The Event Award - presented by Christopher Lee

- The Open
producer: James Porter
editor: Gordon Turnbull
presenters: Tony Adamson & John Inverdale
BBC Sport for BBC Radio 5 Live
“A nail biting finish well communicated by an expert team - you could hear a pin drop in the final moments, but throughout a very tense event the commentary team stayed calm, relating the excitement of the triumphs and disappointments of the competitors.”

- Local Heroes
producers: Mark Sadler, Alasdair Stirling & Andy Telling
writers: Mark Sadler & Spencer Kelly
event manager: Sophie Fenning
engineering: Russ Williams
presenters: Spencer Kelly & Mike Osman
Ocean FM
“A multifaceted programme celebrating people who help the local community, whilst at the same time raising money for the Make A Wish charity. A cleverly constructed programme, with the radio audience hearing music whilst the live audience had money extracted from them in a charity auction.”

- Eleven Days in May
producers: Dan Walker & Philippa Heap
director: John Pickford
editors: Dan Walker, Philippa Heap & Steve Huckvale
other credits: Fraiser Dainton, Greg Dean & Wendy Middleton
Piccadilly Radio News for Magic 1152
“Passionate coverage of the Manchester United Treble last year. Their 11 Days In May programme celebrated all 3 victories, culminating in the arrival back home from Barcelona and a massive city-wide party.”


The World Tonight
producer: Craig Swan
programme editors: Prue Keely & Jenni Russell
presenter: Robin Lustig
BBC News for BBC Radio 4
“A moving programme concentrating on the return to Kosovo.”

BBC Proms
executive producer for Radio 3: Edward Blakeman 
executive producer for BBC World Service: Jenny Bild 
production: BBC Classical Music production staff
other credits: BBC resources
BBC Classical Music for BBC Radio 3 & BBC World Service
"Excellent Proms coverage - a massive cultural event by any standards.”

The Sports Award - presented by Clare Balding

- Super Sunday 
producer: Pete Stevens
presenters: Gideon Coe & Pete Stevens
"A confident presenter with an irreverent, upbeat style. Good tempo from reporters. Presentation and production values excellent.”

- Rafter the Grafter
producer: Ric Blaxill
writers: Ric Blaxill & John Inverdale
executive producer: Carolyn Smyth
presenter: John Inverdale
TransWorld International for BBC Radio 5 Live
"High quality production. Impressive array of interviewees. Well structured and explained to non-experts. Not exclusive to fans.”

- Sport on Five 

producer: Claire McDonnell
editor: Joanne Watson
presenter: Ian Payne
BBC Sport for BBC Radio 5 Live
"Comprehensive and straightforward style up to their usual high standard - like a radio Grandstand.”


Red Balls on Fire 
producers, writers & presenters: Mark Clemmit & Bob Fischer
editor: David Peel
BBC Radio Cleveland

The Gills go to Wembley
producers and writers: Matt Davison & Simon Thomson
BBC Radio Kent

The News Award - presented by Sheena McDonald

- Late Night Live: Soho Bomb
producers: Bill Law, Stephen Butterick, James Silver & Clare Ackling
editors: Marina Salandy-Brown
presenter: Brian Hayes
BBC Current Affairs News for BBC Radio 5 Live
“Well-judged coverage of a major breaking story, combining eye-witness accounts with impressive analysis. Brian Hayes conducted the programme with authority, dexterity and the right tone.”

- Paddington Train Crash
producers over the day: Ceri Thomas, Mark Sandell, Rik Morris, Sali Collins, Stephen Chittenden
presenters: Julian Worricker, Victoria Derbyshire, Nicky Campbell, Allan Robb, Ian Payne & Peter Allen 
BBC News for BBC Radio 5 Live 
“Well-handled eye-witnesses contributed to a moving and human immediacy. This impressive coverage spanned those who were there, politicians, rail industry figures and expert correspondents.”

- News At Six
producers & presenters: Allan WatKISS & Spencer Stokes
writers: Allan WatKISS, Steve Pearson, Spencer Stokes & Samantha Fenwick
Ridings FM
“Impressively local - providing a lively, thoroughly and involved ‘news voice’ for the Wakefield community. The judges felt that if they lived in the area, they’d listen regularly.”


World Service News: East Timor
producer: Sophia Wilkinson
editor: John Morrison
correspondents & journalists: Jonathan Head. Matt Frei, Humphrey Hawksley & Guy Smith
presenters: Robin Lustig, Roger Hearing, Belinda Rhodes, Vicky Barker, Roger Hudson, Zeinab Badawi, Alex Brodie, George Arney, Rashmee Ahmed & Audrey Tinley
BBC News for BBC World Service
"Excellent, comprehensive coverage of an important developing story, which showed BBC news gathering at its best.”

The Disappeared
producers: Current Affairs Team
editor: Kathleen Carragher
BBC Radio Current Affairs for BBC Radio Ulster
“Sensitively handled, thorough coverage of an important story, augmented by Malachy O’Docherty’s thought-provoking comment.”

The Speech Award - presented by Jenny Agutter

- The Evacuation: the true story
producer: David Prest
executive producer: Martin Weitz
presenter: Charles Wheeler
Martin Weitz Associates for BBC Radio 4
"A synthesis of what we wanted to hear. Tremendous research, a positive sense of balance about a neglected subject, furnished with moving voices - including that of the presenter. It was uniquely radio.”

- Hillsborough Ten Years On: phone-in special
producers: Caroline Adams & Dean Pepall
presenters: Roger Phillips, Rony Robinson & Dr Niall Wilson
BBC Radio Merseyside & BBC Radio Sheffield
"A coming together of two communities through the medium of local radio, combining the genre of documentary and phone-in.”

- John McCarthy's Bible Journey
producer: Roger Childs
presenter: John McCarthy
BBC Religion, Manchester for BBC Radio 4
“McCarthy had only the Bible to read in captivity. Here he revisits the Biblical lands and with laughter, frustration and erudition takes us with him from the airport departure lounge onward.”


The Routes of English
producer: Simon Elmes
editor: Richard Bannerman
researcher: Emma-Louise Williams
presenter: Melvyn Bragg
BBC Features & Events for BBC Radio 4
“Full of revelation...and a timely and great celebration of the English language and dialect.”

Sunday Service
producer: Simon Hollis & Sam Cash
editor: Jo Phillips
writers: Jo Phillips, Simon Hollis & Sam Cash
executive producer: Alex Connock
presenters: Fi Glover, Charlie Whelan & Andrew Pierce
10 Alps Broadcasting for BBC Radio 5 Live
“Fresh, smart appealing news radio comprising creative journalism with great attitude.”

The Comedy Award - presented by Jenny Eclair

- Blue Jam
producer & director: Chris Morris
writers: Chris Morris, Peter Baynham, Robert Katz, Graham Linehan & Arthur Mathews
performers: Amelia Bullmore, David Cann, Julia Davis, Kevin Eldon & Mark Heap
TalkBack Productions for BBC Radio 1
“Thoroughly worthy of the Gold. Innovative and sets new boundaries for radio comedy.”

- Do Go On
producer & director: Paul B Davies
writers: Griff Rhys Jones, Graeme Garden & Paul B Davies
editor: John Whitehall
executive producer: Griff Rhys Jones
performers: Griff Rhys Jones, Graeme Garden, Melanie Hudson & various guests
TalkBack Productions for BBC Radio 4
"Very well written. Beautifully performed. The writing in DO GO ON is a joy. A wonderful half an hour of very funny radio.”

- The Very World of Milton Jones
producer & director: David Tyler 
writers: Milton Jones & others
presenter: Milton Jones
Pozzitive Television for BBC Radio 4
“Effortlessly amusing. We loved it!”


The Bone Trade 
producer: John Dryden
director, writer & performer: Gregory Whitehead
Goldhawk Universal Productions for BBC Radio 4
"Just great radio - a clever concept, well handled.”

The Millennium News Quiz
producer & editor: Lucy Armitage
writers: Dave Cohen, Tom Jamieson & George Poles
panellists: Alan Coren, Andy Hamilton, Jeremy Hardy & Linda Smith
chairman: Simon Hoggart
newsreader: Charlotte Green
BBC Entertainment Radio for BBC Radio 4
"Familiar territory - but beautifully done for this landmark.”

The Short Form Award - presented by Bidisha

- Woman's Hour Inserts
producer: Sarah Taylor
editor: Ruth Gardiner
presenter: Jo Morris
BBC Features & Events for BBC Radio 4
"Outstanding work with variety, honesty, a very personal relationship develops between the listener and the subject; with stunning actuality.”

- You Be The Judge
producers: James Roberts, Andrew Robson & Tom Hepworth
writer: Tom Hepworth
presenters: featured couple and Tom Hepworth
96.9 Viking FM
"Compelling listening giving listeners a very personal insight into divorce.”

- Legacy 
producers: John O’Neill & Elizabeth Kelly
compilers: Ciara Murray, Paul Clements, Mandy McAuley, Ailsinn Duffield & Siobhan Savage
BBC Radio Ulster
"Gritty stories from real people told with feeling. Strong listening.”


Heart 106.2's Millennium Prayer
producer: Paul Drogan
guest: Sir Cliff Richard
Heart 106.2
“Excellent concept to mix sounds from the 20th Century with the Cliff Richard single.”

Special Places in the South
producer & writer: Trevor Aston
editor: Steve Martin
BBC Broadcasting & Presentation for BBC Radio Solent
“Reinforcing local pride in a way that only local stations can. Strongly researched and produced.”

The Drama Award - presented by Emily Lloyd

- Plum's War
producer & director: John Taylor
writer: Michael Butt
other credits: Nicholas Farrell, Benjamin Whitrow, Henry Goodman, Gillian Barge, Colin Baker, Stephen Boxer, David Glover & Michael Tudor-Barnes
The Fiction Factory for BBC Radio 4
"An intriguing portrait of an unexpected connection between P. G Wodehouse and George Orwell. Tantalisingly told with style and economy and graced with compelling central performances this entry was a tour de force of drama writing, acting and directing.”

- Hearing Sense
producer & director: David Hunter
writer: Richard Monks
editor: Andrew Caspari
lead actor: Ben Crowe
BBC Radio Drama for BBC Radio 4
"An original drama making powerful use of sound to tell a moving story of a man whose life has been haunted by sounds of a life-changing tragedy.”

- Voyage: episode 5
producer, director & writer: Dirk Maggs
based on a novel by Dr Stephen Baxter
Audio Movies for BBC Radio 4
"A play that uses the whole spectrum of sound in order to carry its audience on a thrilling journey into the far reaches of outer space.”


For I Have Sinned
producer & director: Martin Jenkins
writer: Wally K Daly
editor: Peter Hoare
performer: Bernard Cribbins
production manager: Luke Jones
studio manager & engineer: Mike Sykes
Pier Productions for BBC Radio 4
"A powerful monologue, performed by Bernard Cribbins, that examines the mystery of faith and the complex emotions that lead people to confess their misdoings. In a piece of pure radio.”

A Love Song To The Buses
producer: Sara Conkey
writer & director: Sarah Woods
performers: Victoria Worsley & David Reubin
music by: Anders Sodergren
BBC Radio Drama, Birmingham for BBC Radio 4
"A compelling, innovative and involving drama-documentary that takes the listener inside the head of a person with Asperger’s Syndrome.”

Music Presentation Award - stations with an audience of 500,000 to 12 million 
presented by Suzi Quatro

- Bam Bam Breakfast
producer: Dave Young
director: Andy Roberts
performers: Streetboy & David Young
presenter: Bam Bam
KISS 100
“Bam Bam is an excellent communicator; modern and direct, who has a clear sense of balance between his on-air persona and the music he plays. The music programming is clever and brilliantly targeted - music flow is pretty seamless despite the other elements at breakfast time. We found Bam Bam Breakfast to be frantic, energetic and musically completely in tune with the needs of its audience.”

- Paul Anderson & Claire Sturgess
producer: Karl Pilkington
writers & presenters: Paul Anderson & Claire Sturgess
Xfm 104.9
“Connected, interested, and well ‘sold’ - the musical content of this programme was enthusiastically and knowledgeably delivered by two presenters who are clearly living the life that their music embodies.”

- Janice Forsyth
producers: Nick Low, Dougie Campbell & Susan Linstead
guest: Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders
presenter: Janice Forsyth
Demus Productions for BBC Scotland
“A well crafted and thoughtful sequence which is at one with the weekend morning ‘vibe’ and its more discerning adult audience.”


KISS Hit List
producers: Dave Kelly & Melissa Johnson
director: Andy Roberts
KISS 100
“A brave and innovative sequence presenterless and perfectly beat-matched, which demonstrates that radio is readying itself for the future. Clever production, underpinning the urban ‘cut and paste’ feel of KISS as a station.”

Nick Jordan
producers: Nick Jordan, Matt Lomax & Peter Craggs
directors: Vaughan Hobbs & Jana Rangooni
writers: Martyn Healy & Jim Hicks
editors: Sarita Jagpal & Lisa Blower
presenter: Nick Jordan
Galaxy 105 - 106
“Sharp with a sense of fun and energy - delivers the music extremely well whilst retaining a light touch with his live callers - a talent to be encouraged!”

Music Presentation Award - stations with a UK audience  - presented by Jerry Hall

- Jonathan Ross Show
producers: Andy Davies & Fiona Day
broadcast assistant: Stella Nicholson
presenter: Jonathan Ross
BBC Music Entertainment & Off The Kerb Productions for BBC Radio 2
“This show is changing the paradigm of adult contemporary. It is very entertaining with a good music mix. He has a very original and skilful interviewing technique. A show that really connects with its listeners. This is an engaging listen.”

- Jo Whiley's Lunchtime Social 
producer: Ben Cooper
broadcast assistant: Antonia Jolly
presenter: Jo Whiley
BBC Music Entertainment for BBC Radio 1
“Jo is a natural communicator. Her credible knowledge really shows. The live songs were stunning and the music sequence was great. This is a unique lunchtime show.”

- Brian Kay's Sunday Morning
producer: Fiona Shelmerdine
executive producer: Andrew Lyle
studio manager: Chris Muir 
OB engineers: Roger Dowling & Simon Westcombe
live music: Piers Lane, Jonathan Plowright, Stephen Coombs & Artur Pizarro, Pedro Carniero & Matthew Rich
The Burning Bush directed by Lucie Skeaping
presenter: Brian Kay
BBC Classical Music for BBC Radio 3
“One word sums up this show - Passion. A passion for presenting, playing the music, and the music itself. An enticing listen as you are seduced in to listening to more.”


Natalie Wheen
producer: Claire Simpson
presenter: Natalie Wheen
Classic FM
“A cleverly crafted show presented by someone who exudes both knowledge and warmth in equal amounts.”

The Late Drive Show with Dave Pearce

producer: Anna Bowman
reporter: Briggy Smale
broadcast assistant: Ben Appleyard
dj mixer: Dan Bailey
presenter: Dave Pearce
BBC Music Entertainment for BBC Radio 1
"There is no doubting that Dave knows his listeners and displays an extra ordinary empathy. Great music, an involved listen.”

The Feature Award - presented by Beverley Turner

- Out of the Darkness: The Triumph of Nelson Mandela
producer: Vanessa Harrison
editor: Gwyneth Williams
studio managers: Iris Porter & Adam Nolan
presenter: Allan Little
Radio 4 Home Current Affairs for BBC Radio 4
“An inspiring piece of radio which left a trail of nuggets for the listener to collect from start to end. Its use of archive and its research continued with superb scripting and authoritative presentation to give a fresh insight into a topic that has been clouded by time. It put flesh onto the bones of hearsay and generated the tension all good radio needs without attempting to dumb down or over-dramatise.”

- Pushing Back the Curtain: Romania
producer: Tim Whewell
editor: Maria Balinska
sound technician: Efthemios Georgallou
presenter: Misha Glenny
BBC News for BBC Radio 4 & BBC World Service
“This programme was an outstanding work of radio journalism, adding much to our understanding of the events surrounding the collapse of the Ceausescu regime in Romania. The story, presented by BBC correspondent Misha Glenny was carefully researched and well illustrated with actuality and interviews.”

- The Bona History of Julian & Sandy
producer & writer: Turan Ali
featuring: Barry Took, Bette Bourne, Kenneth Williams, Julian Slade, Sandy Wilson and other Bona Homis & Palones
presenter: Maureen Lipman
Bona Lattie Productions for BBC Radio 4
“On the surface this seemed a rather too easy programme to do with all the Julian & Sandy clips but, as it went on, it became a serious look at the issue of homosexuality in the 60’s. How we all laughed at the campness and yet homosexuality was illegal at this time. We grew up with “Round the Horne” and although we laughed at all the jokes we certainly didn’t understand all the hidden gay meanings. This was a programme which was serious and yet funny, with political undertones and full of pathos, particularly when it came to the life of Kenneth Williams. A very entertaining listen but also thought-provoking and a brilliant piece of social history.”


Designer Babies
producer: Richard Vadon
editor: Stewart Lansley
presenter: Paul Vickers
BBC News for BBC Radio 5 Live
“Perhaps one of the most serious issues facing humanity today dealt with in a lively, entertaining and yet serious tone. The presenter, Paul Vickers, asked all the questions you wanted to ask yourself and received almost always interesting answers. An extremely entertaining and informative piece of radio.”

Strictly Conventional
producer: Nigel Acheson
presenter: Quentin Cooper 
Loftus Productions for BBC Radio 4
"Just what a radio feature should be. A clever idea, wittily scripted and narrated. It was never going to change the world but it was a thoroughly enjoyable listen and managed to put both plumbers and Sun City on the map.”

The Entertainment Award - presented by David McAlmont

- Jon & Andy
producer: Mark Sadler
writers & presenters: Jon Holmes & Andy Hurst
103.2 Power FM
“A pair of funny people having fun with their listeners - involving, unpredictable, not too far from the knuckle and utterly at ease with the format.”

- Bam Bam Rewound
producer: Dave Young
director: Andy Roberts
writer: Simon Long
editor: Melissa Johnson
presenters: Bam Bam & Streetboy
KISS 100
"Larky, anarchic, absolutely spot-on in both content and style for the audience, this made other wind-ups sound old hat.”

- Jonathan Ross Show 
producers: Andy Davies & Fiona Day
broadcast assistant: Stella Nicholson
presenter: Jonathan Ross
BBC Music Entertainment & Off The Kerb Productions for BBC Radio 2
"Having torn up the interview script, his playful matiness really brings out his guest’s sense of fun.”


Sunday Service 
producers: Simon Hollis & Sam Cash
writers: Simon Hollis, Sam Cash & Jo Phillips
editor: Jo Phillips
executive producer: Alex Connock
extract presenters: Iain Lee, Mark Steel & Amanda Aldred
presenters: Fi Glover, Charlie Whelan & Andrew Pierce
10 Alps Broadcasting for BBC Radio 5 Live
"Mark Steel’s snooker-style commentary on the stand-up in the old people’s home was among the funniest segments in this category.”

The Cox & Bumfrey Breakfast Show 
producer: Ian Fish
writers: Hannah Cox, Stephen Bumfrey & Ian Fish
presenters: Hannah Cox & Stephen Bumfrey
100.7 Heart FM 
"Pacy, throwaway, tongue-in-cheek, with a breezy confidence and the ability to appeal to a broad base of listeners.”

The Interactive Award - presented by Nell McAndrew - A.K.A. Lara Croft

- On The Ball
producer: Stephen Hollywood
editor: Angus Lyon
broadcast assistant: Dierdre McBride
online production: Keir Murray
presenters: Stuart Cosgrove & Tam Cowan
BBC Scotland
“This was a witty, intelligent and fast-moving football magazine set against the back drop of an historic Scotland v England clash. In the judges’ view, the skilful integration of interactive contributions from expatriate fans from all over the world added greatly to the programme’s appeal and marked On The Ball out as a clear winner.”

- Bookclub 

producer: Olivia Seligman
editor: Richard Bannerman
presenter: James Naughtie
BBC Features & Events for BBC Radio 4
“The judges liked the idea of making JK Rowling, who is normally averse to interviews, directly accessible to her young readership and were impressed by presenter James Naughtie’s intelligent and non-condescending stewardship of the programme.”

- Heart To Heart

producers: Dr Pam Spur & Lou Melotte
presenters: Dr Pam Spur & Nigel Williams
Heart 106.2
“The judges were impressed by this contemporary rendering of a classic late night phone-in format. Both presenters dealt with the callers in a sympathetic and entertaining manner and the programme was an easy yet compulsive listen.”


The Jimmy Young Programme
producer & editor: Phil Jones
presenter: Jimmy Young
BBC Music Entertainment for BBC Radio 2
“The judges noted that in the excitement generated by the Internet and other new media forms, it is easy to forget that The Jimmy Young programme has been interacting with its audience for many years. This edition of the programme perfectly highlighted Jimmy Young’s consummate skill at representing the views of his listeners, and was a showcase for a master broadcaster at work.”

Sunday Surgery
executive producer: Claire Pattenden
commissioning executive, BBC Education: Huw Marks
presenters: Sara Cox & Dr Mark Hamilton
BBC Music Entertainment for BBC Radio 1
“The judges admired this innovative and fast moving programme strand which dealt with a range of issues affecting its young audience in a responsible, sympathetic yet entertaining manner.”

The 'Music Special' Award - presented by Malcolm Maclaren

- For Your Ears Only
producer: Sara Baker
editor: Maria Williams
studio manager: Anthony Danbury
presenter: Honor Blackman
BBC Music Entertainment for BBC Radio 2
"This programme was packed with interviews, nuggets of information and was slickly produced.”

- The Musical Side of the Family
producer: Bill Lloyd
baritone: Richard Lloyd Morgan
piano: Bill Lloyd
presenter: Claire Tomalin
Music & Arts, BBC Northern Ireland for BBC Radio 4
“This was a revealing, intimate and touching story of a mother/daughter relationship.”

- Stars on 78
producer & presenter: Frank Wappat
editor: Sarah Drummond
BBC Radio Newcastle
"A fascinating piece of detective work by Frank Wappat who is a real expert in his field.”


Jerry Wexler: Soul Man part 1 Blues & Rhythm
producer: Kevin Howlett
writer: Pete Frame & Kevin Howlett
presenter: John Peel
Howlett Media Productions for BBC Radio 2
"A fascinating interview with a tremendous storyteller”

What a Wonderful World: The Story of Louis Armstrong
producer: Roy Oakshott
writer: Russell Davies
presenter: Harry Connick Jr
BBC Music Entertainment for BBC Radio 2
"This programme told the life story of Louis Armstrong with real warmth and sympathy.”

The Specialist Music Award - presented by Suggs

- Worldwide with Gilles Peterson 
producer: Benjii Benstead
editor: Jez Nelson
broadcast assistant: Sue Bowerman
presenter: Gilles Peterson
Somethin' Else for BBC Radio 1
“A real example of how radio can create a world of it’s own. Peterson draws on his mastery of the rhythmic and the rare to create an atmospheric journey into sound. Radio at it’s best”.

- Radio 1 Reggae Dancehall Show
producer: Tim Westwood
assistant to producer: Errol Silver
presenter: Chris Goldfinger
Justice Productions for BBC Radio 1
“What a riot! Music, presenters and contributors having one big party.”

- Lamacq Live
producer: Sam Steele
executive producers: Claire Pattenden & Pat Connor
broadcast assistants: Joe Harland & Simon Barnard
presenter: Steve Lamacq
BBC Music Entertainment for BBC Radio 1
“Dynamic show, full of goodies. Steve Lamacq superb, with great supporting contributors and production.”


David Rodigan
producers: David Rodigan, Simon Long & Melissa Johnson
director: Andy Roberts
presenter: David Rodigan
KISS 100
“The man ‘knows his stuff’ and also how to communicate it in the best way. Great content, great contact.”

X-posure with John Kennedy 
producers: John Kennedy & Karl Pilkington
writer & presenter: John Kennedy
Xfm 104.9
“Demonstrates a real understanding and appreciation of the music and artists. Audiences would hear a great blend of tracks, interviews and eclectic ‘new’ music.”

The Competition Award - presented by Ulrika Johnson

- Jono's Australian Experience
producers: Richard Spencer, Sarah Green & Joe Graham
director: Priscilla Williams
editors: Priscilla Williams & Richard Spencer
writer: Paul Drogan
presenters: Jono Coleman, Kara Noble & Jon Davies
Heart 106.2
“This clever, simple and witty idea showcased a good broadcaster in his element. Drawing on both the English and Australian sense of humour, the contributions helped to create a sense of drama bringing the competition to life. Engaging, compelling radio that entertained at all times.”

- Fiver Fever
producers & editors: Mark Gabler & Simon Lowe
director: Dave Shearer
idea: Dave Shearer & Eileen Baines
presenter: Mike Toolan
Piccadilly Programming for Key 103 Manchester
“This simple but effective competition harnessed listener creativity and generated good listener interaction. Accessible to all, this was a suspenseful and entertaining competition.”

- Cause a Disturbance
producers: Lisa Blower, Nick Jordan & Matt Lomax
directors: Lisa Blower, Jon Crew & Quentin Nield
writers: Jana Rangooni, Vaughan Hobbs & Sarita Jagpal
editors: Lisa Blower, Martin Healy & Jim Hicks
presenters: Nick Jordan & Kareem
Galaxy 105 - 106
“The judges felt this was an innovative and extremely well-targeted competition. The marketing and prize were spot-on for the audience concerned and the competition could not have failed to bring in new, younger audiences.”


Someone's Going to be a Millionaire
producer: Dan McGrath
directors: Nik Goodman & Rob Ramsey
production: John Hipper & Richard Spears
presenters: Chris Evans & the Virgin Radio Presentation Team
Virgin Radio
"A well-executed competition which harnessed the excitement generated by “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” and helped to raise not only Virgin’s but also the whole of radio’s profile.”

Star Wars Competition
producers: George Ergatoudis, Mick Meadows & Simon Willis
broadcast assistant: Jude Adams
presenters: Mark Goodier & Simon Mayo
BBC Music Entertainment for BBC Radio 1
“A classic competition format with exceptional production values, well researched contestants and a big feel - just right for a national station.”

The News & Talk Broadcaster Award - presented by Patricia Routledge

- Roger Phillips
producer: Caroline Adams
BBC Radio Merseyside
“First class radio. The broadcaster dealt very professionally with shocking calls about police violence following a football match and then went on to question senior police officers and to travel with the offending riot squad. Local radio actually making a difference. Roger Phillips earned the respect of both sides in a potentially explosive situation. His interview skills are very subtle yet very effective.”

- Peter White
editor: Chris Burns
BBC Features & Events for BBC Radio 4
“His interview with Christopher Reeve was superb radio... absolutely riveting. The interviewer’s own disability may have contributed additional sympathy and understanding but Peter White has transcended reporting about disability and the range of his work demonstrates that he is simply a first class broadcaster full stop.”

- John Humphrys
editor: Rod Liddle
BBC News for BBC Radio 4
“We all agreed we came to John Humphry’s work with preconceptions, but this submission blew away those preconceptions. It revealed another side to him, which was quite simply some of the best interviewing you’ll hear. With his sensitive yet persistent interview of the parents of the accused in the Stephen Lawrence case, John Humphrys proves that his range goes far beyond hectoring politicians. A revealing piece of work.”


Andrew Neil 
producers: John Kent & Sam Woodhouse
BBC News for BBC Radio 5 Live
“Chosen particularly for the skilful and sensitive way he dealt with interviewing an old political friend at the centre of a scandal.”

Jenni Murray & Martha Kearney
producers: Rebecca Armstrong, Helena Sills & Innes Bowen
editor: Ruth Gardiner
BBC Features & Events for BBC Radio 4
“Totally professional, although one would expect nothing less. Judges were particularly impressed with the handling of the potentially difficult Monica Lewinsky interview.”

The Music Broadcaster Award - presented by Kanya King

- Pete Tong
producer: Huw Owen
production assistant: Damian Wilson
Wise Buddah for BBC Radio 1
"Pete Tong has redefined dance music radio making it the ‘new pop’ with his cool credible and alternative style. He is the market leader in his field, and is trusted by his audience whom he understands well.”

- Tim Westwood
producer: Tim Westwood & Toni Thomas
performer: Eminem
Justice Productions for BBC Radio 1
"Tim Westwood is totally connected to the hip hop community and is the definitive source of rap music radio in the UK. His shows are distinctive and an awesome aural experience.”

- Jo Whiley
producer: Ben Cooper
broadcast assistant: Antonia Jolly
guest: Macy Gray
music producer: Andy Rogers
BBC Music Entertainment for BBC Radio 1
"Jo Whiley’s knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for music makes her a DJ role model. Her versatility and ability to relate to her audience make her unique amongst daytime music-driven presenters.”


Johnnie Walker
producer: Chris Whatmough
assistants: Mark Simpson & Sarah Gaston
BBC Music Entertainment for BBC Radio 2
“Johnnie Walker has consistently championed popular music on UK radio for thirty years, and still is as enthusiastic, fresh and compulsive as when he started. His unique style still draws the audience in to share a great new song.”

Paul Gambaccini
for Classic FM
Classic Countdown producer: Paul Gambaccini 
Classic Countdown associate producer: Anna Gregory
for BBC Radio 2
America's Greatest Hits & Songs of the Century producer: Kevin Howlett
Howlett Media Productions for BBC Radio 2
“Paul Gambaccini’s intelligent, informed, yet passionate delivery style has sustained his success across all the national radio stations in the UK, with the exception only of Virgin and Radio 5 Live. He is a broadcaster’s broadcaster.”

A Lifetime Achievement Award - presented by Dale Winton
Alan "Fluff" Freeman was presented with a surprise Lifetime Achievement Award by Dale Winton and Radio 1's afternoon presenters Mark & Lard at The Sony Radio Awards. The industry recognised his tireless dedication to UK radio which has encouraged a celebration of progressive rock and new talent on peak-time chart shows since the 1950's. In a tribute to Fluff it was highlighted that he has broadcast on stations as diverse as Capital FM, Classic FM, BFBS and is heard currently on BBC Radio 2. He was described as "....a man who has served, and is held in the highest affection by, quite literally every sector of our industry".

The Public Service Award - presented by PP Arnold

- BBC MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT FOR RADIO 1 for the following programmes -

"For a station normally associated with music broadcasting, the judges felt that the three entries from Radio 1 in this category displayed a conscious decision to provide its core audience of 15-24 year olds with a vital service of advice and information on three of the main issues facing young people today - sex, drugs and finance. A pragmatic approach was adopted and each series of programmes tackled the individual issues in a manner and style appropriate to the audience.”

Out of the Red 
executive producer: Claire Pattenden
broadcast assistant: Rachel Jones
presenter: Sara Cox
BBC Music Entertainment for BBC Radio 1

Chemical Beats
executive producer: Claire Pattenden
presenter: Danny Dyer
BBC Music Entertainment for BBC Radio 1

Sunday Surgery 
executive producer: Claire Pattenden
commissioning executive, BBC Education: Huw Marks
presenters: Sara Cox & Dr Mark Hamilton
BBC Music Entertainment for BBC Radio 1

- SNAP Schools Tour
producer & presenter: Kim Robson
96.4 The Eagle
"The judges felt that the Snap Schools Tour ‘99 on 96.4 - The Eagle succeeded in getting the anti-drugs message across to young people in a fun and informative way and made them aware of the Crimestoppers helpline number. By using presenter Kim Robson and singer/songwriter David Graham to visit the schools in the Guildford area the children were able to identify with celebrities who achieved their goals without recourse to drugs. 

Daily reports on the radio station about the school visits provided parents with the opportunity of opening up discussion on the subject with their children and enabled them to re-enforce the ‘Say No To Drugs” message. The week-long campaign concluded with an alcohol and drugs-free disco confirming to young people that they could have a good time without using drink or illegal substances. The combination of all three elements and the simplicity of the campaign impressed the judges.”

- Lifeboat 2000 
editor: David Peel
BBC Radio Cleveland
“With the support and promotion of BBC Radio Cleveland, £75,000 was raised in nine months to purchase a new inshore lifeboat for the coastal town of Hartlepool. Local radio is frequently used to launch appeals, but the judges felt that to set a target and sustain the interest for such a period was a magnificent achievement. The station employed all the tried and trusted methods of fund-raising, including on-air auctions, special programmes and variety shows and got hundreds of listeners on board to organise events. The judges were impressed by how the station harnessed the enthusiasm of the local community and turned a fund-raising campaign into entertaining radio.”

The Breakfast News & Talk Award - presented by Adam Faith

- The Morning Programme
producers: Eimear O'Callaghan & Paul McCauley
editor: Eimear O'Callaghan
managing editor: Ana Leddy
presenter: Paul McFadden
BBC Radio Foyle
"Radio Foyle’s programme, following the first anniversary of the Omagh bombing and a weekend of renewed violence in Derry itself, was local broadcasting at its best. We had a profound sense of a station intimate with its community, offering to local people a unique platform for dialogue and exchange. The range and quality of journalism, both in studio interviews and reporter packages, was first class and seemed to us to offer better informed coverage of that weekend’s events in the province than anything we had heard elsewhere. Through the voice and style of presentation, the programme matched perfectly the mood of the morning and this extended to its items such as the very deft review of the papers and an excellent sports briefing. If you lived in the area, the Morning Programme on Radio Foyle would have been unmissable that day.”

- Breakfast
producer: Robin Bulloch
editor: Ceri Thomas
presenters: Julian Worricker & Victoria Derbyshire
BBC News for BBC Radio 5 Live
"Extremely well-judged coverage of the Paddington rail crash. The programme team demonstrated an impressive ability to respond to the breaking story and handled this event with great sensitivity and restraint as it unfolded during the breakfast period.”

- Broadcasting House
producer: Matthew Wells
editor: Kevin Marsh
presenter: Eddie Mair
BBC News for BBC Radio 4
"This lively new current affairs sequence on Sunday morning was much enjoyed, particularly for a very engaging and informative studio discussion on the Jeffrey Archer story. We also liked the approach to features. Not all came off but the programme team is to be congratulated for finding imaginative new ways of enriching the radio current affairs diet.”


The Breakfast Show 
producer: Tom Bowman
director: Danny Savage
managing editor: Ashley Peatfield
presenters: Liz Green & Andrew Edwards
BBC Radio Leeds
“The programme pulled off with great style the very tricky task of dual presentation from two cities - in this case Leeds and Bradford. The two presenters demonstrated impressive broadcasting skills and judgement in over-coming the problems of geography and worked extremely well together to create a seamless breakfast show which did equal justice to both places.”

The Jon Gaunt Breakfast Show
producer: Lee Agnew
editor: Mark Norman
presenter: Jon Gaunt
BBC Three Counties
“This was American-style speech radio driven by a very energetic and irreverent presenter who knows his community well. There were some strong moments in this breakfast show but Jon Gaunt’s rather cavalier attitude towards his listeners and some contributors went very close to the boundaries of journalistic fairness. However, this was certainly ground-breaking BBC local radio programming.”

The Breakfast Music Award - presented by Des'ree

- Bam Bam Breakfast
producer: Dave Young
director: Andy Roberts
performers: Streetboy & Dave Young
presenter: Bam Bam
KISS 100
“A good lively fit for the target audience with appropriate music championed by the presenter.”

- The Adam Cole Breakfast Show
producer & editor: Simon Richie
director: Paul Saunders
writers: Adam Cole & Karl Lucas
presenters: Adam Cole, Emma Wasden, Karl Lucas & Mike Maguire
Galaxy 102
"A presenter who genuinely connects with his audience.”

- Les Ross in the Morning
producer: Liza Wallis
director: Paul Jackson
presenters: Les Ross & Tammy Gooding
96.4 FM BRMB
"There’s no substitute for a genuinely witty presenter who knows both his audience and his market.”


The Simon Logan Breakfast Show
producers, writers & editors: Simon Logan & Brett Harley
presenter: Simon Logan
96.3 Aire FM
"A good example of how good a truly local breakfast show can be produced with very modest resource, as long as there is an inventive brain in the presentation seat.”

The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show

producer: Will Kinder & Emlyn Dodd
executive producer: Simon Willis
writers: Nelson David & Felix Riley
broadcast assistants: Zo‘ Alpass, Mark Newman, Lynsey Breckney & Dave Hillier
presenter: Zo‘ Ball 
BBC Music Entertainment for BBC Radio 1
“The show carried Zoe’s infectious and irreverent personality with what seemed a slightly eclectic musically selection.”

The Station Sound Award - presented by Tracy Emin

- Classic FM
producer & writer: Tim Lihoreau
voice overs: Joanna Lumley, Julie Walters, Martin Clunes & Sir Peter Sullevan
presenters: Stephen Fry & Greg Marston
“Creating an informative and enjoyable modern environment for classical music. Promotion and presentation complemented and enhanced the music played: reinforcing and capturing the mood of the station in an original, themed and well scripted way, which included a witty series of inserts voiced with characteristic aplomb by Stephen Fry.”

- BBC Radio 1
producer: Dominic Ross & Sandy Beach
directors: Grant Buckerfield, Dominic Nangle & Roger Dexter
Radio 1 & Vibe Music Imaging for BBC Radio 1
"A focused, enthusiastic, gusty yet polished, clear brand image, generating a fun, feel-good celebration of global pop music with a definitive UK style.”

- BBC Radio 5 Live
the team: Tony Moorey, Paul Jirgens, Jason Swales & Cathy Block
5 Live Presentation for BBC Radio 5 Live
"Representing its news and sports content with the momentum with which it involves its audience in a pacy, lively, unstuffy yet credible style.”


KISS 100
producers: Andy Roberts & Dave Kelly
director: Andy Roberts
“Integrated but edgy music mix, delivered with energy and good listener endorsement that did not rely on effects for its ‘now’ and ‘up front’ message.”

Jazz FM
producer: John Baish, Paul Kelly & Alex Walden
music composed by: David Arnold & Paul Hart
voice overs: Bill Fredericks, Earl Cameron, Diana Luke & Dian Perry
Jazz FM & David Arnold Music for Jazz FM
"Delivering a complex and varied music mission in a clear, good humoured way that succinctly encapsulated the flavour of the service.”

Station of the Year - with an audience of up to 500,000 - presented by Tim Blackmore

- BBC Radio Foyle
"Radio Foyle is a station that captures the spirit of the new Northern Ireland in a politically challenging and sensitive area. It’s real stars are the audience, whose natural wit and pathos work in perfect tandem with the presenters. Authoritative, without being stuffy, entertaining and fresh without being twee, it’s remarkable range of programming make Radio Foyle the ideal role model for all speech-led local radio.”

Station of the Year - with an audience of between 500,000 to 12 million - presented by Bill Morris

- KISS 100
"KISS was a clear winner. The station has confidence, edge and excitement. It is clearly connecting with its audience and in a very busy marketplace, stands out from the crowd.”

Station of the Year -  with a UK audience - presented by Rt. Hon. Chris Smith MP

- Classic FM
“The judges felt unanimously that in the last year Classic FM had found a really clear on-air identity, sounded more natural than ever, and as a result has achieved its highest audience ever.”

The Sony Gold Award - presented by Rt. Hon. Chris Smith MP

Ralph Bernard, Chairman of Digital One and Chief Executive of Classic FM and the GWR Group. 

Ralph Bernard was presented with the prestigious Sony Gold Award by the Rt. Hon. Chris Smith MP at the Sony Radio Awards, celebrating his solid support of Digital radio. In the tribute, it was noted that Ralph continues to command respect from The City, is a man of diverse skills and talents and is continually striving for the furtherance of the commercial sector. "A champion of the radio industry".

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