
Plusieurs interventions ont apportées quelques éclairages sur la situation française : Jacques Boutault, Jean Pierre Galland, Michel Sitbon.
Saluons la présence de Télé Bocal, Télé Plaisance, Radio FG, Radio FPP, et le passage en direct de la manif sur Oui FM et bien sûr Indymedia.
Pour une première, tout le monde a salué le caractère unique de ce rassemblement. D'ailleurs d'autres événements ont lieu à Lyon, Manosque, Marcq en baroeul, Lille... petit peut-être mais néanmoins vivant. Cette première marche (sur place) doit mener à l'abrogation de la loi de 1970.

Dans les prochains mois, nous donnons rendez-vous :

  • Le 22 mai à 19h : AG des Drogues (et de ceux qui les aiment) organisée par Act Up / Ecole des Beaux arts 14, rue Bonaparte M° St Germain des prés.
  • Le 18 juin 18h : 10 ans du CIRC : Discussions… sur l'Herbe de la villette.
  • Le 30 Juin à 14h : 3ème Ecolo Parade - Bastille
  • En fin 2001 : La nuit des Cannabars et des Cannabistrots. Fêtes des récoltes
  • En Janvier 2002 : Lancement de la campagne : 100 jours pour abroger de la loi de 1970 (Texte pétition aux présidentielles et législatives)
  • 26 février 2002 : ACTION "Non, Jean Pierre Galland n'ira pas en prison"
  • 4 mai 2002 : Million Marijuana March - Manifestation mondiale pour la légalisation des drogues et du cannabis en particulier.

A votre écoute pour continuer ensemble. Cordialement. Pour le Comité ad hoc pour l'organisation de la marche du 4 mai 2002

FARId GHEHIOUECHE - PS : Ceux qui souhaitent avoir l'affiche de l'événement (très belle affiche), il m'en reste plein à vendre à 10FF l'une ce qui me permettrai de rentrer dans les frais que j'ai engagé. Merci.

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Amsterdam: Has© <> or <> phone: 0031-616314682 [Note: this event is June 2.]

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Oberwart : CANNABIS COALITION 2001 @ X-CHAT Oberwart / AUSTRIA.
May 5th report: in form of a GOATRANCE - PARTY on MAY 4th - 6th (48h NONSTOP)

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Athens: John Spofforth <> 740-592-3649

Norway> <> /
May 5th report: 2500 peaceful demonstrators took to the streets after listening to Normal activist Thomas Heiersted and world known crimologist Nils Christie.

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Message from sweden: I think it is time to focus on the repressive laws which are being inforced in this so called democratic country! do you know that they have  special police whos sole job is to spy on people who they suspect of smoking cannabis. They can force you to leave a urine or blood test - if the test is positive you can be given a 6 months sentence! If you have a family they can take away your chidren!! To be a cannabis user in Sweden is almost like being a Jew in nazi Germany! Just think Anne Frank!! All this in a country which prides itself on it's so called democracy. Its time for a change here!! Please help by bring this up at the demonstration!!! We are sick and tired of this persecution.

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Krakow: Marek Warmuz (+48)501-468-018. "quepassa" <>
May 5th report: Total of 270-300 ppl at First Cracow MMM , no police aggression , no one was arrested...

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Prague: Michail Polack <> Tel: +420-603-872631, +420-2-33355668, +420-602-178012.
May 5th report: Unfortunately, the problem with parties is, they are totally uninteresting for media (unless something nasty happens, which fortunately doesn't happen very often), all parties look more or less identical for people who are not part of them. Because we abandoned public speeches (replacing them with idea of spreading leaflets, posting articles on web pages, etc.), our event was also uninteresting for politicians. We'll probably to return to more conventional form next year...for photos:

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Zagreb: "Sergio Stifanic" <> GALOVICEVA 10, 10000 ZAGREB. Phone: ++385 1 2330667.

Canada - Carribean - USA - Australia - New Zealand - Africa - Middle East, - South America - Asia





Middle East


TEL AVIV, Israel. Contact: Boaz Wachtel <>, Green Leaf Party. +927-5457-3679. Parade & Picnic in Hayarkon Park.

May 5th report: Over 1000 people attended in Park Hayarkon in Tel Aviv on may 5th, including 3 undercover p.... who took video pictures....the biggest event for that Marijuana day yet in Israel...for the first time saying the first one to promote drugs was not us as some accuse us, but rather it was god who told Moses in Shmot chapter 30 "take thyself drugs".

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Jerusalem: Joseph (011-972) 050-494-447

 Help a prisoner in a Morrocan jail

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Capetown: Henn <>


Durban: <> or <> +27 31 2016 359 PHONE AND FAX. Post net Suite 136, Private Bag X 04, DALBRIDGE, 4014, SOUTH AFRICA.
May 5th report: Great first attempt: 1000 people --also 100 policemen.

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Johannesburg: Gordon Maene <> work: ( 011)805 6763 cell phone: 082 552 6393

 Durban: <> or <> +27 31 2016 359 PHONE AND FAX. <> Post net Suite 136, Private Bag X 04, DALBRIDGE, 4014, SOUTH AFRICA

 Help a prisoner in a Morrocan jail

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Lima, Peru: 889-2728 "Jedi Master" <>

RIO, Brazil. TBA



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  • ASIA


Tokyo: Takao Bakuya (Canabist) +81-3-3706-6885
May 5th report: About 400 people attended the first Marijuana March in Tokyo.

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Ho Chi Minh City: "Bartlett Ridge" <>

  • Visit to Tihar - first hand account of visiting a cannabis prisoner in an Indian Jail

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Worldwide Protests against the Drug War on May 5, 2001. The first Saturday in May has become a traditional day to protest the continuing War on Drugs. This war has many aspects, from police brutality and racist application of unjust laws to the destruction of cropland in Colombia to the recent case of a mother and child being shot out of the sky, mistaken for drug traffickers.
Everybody wants to know: when will the insanity end? Check back throughout the day for updated coverage of the protests, and please upload your photos, audio, video and stories about the protests near you.

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cannabis connections (uk) - global cannabis action - sat may 4th 2002