Pictures from Fiji
Photos Taken While Peace Corps Volunteers (1995-97)
by Marc and Mindy Schlossberg  
Fiji Photo Index 
The following is a sampling of photographs taken in Fiji from 1995-1997. The authors, Mindy and Marc Schlossberg, spent two years as Peace Corps Volunteers in Fiji and had the opportunity to travel throughout the islands. 
Click on a picture below to see it enlarged and to read a brief desciption of the scene.
Our best friends from Fiji!
A view from the air of a beautiful island.
A typical island paradise beach scene
A view of the interior/dry side of the main island. It has been reserved as an eco-tourist site.
Mindy, Marc and the boat they took for eight days as they explored some of the remote Fijian islands.
A community hall built in the traditional Fijian way.
A cute picture of some Fijian children.
Mindy and Sainimari dressed in modern clothing, but with a traditional design.
Semisi is a rural development administrator on the island of Rotuma. One day, he took Marc into the jungle interior and ended up coming back with some fresh bananas.
Lakeba is one of the islands and native home to Ratu Mara - Fiji's President. This picture is of one of the local roads lined with typical tropical vegetation.
The new city hall building in Suva, Fiji's capital. An example of modern architecture emerging in Fiji.

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