BSL presents classic original Dubplate....

First up, a killer that Sir Coxsone Outernational would lay waste any other sound with in any clash, it comes from the studio of one of the masters of reggae music during the 70`s, Lee Perry and the Black Ark, the tune in question.....`From Creation`.... the original piece, as written and performed by `Clive Hylton`. From long time it was said to have been performed by `Jnr Byles` but any atuned ear could tell it wasn`t, but it was customary for a sound to confuse any others who might want to hunt it down and so i think it was a ploy from Coxsone to keep it secure to his sound, maybe also because Jnr Byles was a more known name than Clive Hylton and it was thought this would garner better audience response. The rhythm itself only ever saw release as an overdubbed instru- mental coming on the `Super Ape` album as `Underground Roots`, but it was this original raw vocal piece and the dubwise counterparts that Coxsone would use to mash another sound, in fact on session tapes that i have heard Coxsone would play the dubwise first, its awesomely heavy bass and lone one drop kick drum subjecting the array of speakers and the crowds to a resounding pounding, following this assault the vocal would then be played to accentuate the exclusivity of the rhythm, which, at the time no other sound could play back....
click for clip of dubwise piece to `Barry
Brown ~ Give Another Israel A Try`.
click for clip of raw Scientist dub to
`Johnny Osbourne ~ Turn The Tide`
click for clip of `Yabby Yu ~
Hear I Prayer Oh Jah` dubplate
more selections of King Tubby`s dubplate labels
Stepping into the 80`s, this next rhythm comes from outta the UK, hailing from the Wolverhampton studio`s of little known producer `Moppet` it features a female singer on one of her first recordings, with her peaen to the land of milk and honey it was Rasheda`s `Shashemani Land` recorded circa `81. A rhythm and song of awesome proportions and one that can still cause rapture in a dance, but it was the exclusive dubwise mix that only Jah Shaka sound had that would cause the most mayhem, known only as `Steves Mix`, it was a raw, vocal-less dub, emphasis on the drum and bass, with shattering echo`s splintering off in all directions, a draw card for Shaka at any dance....
Although it is seen by many of todays fans that Jah Shaka sound was the sound that heralded and played many killer dubplates, it is known that he was`nt always the first to get such music, many others had better connections with Jamaican producers and so would get the music first, but what has been shown is that Shaka `made` many of the tunes what they are, by this i mean it was the way he presented the tune to the crowd, and over the years many of these tunes have become synonimous with Jah Shaka, as is with this next tune, one out of countless killers from the artist Dennis Emanuel Brown, it is `Bubbling Fountain` alternatively known as `Love Jah`, the song itself can be found on Dennis` `Spellbound` album, sitting slightly uncomfortably amongst a more lovers selection. The production is Joe Gibbs circa `80, the rhythm a stepping, bass solid, horns ablazing killer in the mould of tunes like `Slave Driver` and `3 Meals A Day`......the dub presented here a raw drum and bass version possibly mixed by the man known as Crucial Bunny.......
Close up of one of Prince
Jammy`s dubplate labels.
Click label for clip of dub to
`D. Browns ~ In His Own Way`
A King Jammy`s dubplate sleeve
with a Prince Jammy dubplate
inside, two era`s of Jammys dubs !
Click label for clip of `Delroy
Wilsons ~ I Cant Stand It` in dub.
Close up of another Prince
Jammy dubplate label.
Click for clip of `Al Campbell
~ Iniquity Man`
Jackie Mittoo, reknowned as one of the greatest keyboard players hailing from Jamaica and on par with many of the worlds greatest, having played thru many era`s of Jamaican music from as far back as the early Ska days with the Skatalites, thru the various formations of Coxsone Dodd`s Studio One bands during the Rocksteady and early reggae periods with instrumentals like `One Step Beyond`, `Drum Song` and `Jericho Skank` then thru the 70`s and rootical tunes like `Mystic World` and `Ayatollah` amongst them, and right forward into the digital era co-producing tunes like `Yami Bolo ~ Free Mandella` and `Sugar Minott ~ Wrong Move` for the Miami based Skengdon label. This next dub `Mashdown Babylon` is from the latter part of the 70`s (79?) and is a self pro-
duction and to my knowledge never saw release, it combines an amalgum of two different tunes, his own instru- mental rhythm `Wall Street` and part of a vocal refrain from Winston Jarrett`s chanting `Mashdown Babylon` from producer Coxsone Dodd, this later version though is a far rootsier affair possibly recorded in the US, its rise and fall b-line dropping weightily whilst nuff percussive effects, horns and Jackie`s spikey clavinet churn melodically behind the chanting `...Mashdown Babylon...ina dis ya amagiddeon....` and a chorus of voices hailing `..We are children of the world...`. This small clip here is from the dubwise counterpart.......
From one of the issues of the BSL magazine, a list of 100 killer dub- plates as played by Jah Shaka sound system. Consisting of tunes like the `Mighty Travellers ~ Rocks & Mountains`, the `Black Disciples ~ Forward Ina Iwah`, `Skatalites ~ Last Call`, `Albert Malawi ~ Children Of The Emporer` (although forgeting the wicked Brigadear Jerry piece ! ), `Johnny Clarke ~ Sinners Repent`, `Desi Roots ~ Zulu (aka Jeremiah Special), `Al Campbell ~ Mr Iniquity Man`, `Barry Boom ~ The Wicked Shall Fall`, `Creation Stepper ~ Kill Nebuchadnezzar`, `Black Bros. ~ Come A Mek We Run`, `Neville Brown ~ Killimanjaro`, `I Jah Man ~ Moulding`, `Jimmy Riley ~ We Are Not Free`, `Prince Jnr ~ Girl For All Seasons`, `Aswad ~ Rasta Serenade (`Just A Little Herb` horns cut !) `Alan Kingpin ~ Serious Warrior (Shaka`s special)`, `Yabby Yu ~ Tell Us Of Our Past History`, `Wailing Souls ~ Very Well`, `12 Tribes Band ~ Kill The Devil`, `Al Campbell ~ When Spring Is Around` and many, many more, and although some of these did see release in some form, all
of these featured mixes that were exclusive for sound system use, incorporating some of the wildest to the rawest of dubs !
A selection of typically hand printed sound system dubplate labels.
Original Cultural Roots Dubplate
`Jah No Partial` as played by
Frontline Sound System.
Click label for sample.
Dubplate cuts to Alan Kingpin`s
`Little Jimmy`, same riddim as used
for Shaka`s `Serious Warrior` special.
Click for label sample.
Dubplate featuring unreleased mixes
to Wailing Souls `Very Well` and
Dennis Browns `Tenament Yard`.
Click label for sample.
As seen the man Dennis Brown features heavily amongts these dubplates, here`s another killer from a batch recorded down at Joe Gibbs studio in the latter part of the 70`s and because of its unreleased status probably one of the most awesome of awesome dubs to be unleashed at a dance....`Know Righteousness` alternatively known as `Transgressors`....a crashing peice of militant Joe Gibbs Proffessionals steppers, prime mixing from the man Errol T at the board, and D.Brown chanting his words of warning as if it were the last days before the day of judgement.
Augustus `Gussie` Clarkes Music Works
dubplate sleeve featuring map of Kingston Ja.
Click for clip of untitled Augustus Pablo
Gussie produced early 70`s instrumental ?!
Close up of Gussie`s Music works
dubplate label.
Click for clip of Aswads Music Works 80`s
produced `Got To Find A Way` .... dubwise.
A generic `Dub(plate) Sleeve` featuring
the oft used star motif,
click for clip of `Al Campbell ~ Wicked Man`
original voiced directly to dubplate over wicked
scientist dub !!
Another dubplate sleeve design featuring an
antiquated dub cutting lathe to entice custom !
click for clip of awesome dubplate mix of
`Johnny Clarke ~ Guide Us Jah`
another King Jammy`s dubplate label....
click for clip of dub to `Barry Brown`s
~ Leggo Jah Ja Children`
and yet a further King Tubby`s dubplate
label...the artist must of been busy !!
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Many thanks to Keith `Jah Tubby`, Andrew `Tradition` Neale and David Slayen for supplying some of the
crucial dubplate labels & sleeves, and to Jonah Dan for help and guidance on the musical front, and thanks
to all those anonymous suppliers of some of this greatly unheralded and unheard music.
This page is the works and property of Russ d. any use of any parts should gain permission first.....guidance.