Interview with Linda McMahon
by Seth Mates
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Linda: No, not at all, because Stephanie is really enjoying her character in the World Wrestling Federation, and she’s getting exactly the kind of chants that her character is evoking, so I am pleased that she’s able to have a lot of fun with it, and that the fans really understand where she’s coming from. If you don’t want to answer this next question, I understand. But as a mother, how did you feel when Stephanie came to you and said she wanted to “enhance” herself?

Linda: No, it’s OK. My first concerns are always with health issues. Stephanie had thoroughly investigated the procedure, and she had answers to all the questions that I asked, and so I felt comfortable that if that was something that she wanted to do, then she should proceed, and she had my full support. As a mother, what’s it like for you to watch Shane perform in the ring?

Linda: He scares the bejesus out of me. He really does. He has taken some chances that I would like not to see him take anymore -- some of the really high falls. They were risky. Quite frankly, I have the same concerns for our other performers when they are involved in risky moves. The things we do in the ring are performed with such great skill, but still you watch these men and women and you want to be sure that they’re not hurt or injured. That’s why we are so emphatic about non-professional, untrained individuals not trying these moves at home.

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